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  1. @Vagabondi, @Pixey Congratulations, awesome planets
  2. It took me far too long to come up with a new way of making them. The one in my old tutorial is a touch outdated, maybe I'll make a new one sometime when I've refined the technique
  3. Great news, thank you for the updates!
  4. @DrewDale @ReMake @null54 @AndrewDavid Thanks everyone, it was a great day (given the current circumstances). I managed to get a day off work and relax Although I could definitely do with a few more...
  5. I love the colours, and what it looks like intertwining hearts in the middle!
  6. @welshblue Thank you 🙂 I'd guess full of hope would be closer to what I was going for
  7. I personally prefer the first one, fantastic stuff!
  8. @lynxster4 Thank you 🙂 @Seerose Thank you! I'm (trying to) stay healthy! @Pixey Thanks Pixey 😁 I'll stay as safe as I can
  9. Looks like something almost otherworldly! Love the effect it creates
  10. I think my favourite of the bunch is "Imagination", but they are all great. Nice work
  11. I'm alive and still making art! New piece on the first page, 'The Emblem'. Let me know what you think
  12. I like the texture and the lighting of your spacescape. good job
  13. Awesome stuff! Your planets and lighting look great
  14. Love the texture of the planet 😁 You did a great job with the lighting too, keep it up!
  15. @JulioCoolio Thank you I have been doing this for years and basically only do space art. I love the range of stuff you do! @Vagabondi Thanks! Wow you dug far back for those ones, all the way back to 2013. The flight isn't over yet though!
  16. @Seerose Thank you! @welshblue Thank you for stopping by, happy new year to you too
  17. Happy new year to you too, keep up the art, sme very creative and clever pieces here
  18. Great idea for a manip, and very well pulled off. I like how you took the photo from one stock and replaced it with another.
  19. I like your christmas tree, the gradient you added to the bristles is a nice touch, and the shape of the tree lights are perfect. Thanks for sharing.
  20. Love your latest images, thank you for sharing and I wish you a good 2020
  21. I love the baubles, especially how you did the lighting on them. Great job!
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