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  1. Oh, yay. Thank god for ninjas. I have just started reading A Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin. Can't say much about it so far but the first book of the series (A Game of Thrones) was really good.
  2. @ skullbonz: Cool work. I agree with barbieq25 about the satin look. I like the copper colors too. @ Tiharo: Very nice. Good stocks and choice of colors. My only complaint would be that it's kind of hard to read the text, but that might just be my computer screen. Inspired by a photoshop tutorial for a "grunge lines" texture:
  3. I always have hard times picking favorites, there are so many good books out there, but 'The Cider House Rules' by John Irving really left an impression.
  4. Simplistic and pretty cool, but I'm not sure I like the white background. Seems a bit open, like somethings missing if you know what I'm saying. Some weird gold stuff: EDIT A variation of the same image:
  5. Ah, yes I can see what you mean. Good job covering it up, I didn't notice it before you wrote it. A WIP I'm not sure I'll ever finish : Painted using (mainly) paintbrush and smudge.
  6. @ TheGuitarist: Actually I tried making something pretty similar to that scene a while back LINK What I did for the water basically was first just draw a lot of lines with different shades of gray over a black background using a small brush size. Then I used fragment blur which gave me the basic look that (with quite a bit more experimenting) can give a pretty decent ocean-look. In the image below i then blurred and scaled the "water" and added a simple little moon. @ Skitzo: I like that planet, cool idea using different colors like that. For learning spaceart techniques I think I would search for some photoshop tutorials. There's really a lot of material out there and I'm sure a lot of the techniques are easily transferred to Paint.NET. I'm no expert on the subject though. @ Aislin: I like both of them, especially the first one. It's a nice crop and the simple background fits the subject very good. In the other one I thought I would like to see a bit more of the persons face, but seeing the original image I realized the hands would come in the way. It looks good though, maybe just a bit dark, but good job anyway.
  7. I love liquify and smudge! Hidden Content:
  8. Okay I'll post it as is (I'm going on a trip and don't really have a lot of time for improving it now). If anybody does mind it you can just exclude it from the voting
  9. I guess I could incorporate it into a bigger picture. I'll see what I can and have time to do about it. I liked the concept regardless of the competition so it's no emergency for me if I can't enter.
  10. I should be more careful when reading the rules. Just finished my entry measuring 301x450 pixels... Well it was fun to do anyway, I liked this theme, and there's a lot of really cool entries!
  11. Metallize also works well if you use bevel selection first. I would look through the different tutorials posted, try playing around with curves, metallize and different blending modes. I gave it a go using bevel selection, metallize, and a whole lot of messing around with blending modes:
  12. There are many different methods people use for making gold, but you could try this: 1. Cut out the star using magic wand (just hold shift and click on something white then press ctrl+x to cut it out ) 2. Then using curves, make the star yellow by switching to RGB mode, unchecking "Blue" and moving the left anchor point of the other two colors to the top left corner. Like this. 3. Add another layer, move it under the layer with the star and fill it with black 4. Then you have what you need to make a gold star following step 5-12 in this tutorial: LINK Just mind that your picture is a lot smaller so you will need to adjust settings like "depth" when using bevel selection to a lower number. Good luck