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JulioCoolio's Gallery - Time Manipulation - 5/23/22


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Nice pictures Julio. On the energy ribbon,you made that one from scratch to look like that google picture? If you did then I am impressed,that is awesome and now gets me pumped up more to try it,lol. I actually like yours better than the google pic,lol.



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I love your take on the energy ribbon! Really well done. Not in the least bit rusty with that one.


The energy stream one is good but the PI bit needs to be modified. Blur it out, add an element such as one of the lovely orbs you did in the tutes. Often I will use PI but take the suck in part over the edge with the sliders. 


Great to have you back here :D Wonder if we shall see some comp entries? Make it even harder for me to win one :D


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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It's great to see you're still creating images! Lovely works from you, yet again. By the way, for the energy ribbon, did you use both Smudge and Dents? I was thinking the other day to make an image using the Smudge tool. Maybe I'll get around doing that later. 

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@ sashwilko, thank you so much for the praise! I'm glad that you liked my works from following tutorials and the new image! =) I never thought about making it a Windows 8 pack, haha, but who knows. =)


@ barbieq, thanks for the praise and the help! I'm glad that you liked my work! I'm not sure if I'll be a challenge at the competitions, but we'll see. Haha.


@ helen, yes I did use smudge and dents on the Energy Ribbon! I think it had a good turn out! Try it and see how it works! I'm sure it will turn out great!


Thanks to all of you for the comments and praise. I hope to have something for you all soon!

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Sorry it has been a long time.


Thanks Welsh for the comment! It is very much appreciated as well as everyone else that has commented here! I hope that my new images are good to your eyes as well. Haha.


I hope you enjoy this new update! Update on first page.

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  • JulioCoolio changed the title to JulioCoolio's Gallery - Time Manipulation - 5/23/22

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