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  1. Hello! In my first tutorial im going to show you how to make a glass of wine. In this tutorial you need the following plugins: Shape3D Bevel Selection Quadrilateral Reshape The finished picture will look like this: Hidden Content: So heres how to do it: 1.Open a new picture, 800x600 pixels, then put some gradient on the background: 2.Add a new layer, name it Head, fill it with transparency 85 white: 3.New layer, name it Head Highlight, and draw some white rectangles on the side: 4.Now use gradient with transparency mode to fade out the top and the bottom of the
  2. nice tut... heres my picture: Hidden Content: i think it came out pretty well =)
  3. Okay, heres my little picture: Hidden Content: This picture is probably my best picture i have drawn... The picture on the back is the flag of Finland... Just for my fun Heres my another picture; i don't know where to post it so i decided to post it on here: Hidden Content: This picture was completely from my mind and it makes no physical sense... Well, i think im pretty much done with my pics,hope you comment on them =)
  4. I put mine on someones necklace =) Heres the picture: Hidden Content:
  5. Ok, heres mine =) Hidden Content: You can probably see most of it is faked =)
  6. Here's my little Palette: =) It has normal colors with transparent version of them, also, a greyscale with transparent version of it, too!
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