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  1. How to select a triangular shape?

    If you meant a triangular selection, First make a square one, rotate it 90 degrees, then create another square selection with "subtract" mode to eliminate the bottom half. See here:
  2. @welshblue Thank you very much! I was trying to make a glass effect initially but it changed to more of a glass/dusty space as time went on. @Pixey That was pretty much the idea I had in mind, glad I got the idea through. Thank you @Rickhum Thanks man Lighting can be a nightmare at times, mind you. @LionsDragon Thank you very much! @lynxster4 Thank you @Seerose Thank you
  3. BlastWave's Gallery - Coffee Break

    All your work amazes me, especially that submarine. Great job!
  4. @Rickhum Thank you! -- New piece on the first page after a bit of a break. It is what it is. Let me know what you think!
  5. PranavJH' Gallery

    I actually like the second edit more. Makes the colours "pop" more for me.
  6. Rick Hum's Gallery

    I do love the stars effect you made here. Reminds me of 60's style sci-fi films. Awesome video.
  7. lynxster creations - **MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!**

    Fantastic waterlily. I don't think you could've picked a better colour palette!
  8. Seerose's Gallery -Photo Manipulation- 2017

    Awesome photo manipulations I love the way you've made the seagulls standout on an otherwise dark background.
  9. ~ WelshBlue ~ 125 05/12/2017

    Your texture work never ceases to amaze me. Especially the brushed metal, and textures in the "Forbidden" piece. Awesome job!
  10. You could try out one of my tutorials, "Solar Atmosphere", more precisely part B. In short, you'll want to create a narrow bright band of light going round the edge. For example (like, a very rough example): Hopefully this technique will help, it isn't perfect mind you.
  11. Space Art. (and my other work's of art)

    Love the pulsar, something you don't see very often with space art. Keep the ideas coming!
  12. Have you tried turning Antialiasing off?
  13. Dr Scott's Markup Renderer

    Solution #1 has completely stopped working for me unfortunately. The only way I get can equations to render if to use Solution #2.
  14. Happy Birthday Drydareelin

    Wow, thanks guys I spent today doing as little as possible. So yeah it was pretty good.
  15. Colorize an old picture

    Select the layer containing the hair colouring, go to Adjustments -> Hue/Saturation and bring down the saturation slider a bit.