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  1. Thanks for your answers midora and B². B², you're right, I'll update your plugins.
  2. Info about plug-in is flickering if it touch the edge of the taskbar. http://i.imgur.com/na3oa9F.png
  3. Perspective Transformation

    Rich Text Effect Plugin seems a VERY VERY useful plugin. It reminds me of text pro1.1
  4. changing background colour

    Try Scan Tailor, is free.
  5. How to Forum

    I think the jokes are good when others understand. Not hurt a little relaxation. But you should take into consideration the users who do not speak english and who often use Google Translate. Translations made ​​so often create confusion and lead to a war of words.
  6. Canvas / Font sizes

    I did a test and I did not resize the character and I did not change the resolution. Is 96 dpi default. The printed result is very good.
  7. Porcelain & Neon Text

    DrewDale & barbieq25 Yes, it seems that I rushed to the statement. However, 5 ÷ 10 years is not that long but it makes me feel a little younger. I wish you much health that is better than all!
  8. Porcelain & Neon Text

    It seems that we are the elders on this forum.
  9. Colour tint for selected colour?

    Nice trick welshblue. Thanks for the tip. I never thought of that. I still have much to learn.
  10. Colour tint for selected colour?

  11. Porcelain & Neon Text

    Thanks welshblue for the tut.
  12. Image Umbrella: Image Modification/Manipulation

    Ok thanks, I tryed and it works perfect. But I stretched the flipped image to fill entire bottom half part. I never thought that it can smooth the waves.