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  1. Rants *enter at own risk*

    It's been a while since I've been on this forum and its been a while since I've used pdn, hopefully its like riding a bike and i can get back riding soon
  2. The Logo/ Banner Challenge #1

    I guess that i should try one too. (click the image for larger size) 1440x900 i got a little lazy toward the end
  3. Storm / Vortex Tutorial

    Wow this is an awesome effect !!!
  4. Making Stickers

    Step 1: Magic wand out white space. Step 2: Copy Paste.
  5. Light text

    So here it is , it's a simple process that produces this: (click image for larger image). 1.First start with a black canvas.(Recommended resolution of 1440X900) 2.Create 2 new layers, with the blending mode set to additive. Make the bottom layer black A.You may may want to create another layer as a guide, simply put your text on that layer. 3.Draw with the line tool a line matching the contour of the letter you are working on. Note: Use one line per layer if you want to prevent the "jeweling effect" that occurs at intersections. Note: Look closely at the b, notice a kink in the effect, if the turn of the line is to sharp it may cause this. Note:If you have a letter that you want to "encase" the rest of the letters (the x in the example) draw it first. 4.Merge the X lines Layer down. 5.Apply splinter blur at: 6 splinters, distance ~10 adjust rotation till it looks good. MAKE SURE THE MODE IS ON LIGHTEN. 6.New Layer: Blend mode multiply. Fill the layer black Pick a color. Gradient how ever you want to color the lines. Use gradient: color,Transparent to add multiple colors. 7. Merge color layer down. 8. Create 2 new layers, with the blending mode set to additive. Make the bottom layer black.(sound familiar) Repeat steps 2 through 6 until all letters are done. Have fun. Ps. What do you think this effect should be named?
  6. Chalk Text

    yeah i am quite the artist when t comes to using a mouse.
  7. This video shows how to make the lettering from my logo. wow the embedded was broken
  8. Image Umbrella: Signatures, Avatars, Logos & Text

    specs are 500 * 70 this is the 5000 * 700 DEVIANTART LINK
  9. Corrupt-A-Wish

    i wish i had dents still i delete dents on accident now i only have classic
  10. Chalk Text

    80 GB hard drive - ( + all files made in pdn) ~= 36 gb i have 1 gb left WHERE DID IT ALL GO ???? ps almost 2000 views on my first tutorial , not bad 36 not 63 oops
  11. Speedtest Thread

    good speed
  12. Hello Lukemeish,

    A very happy birtday to.

    Hope that you hae a great day

    And that all wishes come true.

    Best regards

  13. Chalk Text

    UPDATE: Rather than small text 1 noise and blur Ive found its easier to do this noise gausian blur r=1 noise gausian blur r=1 noise dents scale=4gausian blur 1 (if edges are still to rough: feather selection) and still use curves and the duplicated layer for tone adjustment @barbieq25: Im thinking this could be used as a border