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am I even getting close to a glass slipper?


PS: you would not beleive me if I told you how long it took me to figure out alpha masking.

Oma, look at these as I alway say: One of the best way to learn.

http://imagecache2.allposters.com/image ... osters.jpg

https://www.mastfarm.net/mfi-gift-certi ... lipper.jpg

http://images.jupiterimages.com/common/ ... 620609.jpg


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thank you ASH ! exactly what I need. I always do better trying to work from an actual article or picture.

I've just saved those pics and will be going to town this weekend on a hopefully much better version of my glass slipper.

mega mega thanks.

edit I'm thinking I'm on the right track now just have to sort out the steps and color placements before 3d and solar. create a better mask and 100 other steps. :roll:


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yes thanks it is much glassier but absolutely horrible for color depth and placement as to lights and darks, and reflections. I've sent it off to rehab! for a total rework. Still in the idea formation and technique stage at this point .. but it will show up sometime in the future at a qualified to be in this forum stage.


thanks all for the help.

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oma I have no doubt that you will get that slipper looking great

I could really use some feed back on this one. I started out with really bright colors and it seemed to much. I have been trying to get a watercolor look to it. Something less in your face.



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Ok if you liked it I'll tell you how I toned it down with out getting the gray tones.

bottom layer your picture. layer checked

middle layer white 100 tras layer checked

top layer your picture. layer unchecked for now.

on the middle semi white layer. noise 100 0 100 then motion sharpen -8.13 centre uncked sharpen 52 then glow effect -20 100 100

now on top picture layer check it and set mode overlay 190.

flatten image

not done yet.

you need 4 layers of this picture.

bottom layer leave

next layer pencil mode multiply

next layer same pencil mode multiply

next layer color dodge at 120


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Here is an example (look at the bottom) of dirt:


Step-by-step for the dirt:

1) Line tool for the surface, do a few lines and put some gradual curves in, nothing too tall.

2) Fill under line with same color of brown used in lines.

3) Make the top line really smooth and fuzzy, whether you use anti-alias or a blur.

4) Use ellipse tool to make small dots of varying sizes and shades of brown.

Step 4 is optional, you may find a better way to do it by experimenting.

Good luck! :)

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no good artist?, what rubbish! your sig is great! im no artist so i cant help buti would say if you want to win you will have to stand out, something that grabs peoples attention.

and to aeonix, have you tried a gradient with light and a dark brown, dont know if that is what you want tho, also maybe the dents plugin could give you a the dirt look???

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While I can't give you any techical advice and am no artist either, I would only want to inspire you to think about the right side of your sig. It's a bit "empty" and so the whole sig is out of equlibrum/balance -just for MY taste. Others may see it differently.

The left side is fantastic, and optically, it has a "heavy weight" - try something to balance that weight a bit.

Just my 2 pence. ;)

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I nearly thought so - and perfect equilibrum would be juuuusssst boooring! I think something like a really tiny, nice, little thing could do the job. (Not even necessarily an object, just make that boring black go away please *lol*). ;) Your most recent version is very nice already. (But then, I constantly surf with 2 different computers, sometimes on my notebook and now on the normal desktop -- and here on the big one the monitor is lightyears better, because quite new, whereas the notebook is 4+ years old, and of course the whole hardware not nearly as neat as the new one, so sometimes I don't see things as well from there.)

Anyway, I am confident you will come up with something as amazing as what you did till now. Looking forward to it. ;)

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hey there!

Now i'm back. again. here. (i know it isnt a good thing)

So, yeah. now i need help with Project Vista, a project i'm working on to recreate vista.

And i thought that my previous ViOrb was disgusting.

So i decided to remake it.


Here's something for you to compare to:


As you can see, the reference is much "glassier" and shinier.

Any suggestions on how to get that appreciated!

Thanks in advance



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Any help on making it more realistic...?

@cooldude - Notice in the reference image that the base gradient is radial and has a darker color.

And also: The white is too visible. Try another transparent linear gradient on the glare starting a little higher up on the canvas.



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Any help on making it more realistic...?
I can't see all that well (a larger version might help, if you have one), so forgive me if you have already done this. Add some noise? When photo editing such as that, cloning out a feature or manually adding in another, I apply noise to match the photograph's, therefore making it seem a little more like the genuine article, or the original article as the case may be.

I would also clone in some surrounding area from around the target location, in a kind of inward movement, like so:


You move inwards from all the around the area to be cloned to, in a sort of blending motion. Okay, not the best demonstrative image as it doesn't portray quite what is needed. It does, however, show the movement needed; I'm hoping you can figure out the rest ;).

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