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Sparkles Effect Plugin (ymd:100725)


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To xmariusx and Miroku4444:

The glitters are created from the top-left corner to the bottom-right corner. So if the limit is too low only the top of the image is covered.

Read the post 1 for more details.

...and increase the Brightness value to have less bright pixel selected...

another way is to make a selection area.

another other way is to add a new layer, fill this layer with black and press F4 to set the blend mode to additive, then put some white dots where you want to have some sparkles...

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Heh,heh,heh,I have had this plugin for more than a year and have never been able to figure it out or get it to work right,lol. I just came back here and read what each slider does,then I scrolled down and read MadJik's explanations on how to achieve each type of effect. And wouldn't ya know it? Just by doing some reading above I can now make it work perfectly. I would suggest that others might want to read a bit before asking the same question that keeps popping up,lol.

Thanks MadJik,another very fine plugin. B)



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Umm..I was making a stary night scene. I made the moon glow before downloading this plugin using a different way...But When I was making stars I made some white dots then when I was using the plugin..The sparkles come at the moon!  I want them to come at the stars.. Please help.

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put the moon on its own layer and the stars on another.

The plugin puts sparkles on bright spots in the picture. The moon is a LOT of bright, so if you have the moon on the same layer, it will hog all of your sparkles

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Make sure you have the image layer selected. It won't do anything if you run it on a blank layer.


Then try playing with the settings. I had no trouble getting it to add plenty of sparkles and highlights.



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Hi! I'm trying to download Madjik's Sparkle Effect from the link, and nothing is happening. I went ahead and tried to just download the whole effects package, same thing - nothing. It just says "connecting" forever. My internet is working fine, and in the past, I've downloaded effects and packages with no problem. There's nothing to indicate that these files are obsolete or anything like that, though I noticed they're circa 2007. 


Is there a newer version or any other sparkle effect dll's? I really liked the way the Madjik's looked. I did find a post telling someone how to make their own sparkles, but I don't really want to go through 10 steps to do it.


Thank you!

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