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  1. Another way would be to just add a noise effect onto your solid colour with the colour saturation set to 0.
  2. I love the slightly different perspective on your latest one, and the smoke is a nice touch. Something minor I liked was the shadows you've done from the frames around the doors - they look very natural.
  3. @Pixey The Kuiper Belt is a bunch of space objects beyond Pluto I also never left, just browsing whenever I had a some free time. New job is going well also, I'm a satellite engineer so as you can imagine it is right up my alley. Thank you! @Seerose Thank you It's not as colourful as my others, but I was going for more of a realistic approach this time round. @welshblue Well in that case this would be one hell of a hernia, might have to ask NASA on that one. Thank you! @Woodsy This object way too small to be planets, I think it was clocked in at 19 miles (according to wikipedia). They couldn't even indentify it with telescopes on earth, they had to use hubble. Thank you, it's going well so far!
  4. @lynxster4 That's the one! I couldn't put off waiting for a high quality version from NASA for any longer Thank you!
  5. Looks like he has a very, very bright idea. Very cool manipulation!
  6. Some lovely photos you have there. This one looks like something off an album cover, really cool
  7. The house looks fantastic, and I like how you made the path start to elevate, and the shadows caused by the roof over the front. Also the eruption of olympus mons looks terrifying. You'd definitely feel one.
  8. I love the jewel effect around the outside, looks like something I'd cry at just from the pricetag along. Great job
  9. Woah, I can feel it staring right at me. Looks fantastic, great job!
  10. It's...been a while. My excuse is that I've been very busy with a new job. Anyway, got around to doing this quick one Ultima made in Paint 3D. Let me know what you think! Definitely a bit rusty here.
  11. @ReMake, @lynxster4, @null54, @LionsDragon, @Pixey Thanks guys I've had a quiet day with the family, back to work tomorrow though
  12. I use GIMP at work since PDN isn't avaliable. You obviously have no clue what a joke is.
  13. What's your computer specifications? (settings -> diagnostics -> copy to clipboard) and paste here, what size images are we talking here and how many layers?