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  1. NICE, GREAT work here ! @TheGuitarist You started out well. So what it looks nothing like the original, the point is too really make your OWN and show your creativity. Let's see, the moon...well you got the basic things down, you just need to add a few more things, like making it more sharp or something else...the background, well you have a symbolic background which represents the air, try to make it seem 'whispier' and lighter, and cloud shaped Ok after returning to PdN again for the 23423472346th time, my first spacescape I have made. It took just only 2 hours, and has many simple parts....I need to catch up on my spacescaping techniques soeone, teach me the ways of the space ways !
  2. GREAT work man, bravo. NADAL vs. FEDERER still my FAVORITE...
  3. crazy artwork guys/girls. I peronally have no specific style in abstract that I like......I like all kinds. And seeing all these here are just really amazing. @Possum Really nice depth perception! haha or lack of! Lovin' the simplicity. All these are just excellentttttt....especially PeaceFrog777, I can see a bright future with you and space art! something simple.
  4. Whoa, I haven't seen this tutorial. But it's fantastic! The end result looks better if it's not Rotated/Zoomed for some reason. Once again, really nice tutorial. I dont know how I skipped this one.
  5. выглядит так здорово! Это руководство, безусловно, лучшее из всех остальных. nice job man!
  6. nice, i love the shading and the glossy look. everything looks simple with no details or anything. however, the 3rd on is my favorite, only because of the shirt, and its shading. well done!
  7. hehe, not bad. I like how you made the fire affect the blob, because of the red stuff on the blob, looks like its being burned by the fire. Cool face too.
  8. hey there, welcome. Your first ever paint.net creation is execellent! It's definately a 7/10. But you can't judge your skills with just on creation, I suggest you go to tutorials, and look up every tutorial made and follow all of 'em. Then you'll start knowing how to do certain things, and have many tricks. Good luck and I hope to see more
  9. Insane, in a good way! So many different places I could put that texture, thanks man. Great tutorial, haven't seen a good texture tut in a while.
  10. wow, freakin awesome rings. I have never used that technique for making the rings, and i havent even thought about doing it. thank you for this... and the planet, doesnt look like saturn at all to be honest, and the outer edges of the planet need to be smoothed out. but the texture of the planet is pretty neat, although it doesnt look like saturns.. but you should write me a tutorial for making that planet texture, it would be great, i could use it in so many projects.
  11. oooh, i see. STILL, pretty nice, and the space station looks rad, hehe. Yeah it's alright, still is cool. thanks for the advice, i needed it!
  12. @Frontcannon , amazing. The texture of the planet is really something, and I can see you used a lot of different color combinations. The stars, are really neat too, and you chose the right way of showing it, in a few big clusters of stars. But is everything made there by pixel, I mean the thing flying around the planet? OH and I just recently started doing pixel art. I have been doing well, and this is one of my favorite. A mystical tree I have other pixel work that is available in my gallery, labeled "Pixel" of course.
  13. LEEROOYY JEEEENKINNSSS. Yes there is a song about it, and im pretty sure no one here knows what that is. hehe
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