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  1. nvidia broadcasting tools can do this to a video on the fly, why can't image editing tools?
  2. we're in the era of AI-assisted software that will be able to do all sorts of things, simplifying/making more user-friendly things that previously would've been way too complicated and time consuming for an non-specialist.
  3. Please make it more of a painting type tool: use it like the line tool and then a menu pops up for text label, fiddling with 4 sliders for many parts is annoying.
  4. add ability to move the lines(the sides or 2 nubs simultaneously)
  5. add an option to input measurements - to change the thing on the fly for simple figures and selections
  6. add an option to have gradient rays - going from or towards the middle, rather than along the rays - perpendicular to the ray. Basically, I mean godrays-like effect.
  7. it creates a textures folder where it places light rays, but the seamless textures goes to distort, strange allocation to submenus
  8. Ego Eram Reputo I know about the Editable Text you'd think it has this functionality, but it doesn't. Kokonut I haven't used MS Paint in such a long time, that I've forgotten about this. It pretty much does what I need, I just hoped for a plugin for paint.net or something that I don't know.
  9. is there a plugin that applies bold/cursive/etc to the selected text or letters or words (or the next to being inserted text, like select the bold option - insert a word, which is now bold, deselect bold option - the word stays bold the rest of the text also remembers its own filters) rather than applying it to the whole text
  10. I wish there was a tool in paintnet for AI assisted object selection with complex backgrounds like: https://www.engadget.com/2019/10/29/photoshop-object-selection-tool/ https://digitalsynopsis.com/design/mit-ai-assisted-image-editing/
  11. Would be a nice feature to have. For example if you need to move/shift only 2 out of 3 layers - all aligned relative to each other and having a bunch of tiny bits all over the place that you wouldn't want to merge yet.
  12. you can do this for sure in Manga Studio EX and i think in PaintTool SAI, but they aren't free
  13. it says "If you are using Paint.NET 4.0 or beyond, download here: http://forums.getpai...p?/topic/28488-" but when i go there and search for 'Fill from' plugin, then press "+" it goes back to http://forums.getpai...p?/topic/28556- - making an infinite loop with no download "FillFrom...dll" files in the pack and in the relative theme are different it's weird in how it fills with things: i would expect a perfect/equal filling with these: (it has a white border) but i'm getting this type of shape:
  14. add ability to change primary/secondary colors while in the interface
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