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  1. It's been a while since I've been on this forum and its been a while since I've used pdn, hopefully its like riding a bike and i can get back riding soon
  2. yeah i am quite the artist when t comes to using a mouse.
  3. specs are 500 * 70 this is the 5000 * 700 DEVIANTART LINK
  4. i wish i had dents still i delete dents on accident now i only have classic
  5. 80 GB hard drive - (paint.net + all files made in pdn) ~= 36 gb i have 1 gb left WHERE DID IT ALL GO ???? ps almost 2000 views on my first tutorial , not bad 36 not 63 oops
  6. Hello Lukemeish,

    A very happy birtday to.

    Hope that you hae a great day

    And that all wishes come true.

    Best regards

  7. UPDATE: Rather than small text 1 noise and blur Ive found its easier to do this noise gausian blur r=1 noise gausian blur r=1 noise dents scale=4gausian blur 1 (if edges are still to rough: feather selection) and still use curves and the duplicated layer for tone adjustment @barbieq25: Im thinking this could be used as a border
  8. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Hello This Tutorial will teach you how to make chalk text The final result: (link to larger images:http://www.flickr.com/photos/lukemeish/sets/72157626546524818/) The first step is to make a new layer with a black background(Step to simple to be shown) Then in a new layer add your background chalkboard Now make white text on a black background: the less solid you want your text the smaller you make it(for now) later the text will be expanded. Add noise to the text Gausian blur at radius 1 And you can adjust the opacity of the color dodge layer to adjust the peak whiteness My gallary http://www.flickr.com/photos/lukemeish/
  9. rappers delighthttp://www.youtube.c...h?v=NwaW4cZNwRk
  10. you get a new bike but when you get on it it breaks and part of the bike go through parts of you that it shouldn't i wish that every thing was corrupted and that people would take the time to highlight my WHOLE last wish
  11. it arrives flying 200 mph crashes threw your wall and knocks out your computer. i wish that i made 2 wishes in this post. i wish nobody could read this ... win
  12. @ Tarat You can now go to sleep but you will have horrible nightmares and never wake up. I wish that everyone reading this including me would lose "The Game". THE GAME I WIN
  13. heres my try with mutli color and effects
  14. i saw this and thought it was so awesome that i had to make one so heres my go at it: this was a good learning experience and i will be using the techniques and methods in my upcoming works.
  15. awesome effects what plugins did you use to make it
  16. i love the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy movie
  17. my take on photo editing is this :sit, play, read, learn, create i have 167 plugins currently installed (give or take a couple) (i just counted) most of my photos are made from scratch if you want to know how anything ive done is made contact me at blt2gojr@yahoo.com or leave a simple post on the form PDN IS THE BEST PROGRAM IN THE WORLD
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