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  1. Heh lol i didnt mean to disturb you then. -Cooldude2222
  2. Well, he doesn't have an account. I'll get him to make one asap though. -Cooldude2222
  3. Well, my friend is looking forward to something like paint. If that is possible, of course. Personally, i am looking forward to v4.xx too, but my friend has his projects too, and was hoping to be able to use something similar to paint.net. -Cooldude2222
  4. Hey there people. Well, my friend has been wanting to use paint.net, but am unhappy with some of the current features. Here's his message to me. In other words, my friend is just asking for a change in the UI, as he finds it a case of "too many cooks spoil the soup". He's simply asking for a personal modification of the UI or a secondary release of Paint.net. So, mods, admins or programmers, i hope my friend's query could be acknowledged. Thanks in advance, -Cooldude2222
  5. Hey there! I've recently been doing some web design, and have recently made something. Full view here Any suggestions on it? Thanks in advance -Cooldude2222
  6. I personally feel that the words are tough to see. :S Change the font colour? Also, i feel that the navigational bar is kinda obstructive. -Cooldude2222
  7. omg. My photobucket got deleted. My younger brother changed my born year to 1994, resulting in my age to be younger then 14! :shock: :x -Cooldude2222
  8. @ncfan51 Hmm i get your point about the white being a little too strong. I'll work on it @worldnewser Once again, yeah. i understand that the white is kinda too harsh. I'll take your suggestion @Myrddin I'm lost :shock: :oops: Also, anyone noticed that the edges of the win flags are kinda glossy and glassy? (the original/real one) Any idea how that could be replicated? Thanks in advance -Cooldude2222
  9. hey there! Now i'm back. again. here. (i know it isnt a good thing) So, yeah. now i need help with Project Vista, a project i'm working on to recreate vista. And i thought that my previous ViOrb was disgusting. So i decided to remake it. Here's something for you to compare to: As you can see, the reference is much "glassier" and shinier. Any suggestions on how to get that appreciated! Thanks in advance -Cooldude2222
  10. Hmm hey thanks! I'm planning on redoing my ViOrb though. Gonna be busy :S -Cooldude2222
  11. i hate school! lol. -Cooldude2222 PS: No one commented on my gallery for a long time
  12. Heck lol. 50 layers and 2 hours? never thought so. But i dun think that's pixel art :O -Cooldude2222
  13. Update on Project Vista! Constructive Critisim appreciated! -Cooldude2222
  14. Hey there! So yeah, i'm back with a little something. Recently, i got into the visual style mood (thanks to a certain someone whose name starts with -E and ends with xpiration- ) So anyway, i've been making wallpapers to go with the visual style. So yeah, here they are: Wallpaper 1 Wallpaper 2 Anyway, in the first wallpaper, something just seems to be lacking. And in the second wallpaper, any idea how to make the hexagons with the letters somewhat, pop out? Something like..... make it look nearer to you then the other hexagons? Thanks in advance -Cooldude2222
  15. 9/10 Love the vista effect AND the text! Good job! [off-topic] Coincidentally, i myself am tryin to recreate vista now. (looks at least) [/off-topic] -Cooldude2222
  16. @barkbark00 Now that you mention it, i seem to have missed out on the "continuity" of the loops. I think i'll work on it. @LFC4EVER Though i agree using shape3d would be a good way to get things done(in this case), i must confess that, i totally am clueless on how to do things when it comes to using shape3d. @Ash Would you mind leading me, or us(being others), on how to get this, so-called, spiral bound notebook rings? (Hope i don't sound like i'm demanding for it to be done) Thanks in advance -Cooldude2222
  17. Actually, if you do take a close look to spiral binding notepads, you would realise that, their rings, when look from the top (making sure there's no parallex error), you would actually be able to see the back parts of the rings. That's why there's that dark back area, the darker, back parts of the rings. -Cooldude2222
  18. Though Topezia's "tut" is quite well written, i actually already got to doing it, adapting the same method i used in drawing the punch ring on my old website logo. I replicated it, and this is what it looks like now Thanks for all the help! -Cooldude2222
  19. False. I'm not gonna be touching my homework till days later. TPBM is working on something big now.
  20. Well, my notepad has the rings at the top. But i'll try modifying it a little. Cheers, -Cooldude2222
  21. Hey there! I've been working on a website template mock-up. And i need to know, how can one get to drawing realistic notepad rings? Thanks in advance. -Cooldude2222
  22. New image done! Its my desktop screenshot. lol. Enjoy! -Cooldude2222
  23. Hang on i'll try to find it again edit: i found it here you go. http://hv-designs.co.uk/2008/04/10/usb-stick-tutorial/ -Cooldude2222
  24. ^ has an obsession with stalks < never got near obama. not even the us. ↓ likes my sig. -cooldude2222
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