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  1. I was in the same boat: the 'old' Forum was a thumbnail on my Chrome homepage so instinctively I clicked it, only to be greeted by a 404. A quick Google later and I met the new, shiny Forum. (Catching up with the past few months will be a lesser hardship than acclimatising to the new Forum theme, however.)
  2. Hell fire, this is all shiny. It is much overdue to catch up...
  3. Hi! I do float around here and there, but not as often as I used to/should. That could be my rant, that I haven't been visiting as much as I'd like.
  4. Who are, of course, an incredibly formal company*...*[1][2][3]
  5. What do you mean...? Many topics of conversation from you revolve around women, Rubrica. Katherine and Victoria spring to mind as the latest amongst your harem...
  6. They could be going two steps forward only to take one step back down the road. This result of this would be twofold: 1) some form of action is implemented whatever goes; and 2) it creates the illusion that our government listens to its people when we cry out (which, technically, they will be doing). I doubt, along with uH, the harshness of the new regime will last. Unfortunately, metaphorical blood will be split before then. I would also like to agree with what MBL responded with above. The whole system is being cast with a dark shadow when it is only select individuals who are at fault. It
  7. It would explain it, as, to be frank, it couldn't possibly be due to my simply spiffy skillz with Paint.NET... Good memory, by the way, Blooper!
  8. The account 'janektest' was indeed a test account, to troubleshoot a bug in IE8 according to Rick, the creator of said account. At least, that's what I've been told to tell you... You members of the paranoid disposition may read into that what you want.
  9. With so many updates, might I suggest the date of the latest update placed in the topic title? It eases user consumption. Would that be okay? Everything else looks in tip-top order, well done, jxp.
  10. That's because it's been treat like a Twitter account, or Facbook statuses. Two things come to mind to resolve this: 1) you to need a solid, concise theme for it - not something so general and vague like 'life'; 2) publish less: weekly postings, perhaps - culminating more information making for a meaty read, not every day or every hour when something 'random' pops into your minds.
  11. Wait until you see me wielding a trowel...
  12. My liking for your post is twofold: 1) you accurately named an event in human prehistory; and 2) you appropriately and correctly implied domestication in conjunction with said prehistoric event -- in parallel with standard belief that domestication came as a result from the sedentism of the Neolithic -- in this case substituting the resource of fauna and/or flora with that of numbers.Do you have an interest in archaeology, or was that just a free-floating fact you know? ---- Congratulations, pyrochild! Well done, David! (?)
  13. You can, if this issue grinds you so, lodge a formal complaint with Ash, BoltBait, CMD, David, Rick* or myself, where suitable action will be taken. However, before you do this, you should also see it from Simon's point of view. Double-posting has practicalities aside from ruffling your feathers: a new statement is to be made that requires as much attention as the last, yet was made a time after the first posting - edits don't flag as new posts, therefore there's a chance it could be missed, and earnest discussion passed. Whilst he could delete his second posting after realising nobody had pos
  14. Simon: indeed it was, from Server 12 to their primary one, where Forumer, fhq and fMods currently reside.
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