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  1. great work! i hope one day i will be able to do stuff like that
  2. thats one serious machine! maybe i could afford one if i didnt waste all my money on ice creams and car audio i will post the pdn bench results soon
  3. there is an aussie racing driver in the indy racing league called Will Power, and when mum was working in the titles office the town planner for portland was named . 100% honest i kid you not
  4. nice work. love the chrome affect! better if it were a sl500 :wink:
  5. wish i could help, i had 2004 and tried to repaint the skins but they would not even open properly. hopefully there are some other flight sim fans out there who will know
  6. my laptop is in the shop after a nasty virus so im on my old desktop thats 8 years old. Type: Custom Build Business circa 2000/01 OS: Windows XP Pro Processor: Intel PIII 1ghz 20gig Seagate Barracuda HD (ok you can stop laughing now) Intel 82815 Intergrated graphics card with wait for it... 24 bit graphics!!! 320Mb ram (1x256+1X64) Intel D815EEA board how i miss my laptop, i cant even burn cd's let alone a dvd!!!
  7. the fratellis chelsea dagger. and whatever is on Triple J radio
  8. i see what you mean now sorry i thought you meant under the sig. my bad :oops:
  9. i was thinking the same a few weeks ago and i googled how to do it. i cant remember what i did but i will give you the code i put under my sig and you should be able to just change the name and url. hope it can be of some help My Pictorium hope it helps
  10. thanks! haha u were updating while i was voting!, love the use of colors its got a real energetic feel to it. 9/10
  11. nice sig, love the background. 7/10 just made a new one myself, dont be affraid to rubbish it i need the criticisim! the bevel is a bit rough cos i had to do it myself
  12. thanks jeremytan! i have had it since my old ms paint days but its looking a bit better since i have started using pdn!
  13. agreed im sick of the bikering, we cant even take it to the car park! :twisted: please lock
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