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  1. Fantastic job with the glass. I especially love the condensation effect!
  2. @TrevorOutlaw I was going for civilisation lights, as if the planet is alive and quietly floating through space, but I like the "planet dying" theory too!
  3. @barbieq25, @Alexolotlechuga, @Pixey, @lynxster4 Thank you all 🙂 I certainly had to "re-learn" some old techniques.
  4. New image, "Between the stars". It has definitely been a while. So long, in fact, that I can no longer think up creative names.
  5. @Vagabondi, @Pixey Congratulations, awesome planets
  6. It took me far too long to come up with a new way of making them. The one in my old tutorial is a touch outdated, maybe I'll make a new one sometime when I've refined the technique
  7. I love the colours, and what it looks like intertwining hearts in the middle!
  8. @welshblue Thank you 🙂 I'd guess full of hope would be closer to what I was going for
  9. I personally prefer the first one, fantastic stuff!
  10. @lynxster4 Thank you 🙂 @Seerose Thank you! I'm (trying to) stay healthy! @Pixey Thanks Pixey 😁 I'll stay as safe as I can
  11. Looks like something almost otherworldly! Love the effect it creates
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