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  1. Thanks! I was going for the "edge of a galactic cloud" look towards the bottom there, glad you like it.
  2. I's been a while, but I got bored today and made some stars. Here's a link, the image is 3200x1800 so I didn't want to link it here. Now I just have to think of some things to put in front of those stars...
  3. I've been using the Insider build for a couple weeks. After some initial driver problems got ironed out, I've found myself really liking it.
  4. Heh, I see paint.net was caught in Total Wipes' crossfire.
  5. Sorry to hear it bud. Stay safe over there.
  6. Do you feel the same way about glue? Eggs? Isinglass? Sponges? Silk? Wigs? Animals have been living and dying for as long as there has been life on earth. It seems a bit silly to get squeemish about using what they produce, living or dead. At least, that's my opinion.
  7. I found it amusing that for once Apple has the ugly but fast, while Android has the beautiful but slow product (Moto 360).
  8. Just completed the application for an apartment I'm very enthused about. Doesn't get better than a 2 block commute to work, he he. Wish me luck!
  9. I don't know if any of you old fogies ( ) are into metal, but here's a track off an album I'm looking forward to.
  10. He he, I finally outgrew the silly rank.
  11. Shoot, I missed my 7th forum anniversary on Wednesday. April 2nd, 2007 was the date I registered. Hard to believe I wasn't even out of high school then. o.o
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