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  1. Cool, looks sweet. Thanks for the info about the red note, haven't been here in a few years. Glad you guys are still here.
  2. Yeah I understand. Make sense. At least they're in packs, would be so much harder if you had to download them One by one.
  3. Will these plug-ins work on 4.0.17? If not I wish simon B would update them, they're so good.
  4. OK, that sounds like a good idea. I just thought there might of been a master plugin vault.
  5. Is it possible to download a collection(numerous plugin authors) of some of the top plugins all in one rar or zip file?
  6. Yeah, allowing cookies made it work for me also.
  7. I just tested it, and it worked fine for me. Windows 32-bit XP Paint.NET 3.5.4
  8. Is it possible to extract stuff from images with Paint.NET? I couldn't find a good way to do it. If we had an option in the layer window, to add an Layer mask, and then we had a Magnetic or Polygonal lasso, that would work. I do a lot of extracting things from images, and this would really help. Heck, then i wouldn't need photoshop for nothing and could use Paint.net totally. .
  9. Cool, thanks for the fast response. Now all we need is all these great new plug-ins in the main pack.
  10. The Perlin Texture link don't work. Or did you even create that topic yet?