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  1. lifeday

    Image Umbrella: Image Modification/Manipulation

    Dear Seerose, thanks for asking, I've been working on my homepage for months because google is stressful. I have to change well over 1000 pages from http to https. A rat's tail of work follows. In between I arrange writers and poems and add more poems. I have the feeling that I can't cope with these many pages. But: Good thing takes time :-)))) So I only visit sporadically, also to learn new things or to look for new plugins. Greetings to you and the busy helpers, from whom I would like to learn a lot again soon. Until then dear greetings from Hamburg
  2. Dear @lynxster4 I had already downloaded shapes from you a year ago - I hope :-))). Yesterday I downloaded your further shape package - link from the first page. On my wanderings through many pictures I landed on the site of Lydia and Red Ochre and found at Lydia the little dragon that I had already saved on This again adjust a picture with background Red Ochre and Lydia's little dragon. I thought I had to owe this luck with the shapes to you, especially since it is not comprehensible in the paint program who made these shapes available. So this picture of the little dragon came from me enlarged and painted in the style of Lydia's little dragon and a landscape picture of Pixabay, which I worked on accordingly. I will work on more of these little shapes, as they suit my play instinct very well - laugh. Thank you for your correction I honestly thought that little animal was yours. Greetings from Hamburg Translated with
  3. Dear @lynxster4 I love these shapes. Thanks for that!
  4. lifeday

    How to deep-fry an image

    @Sakana Oji Thank you for your praise, but I found the flame difficult. This belongs to the tut and I wanted to be able to apply it :-)))))). And practice makes perfect!
  5. @nitenurse79 writes . . . . and sorry that some don't know what flattening an image means . . . Sorry, translations are not always understandable for non-native speakers. Until today I couldn't do anything with the term "flattening". It's perfectly normal for me to ask questions when I don't understand something. And I'm happy about any answer that could help me. The purpose of a forum is to ask questions and receive answers. Answering my question helped me to understand what you meant by flattening and that makes me happy. Something learned again. I do not expect you to create a tutorial in languages other than english. Thanks for this tutorial! Translated with
  6. @Pixey WOW!!!!! This is well and simply presented. That's why I like Video-Tuts, because the individual steps are easy to understand. Thank you for this video.
  7. Dear @xod, dear @Seerose The result so far has been unsatisfactory, so I have read the link from zot much more carefully. And I actually found a good description of merging flatten image and layers: - "Flatten image" merges ALL of the layers in the file. - "Merge layers' merges only the selected laters leaving the unselected layers in-tact. I can do something with that. Thank you dear zot for this good link!
  8. Dear @Seerose I used to work with the English which made me completely horny after a while, because - I created a pdf book in German and of course I also explained the tools, bars and their tools and plugins in German and had to constantly switch between German and English. Sometimes when I can't find a term and the translation isn't really meaningful, I switch to English, which is a bit annoying because I have to close and reload I try around until I can explain the way in German. Same procedure when I return to the German language. And the term "Flatten Image" did not appear in the English , only " "layers". But it doesn't matter, because I like to learn and here I am challenged. And in an emergency, I just have to ask. Have a nice evening and greetings from HAM Translated with
  9. @xod Dear xod, Flatten Image means in German - merge image (Ebenen zusammenf├╝hren) - so I couldn't even do anything with it, because I set Paint.Net to German. I would never have thought that this was about bringing the layers together. Thanks for your help! I hope that the translation is understandable.
  10. @nitenurse79 Flatten Image: I don't know what it is and how I can process or find it. I would be very grateful for a short tip. Thanks!
  11. lifeday

    How to deep-fry an image

    @Joshua Lamusga I didn't know Trix until then, I made a mistake myself, I wanted to write "I tricked". However, I see that My "Work" and your "Trix Booklet" go well together - laugh
  12. lifeday

    How to deep-fry an image

    Joshua Lamusga, I am happy for you that you had fun :-)))))))
  13. lifeday

    How to deep-fry an image

    I liked to work on it. I had to trix on the glasses a bit, but it worked. The second picture worked very well and quickly! Thank you for the idea!
  14. lifeday

    Happy Birthday to Lifeday

    Many thanks for your birthday wishes dear @Maximilian. I was very happy about that.
  15. lifeday

    Happy Birthday to Lifeday

    Many thanks to @lynxster4, @Pixey and @Seerose for your birthday wishes. I was really excited about it. LG from Hamburg lifeday