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There's nothing wrong with dramatizing...dramatizing is for making stuff look better! :D

For example, if an object in space has no atmosphere, it has a sharp shadow. But how do we tend to shade our pictures of moons? With a blurred shadow of course! Blurred shadows, to us humans, looks better because that's what we're accustomed to on Earth.

Yes, I realize there isn't a moon in the picture. I'm just giving an example of dramatizing.

About the picture (and dramatizing it!), though:

The texture on the sun looks pinched at the top and bottom, probably because you used Shape3D to map it to a sphere. Rather than using S3D, try using the Lens distortion (I think it's built into paint.net), then cutting the distorted circle out (select it with elipse select, then press ctrl+i and delete to delete the unneeded parts)

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No, Paint.NET is not spyware...but, installing it is an IQ test. ~BoltBait

Blend modes are like the filling in your sandwich. It's the filling that can change your experience of the sandwich. ~Ego Eram Reputo

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Casually sticking this here also:




Unrealistic parts:


-Star spikes are only caused by the telescope. So unless you image this from a very far distance, you wouldn't get them.

..Other than that, I'd say I hit the realism pretty well.

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yellowman, your bolts with nuts looks very realistic! 

You posted somewhere a tutorial on how to do it? 

I am very interested in the technical stuff.


Drydareelin your picture is awesome!

Looks like a picture made ​​by Hubble telescope.

I think you could imitate famous picture Pillars of Creation.

I tried once but I failed.

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Thanks for the video tut. I think I understood how I make screw threads. I had to bookmark your address with tutorials on YouTube - PDNing's channel. I hope to learn as much from a master like you.

You have a very clever way of doing things!



I'm wrong or screw direction is reversed for your bolts?


My trying to 10 min.:


And my bulb based on your tut:


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  • 4 months later...




The Perseids



My own recreation of a meteor shower scene. All 100% Paint.Net other than the foreground trees.




A recent image, and an attempt at realism. I don't do these too often so I thought posting here (also..) might be a nice change :)

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I tried doing one of my usernames in 3D using the drawing in 3D tutorial with changes to the process. I then used the trail tool to add a shadow.


For a more professional look I added a white to light gray gradient, and then I used the grid tool and angled it to match with my text.


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That's really beautiful, Ishi. It's well-done. Merry Christmas to you!


Thanks for the compliment Helen. I appreciate that very well.  :smile:


At least, a real PDN pro noticed my greeting card and think it ain't so bad. Thought I'd make something that suits the holiday so I designed that.


Merry Christmas to you too!

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Dunno, maybe over a year with PDN  but not much toying, not serious, only sometimes until last June when somebody on Facebook asked to me design a banner so that's when I became more familiar with the tools.


I got serious, did my experiments with 3D art, primarily relying on stuff like Gaussian Blur, Gradients, Bevel Selection, Outline Object, Drop Shadow, Shape 3D, Clouds, Dents and AA's Assistant. Those are the things I used to create the greeting card objects. I had to manually draw a lot with a brush and the line/curve tool. I love what I did with the bell, the gingerbread and the snowman.


Thought I'd impress my Facebook friends with it...

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