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  1. Thanks guys, I'll try to visit more often! I'm mainly on reddit and facebook these days, but I'm always up for more distractions.
  2. Hey guys! Long time no visit. What's up? Some updates: I'm studying travelling and event services now. I'm doing really well — I like my school, I've made tons of new friends, I'm going out with a guy next week (and I have the week off, autumn break). And I'm moving out with a friend who's also vegan and has 2 cats! We found a 2-room apartment in Helsinki with decent rent and it's very close to the city centre.
  3. ahhh I see! Well, I'm happy I can access the site again. Hope the spam has subdued a bit.
  4. Is it just me, or did anyone else have weird trouble getting to the forum? I haven't been able to log on for ages.
  5. *giggles* grease nipples. rant: waking up early on holidays isn't a good idea... with nothing to do (except watching TV and eating), the days seem to go on forever.
  6. Thanks for the sentiments, folks. _____ There is a civilian alternative. I think it's a brilliant system, but I don't see why it is mandatory for men only. If it is so great, why not have everyone do it? I disagree with the fact that Åland residents and Jehovah's witnesses are exempted from military and civilian service, as well. I don't want to partake in a system that discriminates, even if the end results were positive in the grand scheme of things. To make a difference, one must protest. In a way, I admire the Finns' adherence to rules and regulations, even if the rules were flawe
  7. I'm in a very practical school, studying sewing and clothing; I can't study it at home really. I've been rethinking my decision, and I think I'll go on with my studies for another month. If the changes I make work out I might not need to quit at all. The risk I mentioned was that the radius of the monitoring device at home is too wide, and when I'm leaving for school, it registers my anklet even though I'm outside the apartment building (when I exit the cellar), and sends an alarm saying I'm leaving too late. At first there were some issues with me coming home to soon, which I'm also not a
  8. Rant: I have to quit school in order to avoid going to jail. To elaborate, I'm under house arrest due to objecting to conscription. Faulty devices, unclear instructions –to me at least, I'm not very good at understanding what parts of an instruction are relevant– and unnecessarily aggressive, purposely misunderstanding authorities have put me in a situation where school causes too much of a risk.
  9. Unfortunately, I don't get to decide my curriculum. And the class is important as we learn the differences of fabrics and learn to recognise materials by feel, sound and look. There's nothing that's wrong about the class itself, except maybe the idiotic keychain. And also about the plants. I've heard this ridiculous argument so many times (seriously, it's such a common question that it's basically a vegan meme, right there next to "what if you're stranded on an island" and "if you had to choose between a cow dying or your mom") I'm shocked that a plant rights movement isn't happening. I'm
  10. As a vegan, yes. You raise a fair point about the life and death of animals, but wouldn't you agree that for many of the species you listed, it would be more accurate to say that currently they are raised in captivity and often killed prematurely. I'm not interested in preaching, condemning or converting anyone to a vegan lifestyle, and what I say next will probably anger many users here, but if any of you were genuinely sorry to hear about the two unfortunate cat events, but are fine with eating meat, dairy or any animal products, then you need to think about why one is sad but an immens
  11. I want an apple watch. inb4 "you don't really need one there's no actual need for it traditional clock blah battery 5 years blah price": I cycle 24km a day five times a week, so I spend a good portion of my awake time wishing I didn't have to take my phone out of my pocket to change albums, or to check up on my heart rate / current speed / pause my activity. The ability to check my HR without a strap that has to be set so tight that it makes breathing difficult AND log it on my phone alone makes it worth €300+ in my opinion.
  12. I was mostly referring to the social media attention Groot got, the poor tree-thing's being forced in every post regardless of relevance.
  13. It's because "GROOOOOOOOT! GRoOoTOOOTOOT GROOT I AM GRoOT look at me I know pop-culture I AM GROOT", I think. Haven't seen it though, I've heard it was actually pretty good. Watched a Soviet film from 76, Queen of the Gypsies, (original title Tabor ukhodit v nebo). 3/5, it had beautiful music and some great camp/hippy-flower moments, but I failed to see the slightest hint of a plot and the ending was pretty disappointing.
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