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Light Rays (update YMD:170928)


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So, I have a problem... My goal is to have my sun flare fade, yet it ain't so... how can I do this? (I just spent so long trying to do this and searching for it so I'm really tired... I probably missed something obvious.) Thank you guys.

Several of the functions of this plugin don't seem to work for me properly, such as the gradient options. If they did work the gradient abilities of this plugin might have been your answer.


Despite that, there are different ways and good methods to fading anything in Paint.NET.


First, make sure your rays are on their own layer.


Now, you have three options.

-- You can either use the gradient tool. Set it to radial, change “Color Mode” to “Transparency mode”, and have your primary color be white and your secondary color be black. Then simply click on the center of your rays, hold your mouse button down, and drag. ( Need pictures? Just ask. :) )


-- Another way, is you could use the Alpha Blur plugin, which is found here : http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=24280


-- Or you can try the feather plugin : http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=2140


Tip, for sun rays sometimes blurring them, such as with gaussian blur, can add to their appearance.

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Can't be done.  Plugins don't have that ability. See Limitations of Plugins

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WOW!  @MadJik!  This gives much more fun to this plugin!   Thank you!!!!    <3   :mrgreen:




Get your rep tomorrow.....(I'm out...again)   :(

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Your post comes to me at the speed of a light ray...


I must agree but old UI (or Windows form) is a pain to maintain (as new Lens flare).

I often start with CodeLab (and this tool is getting better and better).





Any news about a reset button?


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40 minutes ago, MadJik said:

Any news about a reset button?


If you're asking about an IndirectUI "reset all" button, Rick has filed an issue in his official tracking database about this.  But, don't hold your breath waiting for it as there are about a million issues in there and this one is very low priority.


So, it will happen eventually, just not right away.

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Click to play:
Download: BoltBait's Plugin Pack | CodeLab | and how about a Computer Dominos Game

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A wonderful toy - with the effect of having discovered something new. Thanks for this great plugin, which didn't really happen to me - paint put it under render :-))))

greetings from Hamburg lifeday




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The anti-aliasing option doesn't seem to work if one of the colors is transparent, i get jagged edges with it regardless if enabled or disabled, even though in preview it shows up fine. Also even with randomness disabled there still seems to be some randomness present in the final result. This is why i came here, and while i discovered i had an older version of your plugin and was hoping updating it would fix the issues, sadly both are still present. Any hope for a fix?

I have provided an example of the randomness in a simple straight line of one of the rays here. I adjusted the luminosity curves to accentuate the gradient differences, but other than that this is how the addon renders the lines with AA enabled. Second picture similarly shows how an even number of rays rendered -which should mirror perfectly in both directions with one another- are not the same on both sides. It can be observed in the zig-zagging line that forms between the gradients. There is also the fact that adjusting seemingly unrelated options causes  the above  mentioned patterns to shift, but never align or repeat properly

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