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  1. lifeday

    Trippy rainbow effect

    Hi Maximilian, These are my results, and I've had my feelings of happiness. Thanks for the very good description, which made the reworking very pleasant. Greetings lifeday
  2. lifeday

    Trippy rainbow effect

    Many thanks for your help. Because I had cut elephants free and treated them accordingly with Trippy rainbow effect, where your elephant was very helpful. With the darker and a little brighter background I had my problems, which I probably could not have solved myself, so never would have brought me to my goal. When I have finished the picture, I will adjust it. Greetings from Germany
  3. lifeday

    Trippy rainbow effect

    I think I've found a way to use this plugin to emulate the Predator vision with reasonably convincing results, although I may be wrong. In case you're unfamiliar with the Predator movies franchise, I'm talking about these alien reptilian guys with a few sight issues they overcome by wearing helmets featuring various thermal vision modes. I think I've achieved one of such thermal vision modes in few steps, and I hope I'm not making a ridicule of myself Whether my result looks convincing or not, I had a moment of amusement, so thanks a lot for this much appreciated effect Hi Maximilian, I would like to participate on your happiness.☺️ Yesterday I tried to rework your picture for hours. The elephant became great for me too, but the background.... . I couldn't figure out how to make it so great and fittin. Could you please give me a tip for my background problem? I thank you in advance and wish you a nice day, lifeday
  4. Dear Seerose, Best wishes for your birthday today! lifeday
  5. lifeday

    How to make a Glassy Vase

    Hi Pixey, For me the thumbnails with their forwarding to the Postimage page are a good and useful help. The second, more difficult way will be, the meaningful translation, in order to be able to rework the vases. 😅 Have a good night! lifeday
  6. lifeday

    How to make a Glassy Vase

    Hi, Pixey, I click on the thumbnail, I am redirected to the Postimage page, where I download the image in normal size. Thanks for this way, especially since I would also have to copy these pictures from the PDF. The downloaded pdf-file will now be used by me as a template. lifeday
  7. lifeday

    'ZIP Archive' FileType Plugin (.ZIP)

    Ego Eram Reputo Avast Premier! I live in Germany, by the way. Maybe the programs are different from yours? I have set Firefox to automatically install the new updates. Yust now I I live in Germany, by the way. Maybe the programs are different from yours? I have set Firefox to automatically install the new updates. I just checked the download. Unfortunately not a better result. I'm so sorry! lifeday
  8. lifeday

    'ZIP Archive' FileType Plugin (.ZIP)

    HelloEgo Eram Reputo I tried this link ZIP.FileType today (May 9th, 2018) and it is also blocked for me, both in Firefox with the message "This file contains a virus or malware" as well as in Chrome that will block this file with a warning that it contains malware. Somehow there must be something to the blocking by Firefox and Chrome, because these two almost never agree. 😄 Have a nice day lifeday
  9. lifeday

    Ed Harvey's FastFx

    Dear Pixey! Wonderful, I have the plugin now and I am very happy. Many thanks to you Greetings from Hamburg lifeday
  10. lifeday

    Ed Harvey's FastFx

    Hi Ed Harvey, Unfortunately, this link cannot be opened either on the first page or on the last one from 2014. If set as Active in the plugin index from May 2018, it still cannot be opened. The corresponding message: Error (404) lifeday
  11. lifeday

    Trippy rainbow effect

    I know the problem, dear Seerose. Two weeks ago, nothing worked for me, I just didn't know exactly why. Well, finally I took a closer look at my account and a light came on! Have a nice 1st of May!
  12. lifeday

    Trippy rainbow effect

    I had a lot of fun trying this plugin! Tks!
  13. lifeday

    Scratch Art effect

    Scratch Art, a fine plugin, together with Fire and Polar to Rect I got this picture.
  14. Dear Seerose, thank you very much for your praise. Good night !💗