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  1. Similar to what Sfifer posted earlier. Just amazing IMO.
  2. Wow Welsh, Urban Decay is absolutely amazing! I love the way the text is rusted at the bottom, then is more intact up top. Your textures are easily the best of any one on these forums, and could easily rival any made on Photoshop. Looking forward to seeing more from you!
  3. HAHAHA, that is priceless. Its funny how much people fight over the two, buy both and stop comlaining.
  4. I agree, CoD is sort of what got me into gaming but since I've had a little free time on my hands, its not that difficult to see that BF2 was superior to MW2. Never the less, I'll probably be buying both
  5. Anyone have any opinions on the whole BF3 Vs. MW3 ordeal?
  6. I really love "Baleen". It's so simple and sleek, but most of all just beautiful to look at
  7. Oh alright, I guess it has been a while Oh alright, I guess its not exactly the same concept, but I'm glad to see it has been implemented in some manner
  8. What is this? I come back after a long absence and they've added a reputation ranking system? Why Did everyone hate on me then?
  9. Hello.. do you think you could give me some pointers on this flow thing? I tried to add some lines and stuff tat I've seen, and to add some stuff going to the right, but I can't really get it. Do you have a sig tutorial I can follow, or can you give me some tips?


  10. Any idea's for the next SOTW? I'd sure love some input
  11. I'm sick of our so called "coaches" never providing any way for us to get better on our team, A wallflower is more supportive and helpful then you.
  12. Really like the newest WP. The colors are simply gorgeous, and I love how there can be a lot of empty space so you can focus on the beauty of the whole thing. Can't really point out anything I don't like. Great piece!
  13. These girls are in grade 10. I think its a little desperate, right as prom rolls around, they stat talking to the older guys just so they can get a date to prom. I'm not falling for it haha.
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