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  1. I have never tried to animate something, so I don't know the effort, but I like how some animations turn out when something is animated. I think some entries just come down to letting people vote on what they like. If you like creative works, then vote on those, and don't vote on what you don't like. I don't think creative and not creative enough is a rule, and it's already been said before that paint.net is a photo/image editing program, so when it's used that way, I don't think there should be an issue. However, some entries might not get too many votes if the entry is an image that hasn
  2. Dipstick, I think you had a misunderstanding. So, just never mind it, and enjoy the competitions if you want to. If they are fun, then keep having fun. For future references, to all who enter, keeping the rules does applies to everyone. If someone does slip on a rule, it's ok to learn and live a little and then continue to participate with more experience of what to do and not do. Sometimes some bumps might happen, and if bumpy situations do happen, then if needed, once can take a break from the competitions, and come back and enjoy them again at a later time. I personally haven't bee
  3. Awesome! Thank you for sharing this surprisingly easy tutorial.
  4. I support wanting that tool. I would like a selection brush as well. In the mean time, I can only suggest the magic wand and adjusting it's tolerance level. For a bit of a workaround, you could add a layer, then lower that layers opacity, and then use the paintbrush to paint over your subject. Once the subject that you want is painted over, you can use the magic wand tool to then get a nice selection. Or, instead of using selections, you can try the alpha mask plugin. Duplicate your image layer. Add a new layer and paint over your subject to make a mask. Select all(ctrl + a) and copy th
  5. Cool tutorial, thanks for sharing it.
  6. StarYoshi, wow, what a fun and tasty picture! I really like the colors and textures and how the different pieces and/or parts of the picture complement each other. Nai, what a lovely picture of ice, fruit, and a shiny reflection. My eyes love seeing pictures as nice as yours. Normally, I would choose a pretty shiny picture, however, I think the fun cartoony food picture was done very well. So, my vote goes to StarYoshi! Nai, :star: :star: 4 stars. StarYoshi, :star: :star: 5 stars.
  7. I've had this plugin a while, I thought I should give my thanks! This is an awesome amazing plugin, keep up the great work! Thank you for making it and sharing it!
  8. That might work. I'm not really sure, I don't think I've played with a plugin with that concept before. Just to give you an idea of where I am coming from, my thoughts were sort of along the lines of combining or automating this process: 1. Make a shadow using the plugin. 2. Use Layers > Rotate/Zoom to pan the shadow around, in a floating object type-of way. Your idea would mean there wouldn't be any cut-off edges as the box wouldn't be able to go off of the canvas. For the most part, that actually sounds like a good idea, but then again, there are times where I would want som
  9. I didn't know about the selections thing, you should mention that somewhere . After testing out making shadows in selections, do you think there would be a way to where you could make shadows with non-square selections? Like what you did with your clamped plugin? Now, about adding a move or pan feature, even with learning of the selections, I still like the idea of a move/pan feature. I can understand if you don't want to add the feature, as it would cause the UI to become larger and it would be more coding for you. However, if you would be interested, here are some thoughts on why it wou
  10. Thank you so much for the update! This plugin seemed cool at first, but now I see it has even more potential than I originally expected. An additional feature that would be cool... Is it would be neat if the plugin had the ability to move or shift the shadow around, like what the "off set" controls do in the drop shadow plugin or like the pan controls in other plugins. Here is a picture I did. I off-set/moved the shadows manually to make the patterns.
  11. I have way too many plugins in my render category, so I think I like this for photos. lol. Thanks for the easy plugin toe_head! It complements the other shadow plugins, Drop Shadow and Inner Shadow. Since I am used to the Drop Shadow plugin, by any chance could you add a transparency slider? http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/8375-drop-shadow-and-other-effects-krisvdms-plugin-pack-updated-2010-10-26/
  12. An updated tutorial of shiny goodness! Thank You Pixey!
  13. I haven't used this plugin yet, but it seems cool to me http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/14278-texturize-effect-plugin/ You could also try this search using the key words "texture plugin"
  14. Hello. If you have used layers I suggest saving in the pdn format first. Then, you can re-save to your favored format. Although you like the jpg format, I think png is still paint.net's default saving format, and I don't think there is a way to change that. Png is the default format because it is a lossless format. (you don't lose quality of the image when saving in png. jpgs lose quality). You can learn more about paint.net's saving formats here : http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/12189-how-to-save-your-images-under-different-file-types/
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