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    Happy Birthday Drydareelin!

    @ReMake, @lynxster4, @null54, @LionsDragon, @Pixey Thanks guys I've had a quiet day with the family, back to work tomorrow though
  2. Drydareelin

    New Paint.NET logo

    I use GIMP at work since PDN isn't avaliable. You obviously have no clue what a joke is.
  3. Drydareelin

    lag over time

    What's your computer specifications? (settings -> diagnostics -> copy to clipboard) and paste here, what size images are we talking here and how many layers?
  4. Drydareelin

    New Paint.NET logo

    These two look a little too similar, even if outlook isn't graphics-related. I like your most recent one though, based closer to the original.
  5. Drydareelin

    Printed Artwork

    I'm getting my bedroom done up and my mum surprised me by getting a couple of my space pieces printed and framed. Now, I'm not one to use my artwork for..well..anything, but this was pretty cool to see, and they look good on my wall. The pieces are Sea of Stars and The Perseids
  6. Drydareelin

    Printed Artwork

    @Ego Eram Reputo You just made me freak out. It's on the 31st March here in the UK.
  7. Drydareelin

    Printed Artwork

    @lynxster4 That's awesome What ones?
  8. Drydareelin

    Drydareelin's gallery [18/01/19 update] - 'Ultima Thule'

    @lynxster4: Not exactly the Pleiades but I'd be lying if I said there wasn't some inspiration there Especially the colours! @LionsDragon: So, so many layers (like, 30 odd just on the wormhole) and the fan-favourite Polar Inversion! @Seerose: Thank you very much @Woodsy: I could say the same about your wild-west scenery. Thank you! @Pixey: A lot of bright colours I'd hope but the likelihood is that is would just be very, very quiet. And a bit cold. @Maximilian: Thank you very much
  9. 80% space, 20% whatever, 100% what goes on inside my head. Most recent images: Ultima Thule 18/01/2019 This is based on the visit from New Horizons on 1st Jan 2019. My envisioning. https://www.deviantart.com/drydareelin/art/Ultima-Thule-781577668 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Voyage 24/04/2018 Based on the idea of a wormhole. First piece after a few month hiatus. I started this one back in January but never got the motivation to finish it. https://drydareelin.deviantart.com/art/Voyage-741908021 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2016 - 2017 2015: 2014: 2013: 2012: Pre-December 2011:
  10. Drydareelin

    Images by Woodsy

    I'm expecting to see the silhouette of a cowboy hat appear in one of those windows. Great realism!
  11. Drydareelin

    Pixey's Gallery ~ Glassy Pendant ~

    Your lighting effects here are amazing, and I love how you mixed the different colours with the glass effects. Great job!
  12. Drydareelin

    Seerose's Gallery -Mandala-Part Two- 2019

    I don't know how you keep coming up with these new abstract ideas for signatures and such but they all look great and original. After one attempt I'm usually stumped for a few months ?
  13. Drydareelin

    LionsDragon's Gallery--Rebuttal

    Welcome back I love the emotion and story around your latest piece!
  14. Drydareelin

    Drydareelin's gallery [18/01/19 update] - 'Ultima Thule'

    New piece on the first page after...far too long. Let me know what you think!
  15. Drydareelin

    Show Yourself, Redux!

    Me and my dad at my graduation last year No, I'm not actually the guy from 2001: A Space Oddity I'm afraid
  16. Drydareelin

    Tablet version?

    Is it a windows or android-based tablet?
  17. Drydareelin

    Documentation update

  18. Drydareelin

    The Comedy Thread

    I never wanted to believe that my dad was stealing from his job as a road worker, but when I got home all the signs were there.
  19. Drydareelin

    Maths Private Tutoring

    After a bit of search I found these: https://wallpapercave.com/mathematics-wallpaper Some are pretty well done, and might look good in a poster.
  20. Drydareelin

    cut out

    Firstly cut out the sitting Jason Voorhees using any method you like, but I'd recommend this method. Then you can copy and paste it over to your image of Frankenstein. You could probably improve it further by erasing the area on Jason where Frankie's index and middle fingers are, making it look like he's really holding it.
  21. Drydareelin

    Maths Private Tutoring

    For stuff like mathematics I'd recommend Microsoft Word or something along those lines. Though, I've made posters for university on PDN before. This one came out A1 sized: This was done from scratch, so it can be done - It just takes a lot of time and patience. The mathematics was implemented using Dr Scott's Markup Renderer. If you're asking about templates or preexisting designs related specifically to PDN, I can't help you.
  22. Drydareelin

    The Comedy Thread

    My wife came home yesterday and said, "Honey, the car won't start, but I know what the problem is." I asked her what it was and she told me it had water in the carburettor. I though for a moment, then said, "You know I don't mean this badly, but you're not mechanically inclined. You don't know the carburettor from the radiator." "No, there's definitely water in the carburettor," she insisted. "Ok, honey, that's fine, I'll just go take a look. Where is it?" "In the lake."
  23. Drydareelin

    What music are you listening to?

    I've been listening to the new MGMT album recently, enjoying it a fair amount. Also this thumbnail...
  24. Drydareelin

    ~ WelshBlue ~ Transhumanism ~ 17/01/2019

    @Pixey is right, I love it! Especially that flare