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  1. It's been a while since I've been on this forum and its been a while since I've used pdn, hopefully its like riding a bike and i can get back riding soon
  2. I guess that i should try one too. (click the image for larger size) 1440x900 i got a little lazy toward the end
  3. yeah i am quite the artist when t comes to using a mouse.
  4. specs are 500 * 70 this is the 5000 * 700 DEVIANTART LINK
  5. i wish i had dents still i delete dents on accident now i only have classic
  6. 80 GB hard drive - ( + all files made in pdn) ~= 36 gb i have 1 gb left WHERE DID IT ALL GO ???? ps almost 2000 views on my first tutorial , not bad 36 not 63 oops
  7. Hello Lukemeish,

    A very happy birtday to.

    Hope that you hae a great day

    And that all wishes come true.

    Best regards

  8. UPDATE: Rather than small text 1 noise and blur Ive found its easier to do this noise gausian blur r=1 noise gausian blur r=1 noise dents scale=4gausian blur 1 (if edges are still to rough: feather selection) and still use curves and the duplicated layer for tone adjustment @barbieq25: Im thinking this could be used as a border
  9. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Hello This Tutorial will teach you how to make chalk text The final result: (link to larger images: The first step is to make a new layer with a black background(Step to simple to be shown) Then in a new layer add your background chalkboard Now make white text on a black background: the less solid you want your text the smaller you make it(for now) later the text will be expanded. Add noise to the text Gausian blur at radius 1 And you can adjust the opacity of the color dodge layer to adjust the peak whiteness My gallary
  10. rappers delight