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  1. You can download the OptionBasedLibrary files here. https://forums.getpaint.net/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=17587
  2. Your image. Adjustments > Black and White On a New Layer above: Bucket fill with blue. Set layer Blend mode to Overlay.
  3. If you start with this you can get a range of different radius curves. Polar Transformation.
  4. Use Creative Text Pro on a New Layer (transparent). Background will not be an issue.
  5. That repros for me. Not sure whether that's a bug or a feature. Quickest work-around: Adjust selection to desired aspect ratio. Bucket fill on a New Layer. Deselect. Magic Wand filled area. Shift-drag corner will maintain desired aspect ratio.
  6. For the airbrushed look check the pdf of this tutorial. https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/12937-how-to-airbrush-like-a-professional-lets-try-this-again/
  7. Duplicate your image layer. Expand the canvas and delete the bottom layer. Use the Lasso Select tool to select a chunk of the image. Cut / paste into a new layer. Repeat until you have the whole image in pieces on different layers. You can now reposition the pieces using the Move Selected Pixels tool.
  8. After removing the white background, duplicated the layer, made the lower layer black using the Silhouette Plus plugin. Then Gaussian blur and moved the shadow down and to the right with the Move Selected Pixels tool and the arrow keys.
  9. If you have the Microsoft store version plugins are handled differently. Note In the Windows Store version of paint.net, the directories for plugins and Shapes are different. These locations need to be created manually. First navigate to your Documents folder (this may be translated to your system language). In it, create a new folder called paint.net App Files Then create three subfolders in the new folder. These should be called: Effects, FileTypes and Shapes. The correct spelling of these folder names is essential, however Windows and paint.net will ignore the capit
  10. And of course, to use Bevel Object on the blue rings they will need to be on an otherwise transparent layer also. You can make things stand out more by adding a drop shadow.
  11. If you post the full Diagnostics report found in Settings, maybe someone will see something particular to your system that is problematic.
  12. For this: Draw a squiggle with Paintbrush. Gaussian blur. Alpha to Dots plugin. Frosted Glass.
  13. If you want to cut out a person from a background try one of these sites. https://photoscissors.com/ https://www.remove.bg/upload https://removal.ai/
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