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  1. Until this becomes a new feature, the following may be the best procedure. As you know, in Settings the Color Picker tool can be set to - Switch to previous tool. So, if you make it a habit to always activate the Paint Bucket tool immediately before using the Color Picker it will revert to the Paint Bucket.
  2. This seems to work well. Remove the white from the original image using the Kill Color Keeper plugin, set to Kill white. Duplicate the resulting blue line layer and turn the bottom layer's line white using the Silhouette Plus plugin. Merge layers.
  3. You can paint in the lightest color on one layer. Make a new layer, paint the next darkest area. Repeat as needed. Also look at Adjustments > Posterize...
  4. To check the Bit Depth, open the Save As dialogue. Anything other than 32-bit or Auto-detect might cause problems.
  5. Found in Effects > Text Formations
  6. Grey shape New layer White line Blur New layer Smaller White line Smaller Blur
  7. Always put your text on its own new layer. If you want to change a word to italics, erase the word and retype it as italics on a new layer. (Same for Bold, etc.) Position it with the Move Selected Pixels tool. To change the color, make a selection around the word and use the Silhouette Plus plugin or the Recolor tool.
  8. There is a newer version called Grid / Checkerboard. Find it here:
  9. It does work with 4.2.16. If you put the tip of the mouse-pointer where the grid lines meet the clipboard image should show. Does that not happen for you?
  10. Just make new Effects and File Types folders in the main folder.
  11. So far as I can tell Paint.net is always equivalent to PhotoShop's pass-through mode. Paint.net has no layer group function. Pass-through mode treats grouped layers as though they are not grouped. ================================== You can open the .psd file, but the functionality of the programs is different. PhotoShop will know what to do with the layer named Gradient Color Mask. In Paint.net that layer is blank. What you need to do is make a bottom layer that is the color that you want the background to be. For the drop shadow of the text you will need to apply a drop shadow to the text with a plugin, or make a drop shadow on a layer beneath the text.
  12. For an embroidered look on the text, try the Stitch plugin.
  13. The size can't be increased. There are several free magnifying glass apps available. Here is one: https://sourceforge.net/projects/magnifier/ Naming the layers also helps.
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