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  1. @Reptillian Works wonderfully, I have tried out your data as well as various others - I like it. Thanks for Embass Relief!
  2. Dear @Seerose, thank you for your comment. All the other nice plugins in gmic I have tested extensively and realized wonderful results. But it wasn't very hard, so I started stylize, because I couldn't do that at first. Thanks to Pixy stylize worked in and from then on I practiced again and again, because also applies: without diligence no price :-)))) Have a nice evening and greetings from Hamburg
  3. @null54 Gmic-stylize is working very well again on See example: picture: consisting of Marc-two cats and picture Kandinski. Thank you!
  4. Hi @null54 I have tested stylise/gmic several times. There was no crash of Thanks for the help.
  5. Thank you so much for your help. I will take some pictures with stylice (gmic) throughout the day. Would be great if it works. I write late in the evening about the result today for your info. Tks and greetings
  6. Hi @null54 Enclosed the crash report. I looked at it this morning, but I don't really understand it. I only opened and used gmic today, it worked, but I didn't try stylize anymore. greetings pdncrash.85.log
  7. Hi, just for information: Tonight crashed again after I used stylize. I will keep my hands off Stylize in the future, but I think there is a problem between and Gmic, at least with some users.
  8. Dear @Seerose Thank you very much for your opinion. It's fun to use gmic again. works great again. Everything perfect. I go right on the way to look at your page about gmic. I am already looking forward to it. LG from Hamburg
  9. My last stylize picture from today. I really enjoy experimenting with stylize picture: death and fire and kraniche
  10. @toe_head2001 I have done this quite often to see what I can do with the plugin. Now these markers have disappeared, I guess I pressed a button with delete during the download..
  11. Hi @Reptillian I have only described my problem and since with gmic is working fine with me again - as you can see on the new stylize picture, I am very, very satisfied, because is the platform for me, on which I totaly like to work. I deleted Krita, because I only needed it for picture frames in gmic, because the picture frames are not displayed in (only half of the picture). Now I downloaded Gimp again and it works really well with gmic as well. Your suggestions for writing your own filters are good and I think it's great that you can also enter them in gmic. (By the way, I like to use the filters from "Testing"). The problem with me is simple: "I'm just a user" and never really understood what has to happens in a program for it to really work, despite my many hours (120) to learn exactly these things. I have to acquire everything very laboriously and do it even if I can't do it any other way. However, in my spare time I want to do more things than explore bits and bytes. I am rather the creative type. @DrewDale I just created another stylize picture in and it worked. I am very happy about that. I wish you that it will work for you again soon.
  12. I don't dare to send a success message anymore, because who knows what will happen in the next hour with the little ghost? Obviously a new version was installed incl. gmic.!? Now I just took two pictures and let them edit with stylize. Not very nice but it worked - happy!
  13. Hi @HyReZ, I mean the updates of will be done automatically. I also had trouble with Krita today, so I thought it was my PC. I have uninstalled Krita and deleted all small parts. Then all gmic programs. Then I installed Gimp. The new gmic is already installed there. I don't really like GIMP, but I tried gmic there and it worked great. Even stylize worked very well. But I want to be careful, maybe the little ghost of destruction will be back. I will leave out gmic at for now. Krita stays outside and I will use gmic over Gimp. Let's have a look. I am happy that the program works well for you.
  14. Sorry, me again, another crash of initiated by gmic, irritated me, because tonight everything was fine, I could do stylize without problems, also I could apply colors etc. on the pictures. Today most colors etc. don't work anymore. It looks like this is the latest version of gmic I downloaded from Could that be? My question should please not be seen as a myth, only as a question from someone who no longer understands what worked so well tonight (I thought I downloaded the previous version of gmic from is no longer possible. The behavior of today is the same as yesterday when gmic edited stylice and wanted to move to - or whatever, crashed. Does anyone know any advice?