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  1. why not. quote from a local hip-hop band. stock: map of the world: http://www.gebco.net/data_and_products/gebco_world_map/images/gda_world_map_small.jpg
  2. lousy phone camera, sorry show me... your watch/clock
  3. 8/10 pro: vader looks like he's giving me the finger con: some parts look smooth, others look jagged
  4. @ ego eram reputo: apparently pyrochild dosen't read that many posts from general discussions. from what i've seen you're pretty (in)famous there. plus u became a mod 'round the same time i joined the forums (for some reason i remembered that)... PS: no offense intended, but that "i tried to..." title fits surprisingly well with your avatar
  5. wow... just love entry 8, as far as i'm concerned, the author should get the "bonus lol award"
  6. still slacking...

  7. you are now taller! ...by 0.5 of a micron. i wish it were pay day today...
  8. only if "no objections" counts as an opinion. give it a shot, and lets see how it works...
  9. i'm guessing Heatstroke on entry #3, Barbieq on #5 (guess she didn't go for the bentley), and NOT you on #6(you're better than that, imo)
  10. i take it we still haven't reacted the 6 entry mark... if there's 3 or 4 entries (or so), you could try a "vote for 1" poll (i'm guessing the 6 entries min. were for a 3 votes/person poll)
  11. you might get another one of those, if a certain jewler around here has her way with it
  12. it dosen't jump to some "random" proportions, as you stated, buth rathe to the orriginal proportions of the seledtion. my guess is you're making a random/aproximate sellection, adjusting it with "moove selection", then trying to resize it with "moove selected pixels" (or "moove selection", same problem occurs), in which case a Shift+Click on a corner thumb will make your selection (and whatever is in it) jump back to its orriginal proportions (the unadjusted sellection). to avoid this, i suggest one of the following methods: a. make your first sellection in such a way that it dosen't need a
  13. only 3? and it's near the end of the deadline too... after the fuss the first comp. made, i was expecting at least 5 entries by now...
  14. so how many entries are there so far?
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