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  1. thanks for that awesome digital camo tutorial!

  2. thanks for that awesome digital camo tutorial!

  3. My computer is located in a dark basement. At night, the screen's the only lightsource around, and flies love to gather on it. Now my screen is covered in fly blood. My question is, does the flies' blood not appearing in my screenshots prove those are vampire flies?
  4. hah, but 2000px squared down to 500px squared probably explains why it's not so noisy-looking anymore Good result anyway, do you mind linking to the original size?
  5. I'm not really bothered myself, but not everyone might want to see that picture, perhaps you would like to link it with a warning instead?
  6. Thank you for the feedback! You can find more variations in my gallery, located HERE @Kaddl89: Good result! Don't forget to add some noise so it looks like a real fabric, and I suggest making all images twice as large as your result will be, in order to ensure a high quality and details.
  7. Zombies are not much of a trouble if you have the Zombie-Defence 3000 pack. It consists of a flashy sticker of the Mac Logo that can be displayed prominently on your backpack. Zombies are no longer threats to worry about!
  8. hey mate,

    Welcome to the forums, don't be afraid to get involved, people are pretty friendly if you follow the rules!

  9. You should be scared [autocensored]less! Also look out for: Mountain Lions Bears Snakes Yetis Wolfs Creek Pass Humanoids Humanoid-Posing Robots ABOVE ALL: Coloradians. Or is it Coloraders? Maybe Coloradishers.
  10. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Hello all Here's a quick tutorial, as easy and detailed as possible, to make digital camouflage. Here's the effect we're going for: Pick The Colours In order to use accurate-as-possible colours, I'll smudge them to obtain the average colours. There is usually three colours in a pattern: Background (darkest); Middle (bit brighter); Front (Lightest) Get those colours in an other image, in case you need to find them again. Making the Pattern's Base Start with the backgroun
  11. I think fleeing from a vampire is a withstanding argument. I would like to see you against a bloody (oh look, a pun) vampire, mr braveman.
  12. Hey dude. What's up?

    Just trying to make some friends, being a newbie here :P

  13. Oh, this game is easy! but really, here's a 7.5/10, since it's a very clean, and not too cliche, although not 'extremely' original. I know you went for a jelly-like, flashy button, and it worked well in that sense, however it might be a tad bit too bright for my tastes. Overall, I like!
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