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  1. I've never had this problem before. It started yesterday. I can't use the Rectangle, Lasso or Ellipse select tools. I can select the tool. But when I try to hold down the left mouse button to drag a rectangle, lasso or ellipse, the selection lets go before I'm finished. I have PDN Version 3.5.10. I clear temp files on my laptop on a regular basis and do a restart almost every morning. I haven't installed any new software that might have affected PDN. I'm using the same antivirus program. I can't think of anything else that would interfere with the selection tools. Is it a PDN problem or someth
  2. Thanks. I make designs for digital scrapbooking and am always looking for new techniques.
  3. Thank you so much! I messed around with the various settings and got this.
  4. Before I download v3.5 again, is 300dpi resolution available? The first time I downloaded it, I couldn't open my files in 300dpi nor save new files in 300dpi. I had to go back to v3.36. I much prefer v3.5 because it's faster, but I can't give up the 300dpi resolution.
  5. Thanks. The background is a scan of my favorite, blue-flowered shirt.
  6. PDN is too much fun! (Except my feather skills need improving)
  7. Thanks for the plug-in! Here's my rendition. It'll come in handy for digital scrapbooking.
  8. Thanks for the tut! I'm just learning how to use alpha masks. I beveled mine to get this:
  9. I do digital scrapbooking and resolution doesn't really matter. I'm not printing. But even if I set my blank canvas to 300dpi, it still asks if I want to expand the canvas. Oh well. I'll just deal with it. Thanks for trying to help.
  10. Here are the screen shots. My blank canvas, 6"x4". A 12"x12" picture. Resizing the 12x12. Rectangle select around the entire area. Pasting to the 6x4 canvas. Keep canvas size or expand?
  11. Can someone let me know if I'm doing something wrong? I open a new canvas and set it to 6x4 inches. I then open a new file of a design I downloaded. That picture is 12x12 inches. I shrink it to 3x3 inches. Then copy it to paste in my blank, 6x4 canvas. When I paste into the blank canvas, I always get the pop up that asks if I want to expand or keep the canvas size. I'm not understanding why this happens. If I copied a 3x3 picture, why can't I simply paste it into my 5x5 canvas?
  12. Time to stop lurking. I've become addicted to digital scrapbooking and like making my own elements. My dog is my favorite subject. And so I used this tut to make a tag.
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