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  1. Well selected winners, each in his own field :-))))) A cheerful thumbs for the winners in 2018. Thanks to everyone who is always there for those who need help, who share their ideas with me and others. Many thanks to all the winners, but also many thanks to those who are not on the list but who do so much with their help, their ideas and their willingness and patience in cases that are not always easy (I include myself in this), because knowledge is lacking and therefore implementation is difficult. Thanks to the winners for this help and to all the other helpers in this great forum! Greetings from Hamburg/Germany
  2. lifeday

    G'MIC (1-12-2019)

    @jacrow The great thing about the help here in is that you can be unknowing without being considered stupid - and that makes it a lot easier to ask for help๐Ÿ˜…
  3. lifeday

    G'MIC (1-12-2019)

    @ScrapbookWithPDN Thank you for your words. I am really happy that thanks to Pixey's video I understood how it works. The Spanish Water Dog (Perro ) exists since around 80-90 years, and is cultured in Spain. Then the other is the Portuguese Water Dog (Obama had one of those). The dog named by you (Golden-Doodle ) is, as far as I know, bred in Europe in the east and is a quite young breed. If you place a Perro next to one ( Golden-Doodle) then you can easily see the difference between the two breeds. I chose the Perro because of his great, lovable qualities. He is not a hunter but a keeper, he is not a biter but he is self-confident enough to guard a herd. He bows a bell about barkers, they are not interesting for him. For me it was the absolute stroke of luck, because I am not very consistent in the education. This little guy has achieved everything with me through patience and charm. We are together now for 14 years and 5 months and I have not regretted one day to have decided for him. Have a nice day/evening and greetings from Hamburg
  4. lifeday

    G'MIC (1-12-2019)

    This is my best friend I've ever had - Nico, a Perro de Aqua Espaniol :-))))
  5. lifeday

    Happy Birthday Pixey!

  6. lifeday

    G'MIC (1-12-2019)

    @G'MIC Welcome to and thanks for the great g'mic.
  7. lifeday

    G'MIC (1-12-2019)

    @Pixey It works, I can do it, I have tried several different motifs and it really works - very easily and very quickly. You just have to know the way. Many thanks to you dear Pixey.
  8. lifeday

    G'MIC (1-12-2019)

    Dear @Pixey, the video is wonderful; everything super good to follow. It can only work that way. ๐Ÿ˜Š Thank you very much for your effort. Now I can sleep very well tonight
  9. lifeday

    G'MIC (1-12-2019)

    Pixey wrote:HyRaZ I was worried about that, but I lack the expertise on how to speed up only a portion of a video. I will look into it and will replace the original when I discover how to ------------------------- @Pixey Honestly, for me as a "seeker of a solution", the simple, simple form is particularly well suited. If it is too fast for me - I have to look with my eyes very concentrated on the cursor, - I have to slow down the video anyway, so that I can read everything correctly. For me, the video is good as it is.
  10. lifeday

    G'MIC (1-12-2019)

    Hi @ScrapbookWithPDN, thank you very much for your detailed description, which can surely be very helpful also for other users. My problem wasn't gmic, but especially the connection of the two pictures in Paint and that's how these pictures are brought to Gmic to get a final picture. I somehow managed to get three final images with a time expenditure of many hours :-))))))) without really knowing what I was doing there. Pixey showed very clearly in her Viedo why I could only fail. I will download that video, translate it into my language and then work step by step and write down the paths to the result image. Greetings
  11. lifeday

    G'MIC (1-12-2019)

    Hi @null54, slowly the great knowledge about me comes, bit by bit I understand more that I knew it can't work like this, but I didn't know how it really should work. Probably the language barrier comes to the pure application (without any real background what really happens there). A bad mix. Thank you for your patience and willingness to help anyway, even if sometimes you can only shake your head a little :-))))))
  12. lifeday

    G'MIC (1-12-2019)

    Dear @Pixey, in German we say "there will be a shoe out of it" Thank you for your effort and therefore for your help. So it makes sense for me. I will write down the steps as you have given them and if everything works out, I will include them in my advanced PdF so that I can look them up again and again. Greetings from Hamburg
  13. lifeday

    G'MIC (1-12-2019)

    Pixey wrote @lifeday I am testing the Stylize filter and it is working for me. I followed null54's advice but it is very, very, very slow to render Hello, dear @Pixey, I also followed the instructions from null54's. It is clear and concise. Only the instruction: 4) Execute G'mic and change e.g. picture 1 (Auto) from the lower level to the upper level. I assume that null54 meant to swap the layers on Here, however, my problem begins: Once I have started G'mic, I can no longer perform any actions in I don't know how I managed to do the two pictures - after trying them out for hours I don't know. I made further attempts yesterday and it didn't work. I would have tried this process in Krita or Gimp if I had mastered these programs. I only downloaded them for g'mic and the filters so that I could use those that don't run on there. Have a good start in 2019 and greetings from Hamburg
  14. lifeday

    G'MIC (1-12-2019)

    Sorry, I'm a little diffuse. The picture is the second picture.
  15. lifeday

    G'MIC (1-12-2019)

    <a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border='0' alt='auto-orange-abstract-zusammenschluss-C'/></a>