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  1. Wow, you captured the fear of the unknown with that skull image for sure. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Wow! Love the white flower! Looks amazing and very realistic! I also like the cupcake, since it is in my favorite food group (sugar), and good enough to eat. Hope you and yours are doing well.
  3. Love all of your recent works! Especially love the photo manipulations you have made. Colors and realism are very present. Thank you for sharing as always.
  4. Very lovely new piece. Makes me want to jump into the image and listen to the creek and see the mountains in the distance.
  5. @Pixey Thank you very much for your comment, it does indeed look like that as well. I'm glad you liked my image. New images on the first page, my attempt at a photo manipulation and hopefully it turned out okay.
  6. I agree with @lynxster4, creepy image, but it's very well put together. I myself haven't had any supernatural experiences, but my wife has. We went to this hotel to tour since it was notorious for having supernatural occurrences, and I didn't see anything happen. She said the last time she toured the place with a friend they saw a lot of stuff happen, TVs turn on, objects move, etc. Creepy to hear about, but again, never experienced it first hand.
  7. Happy Belated Birthday @Pixey! Hoping it was a grand day and that you have many more to come.
  8. @welshblue Thanks for your comment, the feeling of it being a desolate place was exactly what I was going for, so I'm glad that the shadow did the trick. @lynxster4 I never thought of it looking like The Lost City of Petra, but after looking at it again, it kind of does! I think I drew most of my inspiration from this Cryoshell album cover.
  9. Very sad to see this after not being on the forums for a while. He will be greatly missed. I hope his family and loved ones found comfort to know that he is no longer in pain. Rest easy my friend.
  10. I much agree! Love the colors and the feeling of Christmas I get when I look at this image. Hope it was a good one and that the new year brings you and your loved ones much happiness!
  11. Wonderful new piece! Love the animation of the candle wick and the snow falling. The colors are also very soothing along with the feel that is in the environment of the image. I personally haven't one much animation stuff (except for a few gifs and custom pointer packs), but I'd like to look into it more after seeing this. Well done!
  12. @lynxster4 Thank you for your praise, I do like how Sandstone Patterns turned out as well especially since I wanted the colors to be bright and vibrant like they are, but not blinding. @Pixey The balls were the hardest part since I didn't really know too much of how to make them, but I'm glad it turned out well overall. Thanks for your comment. @Drydareelin I did have to look on Google for the shape of the tree lights to make sure I had them right. I then double checked with the ones we had on our tree for the cable that they come with. Thanks for stopping by. @Seerose Thank you for looking at my gallery and for the comment! New image on the first page titled Desolation.
  13. Always awesome to see your works. Your most recent one is truly amazing (and creepy). Love the detail you put in the face and mouth. Had you not posted the before image, I would not have guessed that this zombie was once a pretty woman.
  14. Such wonderful art as always with wonderful colors and designs! I hope you have a great new year!
  15. Very awesome works here! I do love the pixel stretch images as well as the newest one with the photograph. Very pleasing to look at and some good symbolism in the most recent one too.
  16. Very lovely spacescape! Love the colors of the nebula and the stars look very lovely as well. Much better than any spacescape Iโ€™ve done.
  17. Very nice Christmas images! I really like the candy one since itโ€™s very simple, yet complex the more you look at it.
  18. @Seerose Thank you for your comments as always, glad that I was able to make images that please your eyes. @Pixey I like your brighter version of Death's Flower. I don't know if I considered making it brighter or not, but in the end I kept the darker image if I did. Thanks for the feedback. @welshblue I'll have to try your suggestion with Screen and setting the opacity settings. I do like it how it is since I like to think of it as an image that portrays sorrow, but the suggestions to make it brighter may spark my want/need to revisit it in the future. Thanks for your suggestion and feedback as well. @lynxster4 Thank you for your comments and feedback, I do appreciate it. @LionsDragon I do agree, I love the color red, arguably my favorite color. 2 new images on the first page! Been a while, but hopefully you enjoy them.
  19. Love the shine, the colors, and the elegance that it brings to the image. Well done!
  20. @welshblue When I made the image, I had the same thought that it looked Mayan or Incan. Thanks for your comment as usual. @Pixey I never thought of it as a round carpet, but it does look kind of like that now that I look at it again with that in mind. @lynxster4 My mom had a decorative doily in her room, so I can see how these designs look like that. @LionsDragon Thanks for your comment and for stopping by. @Seerose Thank you for your lovely comment as always. New images on the first page.
  21. Wow! Amazing works as always @welshblue! I love the attention to detail and how real a lot of your works look.
  22. First off, very nice window! I love the textures and the attention to detail that you put into that. The roomscape is amazing too! I honestly wouldn't know where to start with one if I tried.
  23. Oh loving the new works, especially the colors in the blue one. They all look vibrant and complex, yet simple as well. Great work.
  24. Great work @barbieq25 and @welshblue! I think I like the darker red one (but of course my favorite color is red so I may be biased), but both are great and show different aspects and details of the flowers.