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I find nothing wrong with using a stock image. It shows that you can apply effects to it very well. I commend you for a job well done. Also, it would be kind of cool to add a starry background to it. It looks lonely, that's all. :wink:

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Nevermind, when I looked before I thought you had smudged the black into them, but then that wouldnt have created depth... Those are very nice... I like the colors you chose < no swearing > well

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very nicely done. It probably falls more in the catagory of manipulation but it is a realistic rendering of your idea of fog etc. so I give you a thumbs up on it. and welcome to our forum.

here is a thumb of the fairie I finished today. larger version is on pg 44 of my gallery.

left as a brunette and right as a blond.


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thanks World newser, This image I've changed my color pallet a bit. added a more yellowish undertone and like it better. It seems more natural skintone.

I've been working on drawing hands in my sketchpad book at home. I've still a ways to go on real good ones in this program. I've been having trouble translating over to paint.net all the little tiny planes and angles. Rick I definetly need more nodes on that line tool. hope he was listening. :lol:

I like your image as well I viewed both over on DA . little dark for my personal taste but I think that's the mood you were going for . The name Medusa thru me a bit. I didn't want to clik the full view incase I saw snakes. But I took the chance and really enjoyed the pictures. #2 is definietly better than #1. not loads of differences but enough to make a better statment.

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interesting image. I think the smoke and leaf idea looks cool.

Maybe a bit too much noise in the background, perhaps you could try blurring or something so it doesn't stand out as much.

My brother ask me if I could make a silver heart for a necklace.


Not quite satisfied with the bottom, but other than that i think it looks okay

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Nice!I definitely like the Depth of the 3d...And the bottom isn't bad in my opinion....

I'm guessing you made use of Luminousity somehow?But i could be completely wrong.

And i made this out of boredom by following a Photoshop tutorial...The language took a bit of converting but i think i did generally okay, just a few things i'm not too happy about.


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@mychemicalsnowman: Looks nice, I never saw a game boy before, but it looks realistic, some :AntiAliasingOff: , but not very much.

@olav.k.m: Very nice, maybe you can put a gem in or something like that.


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