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  1. Howler: The render is neat, and the background is nice, although the left half of the sig seems very empty and I don't like the blurry text very much. NinjaManDan: The render is a little to small for my liking, and the background is pretty good except I can't really find any sense of direction in it and I feel lost. The text is very hard to read as well. Howler-1 Ninjamandan-0
  2. Thank you NinjaManDan, Im glad that someone else agree's with me that it's better. Thank you Helen! Good to see you stopping by the PDN forums as well as on DeviantART.
  3. Thanks welsh, I know you're really not the signature type of person but it means a lot that you what post your thoughts on here. Update: Re-did the Venom sig, I am 450% happier with this one than the last versions. V.3
  4. If anyone was wondering, the background consists of posters for my clothing company.
  5. Haha, thank you, it makes me happy to see someone is looking up to my artwork. As for the lighting, I usually set my primary to a very light color, then set my secondary to and color with the alpha value at (0). Then I use the circle gradient to draw a light colored circle over the sig, then set it to either additive, screen, or lighten. Hope this can help you out.
  6. Similar to what Sfifer posted earlier. Just amazing IMO.
  7. Hotkey for Adjustments-> Black & White is Crtl+Shift+G Hope that will help you out in the future as well!
  8. Simple design, But i don't like how the black text is cut off by the other text. Overall: 6/10 Please Rate:
  9. Sad to see you go, but ill still keep up with you on DeviantART bud.
  10. A little weird for me, 2 renders smashed and faded together with some C4D's on the side. Not exactly my style but It just doesn't look very right, your current sig is FAR better. 4/10 Please Rate:
  11. The Howler - 0 Sfifer - 3 Not much a decision here. Howler, you have improved a lot from what I can see, but it's really just no match for the simplicity of Sfifer's sig. #winner Sfifer I'll enter with one of my latest's...
  12. oh CSM, what a great critic you were Welcome back!
  13. HAHAHA, that is priceless. Its funny how much people fight over the two, buy both and stop comlaining.
  14. Alright you little demons, after 11 hours and lots of coffee, Project Pip-boy is (somewhat) Finished. (Hooray!) S.P.E.C.I.A.L Stats Screen Apparel Items Screen IF you would like anything explained feel free to ask away.
  15. I agree, CoD is sort of what got me into gaming but since I've had a little free time on my hands, its not that difficult to see that BF2 was superior to MW2. Never the less, I'll probably be buying both
  16. Ohhhhhhhhh, D: I am so tempted to share the PipBoy project with you guys, but i want to make 3 different ones and share them all at once. Must. Resist. Urges.
  17. As far as I know, there isn't a plugin that will allow you to do that. (By my knowledge at least.) I'm assuming that your GIMP project has multiple layers so flattening the image and saving as a standard image file (.jpg/.png) would allow you to open it in PDN. (But your layers would be destroyed) Or a more painful process would be to save each layer individually and then open them all on a new layer in PDN on the same canvas, somewhat retaining your original project. (I don't know a whole lot about GIMP, but i would assume that would work if it is really necessary. Best of luck!
  18. Anyone have any opinions on the whole BF3 Vs. MW3 ordeal?
  19. Quite simple actually, Smudging around the edges of the car to produce that smoke effect near the tires, some various C4D's under, and around the car with the same color as the car, then Smudged the road lines to create the effect of some speed and loss of depth perection. Then a lot of color corrections on top of that to make the whole image stand out and have a vibrant feel to it. Hope this helps.
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