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  1. The "get from Clipboard" works great! Thanks!
  2. If you could choose the tools yourself? Favorite them or something?
  3. Is it something you are interested in adding into paint.net?
  4. Ya, had been nice to have a little check box with "Import from clip board"
  5. Is it by any chance, possible to make tools as plugins usable in the "normal" working space, not in a new window? Also, adding something like this: -Thanks!
  6. O.o thx for this! uhh.. didn't work exactly like I wanted it too (some places it's no shadows between the pixel blocks), but.. :S Thanks anyways
  7. The problem with having 2 layers is that the shadow will just be a bury line between the pixel blocks :S EDIT: another problem is the edges, which leaves some places without shadow, since the edge don't have this... can't see any other way to to this than by doing it manually..
  8. Sorry, I'm not from an English talking country What does "To what end?" means.. "why?" ? Anyways, if you look at my first picture, I need the pixels too look like they are in different.. "length from your eyes"... or something. So it look 3D EDIT: Okey, any other way to this.. other than moving each single of them to a random place?
  9. What? no... I'm trying to make the layers in a random order.... I can easily do it manually, but it does take time! ohh and: shadow + "big pixel!"
  10. Making the layers in a random order.. : Making: [Layer 1] [Layer 2] [Layer 3] [Layer 4] [Layer 5] Into: [Layer 4] [Layer 2] [Layer 5] [Layer 1] [Layer 3] If you got a lot of layer, it takes forever too make it look randomized :S
  11. Didn't find any plugin called Jigsaw :S I know about that plugin, have used it before .. but it's not the plugin I need. This plugin jumble your layer, not the layers. I have a shadow on each layer, and therefor Jumble will not work.
  12. Well, I had need something that had put the layers in a random order.. I show a picture so ya see (each "big pixel" is a layer Tried to make them look randomized, but it didn't went that well :S
  13. I love this tutorial. Thanks!
  14. I like the sparkles plug-in, but something went wrong. So I need to ask the owner. Anyways, this plug-in can make so i get 2 duplicated flakes?
  15. Nice effect, but not exactly what I was looking for. Something like this:
  16. I was wondering if anyone could make, or if it has ben made give me a link, to a looking at the sun effect. Just try to look at the sun or a loght and you will see som sun rays or whatever they are caled. Note, this post was postet on a phone, so hard to write correctly. Thanks!
  17. Thanks guys. I hope they will re-add pen tablets.. but I guess your idea HELEN also work Thanks again ;p
  18. Bamboo - http://www.wacom.eu/...〈=en&spid=1 Is they usable in Paint.NET or you need to have Photoshop? I also need help selecting one. I have never tried it, but want a A5 or A6.
  19. Can u update the "how to convert PS brushes to PDN" too? Please
  20. I have seen this plug-in, mini brushes.. I have never used Photoshop, but I see ppl talking about brushes is so cool. Now to the point, How to use this mini-brushes? I can add one image and just paste it in? Why do you need a plug-in too that? Just copy and paste normally? edit: How do they* work
  21. No time to find the plug-ins now (use the search), but some plug-ins yo should look at: Threshold feather AA's assistance They have all served me well in many months
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