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  1. Love the shine, the colors, and the elegance that it brings to the image. Well done!
  2. @welshblue When I made the image, I had the same thought that it looked Mayan or Incan. Thanks for your comment as usual. @Pixey I never thought of it as a round carpet, but it does look kind of like that now that I look at it again with that in mind. @lynxster4 My mom had a decorative doily in her room, so I can see how these designs look like that. @LionsDragon Thanks for your comment and for stopping by. @Seerose Thank you for your lovely comment as always. New images on the first page.
  3. Wow! Amazing works as always @welshblue! I love the attention to detail and how real a lot of your works look.
  4. First off, very nice window! I love the textures and the attention to detail that you put into that. The roomscape is amazing too! I honestly wouldn't know where to start with one if I tried.
  5. Oh loving the new works, especially the colors in the blue one. They all look vibrant and complex, yet simple as well. Great work.
  6. Great work @barbieq25 and @welshblue! I think I like the darker red one (but of course my favorite color is red so I may be biased), but both are great and show different aspects and details of the flowers.
  7. Lovely colors and effects in both images!
  8. The color wash is amazing! I think you did an excellent job on that one, especially making it look realistic with the shading and lighting. The snake skin one is excellent as well. Looking forward to when you get that tut published.
  9. I agree with @Seerose, there’s a lot of feeling in that image, even with how simple it is. Excellent work on the orbs too.
  10. Flower and Thumper are amazing! Love the attention to detail and the shading is amazing too. I tried a Disney villain at one point, and it’s mediocre in comparison. I’m glad I stopped by!
  11. Wow! Lovely fruit yet again! Thanks for sharing your secrets on making them too. I may give it a whirl when I have some time.
  12. @lynxster4 Thank you, took a while to get it looking good, but glad you liked it! @Seerose Thanks for your kind words as always. @welshblue This definitely is new territory for me, and I’m glad you liked it. @TrevorOutlaw Awesome, thank you for the critique! I’ll have to try that out and see if I can get that effect that you described. I knew I was missing something, and I think you helped me understand what it was. New image on the first page, going back to my regular style for now, but I may try to deviate again later.
  13. @Seerose It should be the image on the first page with The text Desert Landscape right underneath it.
  14. I almost feel like they both have that 70s or 80s vibe to them, but they are both really good. Haven’t done much with text myself, but may give it a try.
  15. Very nice new piece! I really like the attention to detail here since you made it look pretty real. Pretty much did a double take to realize it wasn’t a real piece of stained glass. Well done!