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  1. Cool, looks sweet. Thanks for the info about the red note, haven't been here in a few years. Glad you guys are still here.
  2. Yeah I understand. Make sense. At least they're in packs, would be so much harder if you had to download them One by one.
  3. Will these plug-ins work on 4.0.17? If not I wish simon B would update them, they're so good.
  4. OK, that sounds like a good idea. I just thought there might of been a master plugin vault.
  5. Is it possible to download a collection(numerous plugin authors) of some of the top plugins all in one rar or zip file?
  6. Yeah, allowing cookies made it work for me also.
  7. Is it possible to extract stuff from images with Paint.NET? I couldn't find a good way to do it. If we had an option in the layer window, to add an Layer mask, and then we had a Magnetic or Polygonal lasso, that would work. I do a lot of extracting things from images, and this would really help. Heck, then i wouldn't need photoshop for nothing and could use Paint.net totally. .
  8. Cool, thanks for the fast response. Now all we need is all these great new plug-ins in the main pack.
  9. The Perlin Texture link don't work. Or did you even create that topic yet?
  10. Do these work on their own or do you need a common .dll?
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