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  1. Left-click the thumbnail. That will open up a larger version of the image.
  2. This may be useful. Pos-Multiple-Image-Printing-Wizard
  3. The controls look okay in paint.net 4.2.15 alpha build 7683. .
  4. Yes, apparently the plugin I suggested doesn't do the tiling that you want. If you select the tile and stretch the selection to fill the canvas, then run the plugin, it makes a nice image, but not what you want.
  5. Those are all pyrochild plugins. Probably should post the question there.
  6. You can make a New Layer, Paint Bucket fill it with white, move your image layer to the top. Do your editing, delete the white layer and save. ============================== I think that I misread what you were asking for. Don't know of a way to choose a background color and have it display as white. However, if it helps, you can Magic Wand the alpha, invert selection, and Paint Bucket fill the selection with the appropriate background color, then move your image layer to the top. If you do any erasing only the background color will sh
  7. Layers > Rotate / Zoom is built-in. This will also do what you want.
  8. Here's another possibility. Erase the New Layer. Ctrl A > Delete Place a layer filled with your pattern below your background line drawing image. Clone Stamp from the pattern layer into the layer above the background line drawing layer. Reset you color to full opacity first. https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/CloneStamp.html
  9. I always liked this image, so decided to try to remove the Photobucket watermark.
  10. I have installed everything and also don't get an .apng Save option. Post the question in the plugin's thread for a quicker response.
  11. Nice! I'm interested in understanding why this is valuable/important.
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