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  1. add an option to input measurements - to change the thing on the fly for simple figures and selections
  2. add an option to have gradient rays going from or towards the middle, rather than along the rays. Basically I want godrays
  3. it creates a textures folder where it places light rays, but the seamless textures goes to distort, strange allocation to submenus
  4. Ego Eram Reputo I know about the Editable Text you'd think it has this functionality, but it doesn't. Kokonut I haven't used MS Paint in such a long time, that I've forgotten about this. It pretty much does what I need, I just hoped for a plugin for or something that I don't know.
  5. is there a plugin that applies bold/cursive/etc to the selected text or letters or words (or the next to being inserted text, like select the bold option - insert a word, which is now bold, deselect bold option - the word stays bold the rest of the text also remembers its own filters) rather than applying it to the whole text
  6. I wish there was a tool in paintnet for AI assisted object selection with complex backgrounds like:
  7. Would be a nice feature to have. For example if you need to move/shift only 2 out of 3 layers - all aligned relative to each other and having a bunch of tiny bits all over the place that you wouldn't want to merge yet.
  8. you can do this for sure in Manga Studio EX and i think in PaintTool SAI, but they aren't free
  9. Ego Eram Reputo, it's shareware, can i do that in GIMP?
  10. it says "If you are using Paint.NET 4.0 or beyond, download here: http://forums.getpai...p?/topic/28488-" but when i go there and search for 'Fill from' plugin, then press "+" it goes back to http://forums.getpai...p?/topic/28556- - making an infinite loop with no download "FillFrom...dll" files in the pack and in the relative theme are different it's weird in how it fills with things: i would expect a perfect/equal filling with these: (it has a white border) but i'm getting this type of shape:
  11. add ability to change primary/secondary colors while in the interface
  12. copied SBCommon.dll it works now is there a plugin that draws text with 3d-looking letters using selected font (not just shadow)?
  13. is there a plugin to evenly distribute selected image over the whole canvas?