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JulioCoolio's Gallery - Fire's Awakening - 9/16/2020

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Oh yes...I really like 'Amethyst Within'.   <3   It's got my colors and lots of swirly dents.  Great job @JulioCoolio    :)

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<3 @JulioCoolio! WOW!!! :trophy:  Wonderful creative work. Great new additions to your gallery, and superb colors. Thank you so much. :cake: :coffee:


Sorry! I'll be back tomorrow to give you a reputation.

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Better to have an Amethyst Within than be without ...


Just the right side of being too pinkish for me :rainbow: (Joke, to all pink lovers)  You've an interesting eye for abstracts,  there's always a part to suck you in.

Have you tried something like Relief to give it another dimension ? 


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@LionsDragon and @lynxster4, thank you for your comments. I'm glad you liked the image!


@barbieq25 and @Seerose, it's always a pleasure seeing your comments on here. I'm glad you enjoyed the new work.


Thank you @Pixey, I'm glad you liked the image. I tend to use a lot of dents in my images, so I'm glad you still like them.


@welshblue, I have been experimenting with a different style that I hope you will like. It will be coming soon to a gallery near you! =)



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Nice to see you back @JulioCoolio :)


Love the colors of the Winter images ... such a pretty blue <3 I'm guessing you used Kaleidoscope and some Dents, if I'm not mistaken.  Great results and the Halloween image is just fabulous too :star:


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  • JulioCoolio changed the title to JulioCoolio's Gallery - Fire's Awakening - 9/16/2020

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