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  1. i'v never been into the online streaming or hiring of films, but then, im not that much into watching films.
  2. hey guys, long time since i'v been on here as i have been using adobe products mostly, for practice and schoolwork. heres something i whipped up a while ago ;]
  3. sorry, i realised my computer blocked images from that sight. fixed now. i'll rate yours and yy10 Chrisco: nice and simple c4d sig without a render. the text stands out a lot but the harshness of the white in the big yellow part seems a little off-putting. nice sig though 8.5/10 yy10: the colours are really nice and the render fits in with the c4d's greatly but there is so much going on that it took me a second to notice the render. she just dosnt stand out enough. 8.5/10
  4. here's 2c new ones. a 1920x1080 wallpaper for my new pc, and a background for my youtube channel ( http://www.youtube.com/user/Axle9117 ) >>>EDIT>>> somethings wrong with ImageShack and it's converting it too a much smaller image D: it dosnt look as good now but i'll try and get that fixed
  5. you don't have a sig.... so i'll rate Lionhearted. 8/10 it has some nice features but the speed lines don't look right
  6. this latest one looks really nice, the gold comes off brilliantly. and i like the 2nd last pic you made, something about it looks really good but the text in the middle looks out of place though
  7. 'cemetery' is nice, i like how you put a dead possum in there xD
  8. here is something i spent the last hour making don't know what to put in the middle and if i should put anything in the middle though, this is about half the size of the original. anyway, i hope you like it
  9. almost all have 2 votes xD what now
  10. i was just thinking that, although it is funny. welcome to the PDN forum mate
  11. your sig/avatar combo looks great!
  12. most are from last year (yr10) but i would like to know why? it's not proving anything, or making an impression or getting you anything (no puns intended)
  13. modern art, it looks alright and professional but it's not my favourite. the pic on the top though, (the scenery) is that 100% PDN?
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