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  1. "Better late than never" - All the best for your birthday and your new year of life. Greetings from Hamburg
  2. @Maximilian All the best for your birthday, good luck and health for your new year. Greetings from Hamburg
  3. Today I have modified the latest G`mic version to the latest paint-net update. Works very well. Thanks for that!
  4. @Maximilian I am very happy about your birthday greetings.
  5. Dear @Seerose, @lynxster4, @BoltBait, @Pixey, @null54, @HyReZ, @LionsDragon thank you very much for the wishes to my birthday. A wonderful surprise! Greetings from Hamburg lifeday
  6. @Seerose A little too late dear Seerose, but all the more cordially "Best wishes for your birthday on May 14th!" greetings from Hamburg lifeday
  7. @songohanssj I don't understand the problem with! You can simply press "Save", you stay on the page. Then go to "Save As" and select the folder where you want to save the image, the file extension. stays open. I am sometimes in Gimp and when I go to Export, the process is almost identical, I just enter the filename in Gimp, specify the filing folder, specify the extension and click Export. (This kind of handling in Gimp was strange for now.) I don't find any significant difference between the two systems. Both are very easy to use! Changes should only be made to improve things. Effort-relation-result. I hope my English translation of deepl-translator is understandable :-)))))))))))))))) Have a nice day!
  8. Dear @Seerose I just came back to and I am happy to see that your problem has already been solved. I was unhappy with the colors and so I tried some more. I shut down "Blending" and so the colors true to picture and adjusted them here. Have a ice evening!
  9. Now I've tried again and found out for myself, if you reduce blending, the colors come out super again.
  10. @Reptillian It didn't leave me alone, so I tried the filter again. The result is again what it should be. Thank you for your effort. The result is worth it!
  11. @Reptillian Thank you very much for the news - but the problem has not got better but much worse. About Gimp I will not post the result here, it is worse than what I get here on as a result. I put a try from yesterday in and another try from today. Judge for yourself what is more beautiful. My judgement stands! Emboss Relief can now be found under Faves, which is very practical. (Left Embass Relief yesterday, right Embass Relief now. greetings
  12. @Seerose wrote: I Like it very well. Thank you for sharing your result! Love hugs, and beautiful weekend. 💐 Dear Seerose, Thank you very much for your appreciation. I was very happy to here from you. I wish you a wonderful Sunday evening and tomorrow a good start into the new week. Greetings from Hamburg
  13. @Reptillian Reptillian answers: Since I do not use GIMP as my main program at all nor installed G'MIC there, . . . . . 1. Sorry, I didn't realize you weren't on Gimp. I go here at Paint. net and also at Gimp in Gmic - Testing. And there I tried your filters - they look great in processing. Well, short and sweet, I thought it would interest you that in Gimp "Emboss" in the latest version is not executed in color. It appears "time out" and it is time out. I didn't mean to annoy you! I will address my text to Github. Maybe it will help. If not, it's OK too, because Emboss runs great on my main portal Paint.Net. Reptillian wrote: There, I believe I should have fixed it. Here, meanwhile, you could do this to verify for me. First update gmic, then do these steps. 2. Thank you for your execution. Sorry, I can't do that. I am a pure user and understand instructions when they show me exactly how to proceed. I tried yesterday and the day before yesterday to add the latest version of Gmic to Gimp, it didn't work. I watched on several videos about Gmic installation and only my daughter gave me the final tip. So - on Gimp is the newest Gmic version. I have to pass when it comes to changing it. I'm sorry, I would have liked to do it, but it just comes out chaos with me, so I keep my hands off it. Have a nice day!
  14. Hello @Reptillian, The Embass Relief does not work in color in the latest gmic for gimp version. Here on it works great!
  15. @Reptillian Works wonderfully, I have tried out your data as well as various others - I like it. Thanks for Embass Relief!