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  1. Keep up the space stuff, I like it man.
  2. Sozo

    Image Umbrella: Realistic Images

    Thanks! I was going for the "edge of a galactic cloud" look towards the bottom there, glad you like it.
  3. Sozo

    Image Umbrella: Realistic Images

    I's been a while, but I got bored today and made some stars. Here's a link, the image is 3200x1800 so I didn't want to link it here. Now I just have to think of some things to put in front of those stars...
  4. Sozo

    The <off topic> thread

    I've been using the Insider build for a couple weeks. After some initial driver problems got ironed out, I've found myself really liking it.
  5. Heh, I see was caught in Total Wipes' crossfire.
  6. I should have done a write-in campaign for Queen of PdN.
  7. Happy birthday gentlemen!
  8. Sozo

    Rants *enter at own risk*

    Sorry to hear it bud. Stay safe over there.
  9. Sozo

    Goonfella`s Gallery - New Frontiers 28.02.16

    Dewd I love that Transit of Mercury, I always had trouble with suns.
  10. Sozo

    Missing or Missed

    Some people you miss... and some people you are stuck with forever! > Glad to see you're still alive and ki... Wait! You passed my post count again!
  11. Sozo

    Missing or Missed

    It's that pesky RL.
  12. Sozo

    Rants *enter at own risk*

    Do you feel the same way about glue? Eggs? Isinglass? Sponges? Silk? Wigs? Animals have been living and dying for as long as there has been life on earth. It seems a bit silly to get squeemish about using what they produce, living or dead. At least, that's my opinion.
  13. Sozo

    The <off topic> thread

    I found it amusing that for once Apple has the ugly but fast, while Android has the beautiful but slow product (Moto 360).