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  1. is busy with other things but hopes to come back and learn more some day!

  2. Thanks Ash for this easy and effective tut! However, there is one step I either don't understand (language wise) or maybe just don't know how to do ... maybe a bit of both. Could you please elaborate on this one a bit more? Green: What do you mean by this exactly - where do I set this? (In my try, I just set the whole layer to Transparency = 128, but I saw immediately that this can't be what you meant to say.) Red: How do I do that? (I just wrote the various lines on a new layer each, and in the end all merged them to the color layer, but I see the difference to your pic.) Otherwise, e
  3. Oh please Helen, let them there! I love the abstracts, being an "abstract type" myself!!!
  4. LJ, I did one, but to be honest, had no patience to create 8 clouds layers. So while rendering the clouds for the 5th clouds layer, I set the mode to difference, and finally got "enough black". Yeah, and then I did a bit on the backgrounds to have the colors close to what I wanted.
  5. Helen, I admire your drawing skills - I have none! The ladybugs are just lovely, but the sailboat ... wow! I couldn't do that by hand, not to mention a computer! Looking forward to seeing more of your work!
  6. I also liked the tut - yet i could do better on the result(s). Will do some more one of these days. Here are my two tries:
  7. Wonderful tut. Don't know if I can do it "by heart" yet, but I know where to find it. Hope this isn't considered necroposting. Edit on August 19th: Someone suggested I make a whole set of buttons, so I did. Here it is:
  8. You've got quite an eye, Ash! I wouldn't have seen it if you hadn't pointed it out. ~ Now I can't "unsee" it.
  9. But how!? That's awesome dude! I don't understand the texture but it looks awesome. I have the feeling you misunderstood Grizzle's "7/10". Guess he was rating the sig above him.... :wink: .....and nobody commented on the one I posted right after his.... *cry* Okay, next time I will avoid posting right after Grizzle!
  10. Coooool! (...though I don't particularly like Ms. Theron - but then, that's not your or her fault.. *lol*) 9/10 Here's one I just made for a little contest:
  11. This is my result. Very nice tut - simple to follow, yet leaves a lot of room to play around and experiment with! *thumbsup* ...and this was my mud:
  12. Thanks LFC4EVER .... as to your point 1) ...oh dear I was struggling very long to get the outline of the object right. I wouldn't have made it to date if not BoltBait had jumped in with some good advice! (Thanks to you BB!) ...and as to pt 2) ... I just clicked on the link and will see if I'll be able to do it that way. (Just bookmarked this page now!) For me, it's all about learning how to handle the program properly (yes, I love learning in itself!), less with the aim of doing some own artistic work (I'm just an arts appreciator, not an artist), but more so in order to be able to teach m
  13. Thanks Majeh, I'll try that right now and see how far I get with this method. I am just beginning to understand how to use the MW. 2 years ago, when I first got introduced to graphics (generally speaking) and did a systematical course in P'shop for beginners, I used the MW only very rarely, as the cropping was mostly done using the lasso tool. So here that's kind of my first encounter with the MW. I'll let you know how it went (by editing this post later). Edit1: As my stock picture was a jpg, the whole pic turned b/w when I did what you suggested! :wink: Edit2: But what I found to also
  14. After struggling so many days with the glass text tut, I found this one especially relaxing! Okay, also this one has its little traps, especially when you don't have so much experience with what the Magic Wand does and why and how... but.. all of a sudden it dawned on me that there are different ways as to how I want the MW to operate (maybe this is a useful hint for those who asked a related question on the page(s) before and didn't get a really proper answer or might not have found it). It's NOT done with only playing around with the tolerance, but as well it's important which way you choo
  15. I made another one, this time trying to experiment a bit more with the pic. Here's what I got: I'm still not happy with the text part .. too orderly, not as fuzzy edges as shown in the tut. Maybe I am using "wrong" fonts? Or does anybody have a suggestion how I could get the "flames" more like flaming out of the letters? Haven't found a way to do it yet... to my own dismay. So, my playing around with the pic as a whole was kind of compensation for that, in order to make up a bit on what I think is still lacking on the clouds/text layer.
  16. Oh thanks Curmudgeon! So I did the right thing, kind of instinctively! Thanks for explaining also what HSV stands for (English is not my first language, so when I work out a tut, there's also always a considerable portiion of guessing involved...)
  17. I'm not this experienced in PDN yet, so please could you explain kind of step by step what you mean by that? Is there an option to choose "100%" (or less) of a color, and if so: where? :oops: Edit: I did it nonetheless -- just choosing the blue slightly lighter than the darker one (using the "S" slider and setting it to a value of 83 in the amplified color wheel window. Was that what you meant to say?) Anyway, now here it is .. I see the flaws on which I still have to work (e.g. getting that line nubs into a more centered position so the line looks more symmetric..) and also I should have
  18. Saabo, I have an idea what connects wrong in your brain... First you work on the level where you have this black box ... then you select the box (meaning: you have the ants running around it). Then you change to the other level and on that other level you hit delete. That should solve your problem! Good luck, I'm looking forward to your result!
  19. Livewrong: I like what you did with the text in your sig, but as you said yourself: the background could do with some improvement. As far as my taste goes, I think when the text is arranged in a lively way (like yours definitely is), it would call for a more "quiet" background. Here, the background and the text are kind of competing for the eyes' attention, and that's a pity for both the background as well as the text. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I made a new sig and a choice of matching avatars: ~~~~~ Variation on my sig:
  20. The tut has had some little traps for me, but I think I found the solution(s) to them all okay. Here's what I did: ~~~~~ Then I thought it might be nice to add some bevel:
  21. Wow, that was way easier than the flag we did 2 years ago in the photoshop beginners' course! I just remember that I had a hard time getting the job done - but then: I can't remember if we used displacement there. Whatsoever - first I thought I wouldn't want to do this tut (remembering how difficult I found it in PS), but then, reading it, I thought I might give it a try. I didn't add drop shadow nor alpha mask because I still fell too much a beginner, and I haven't learned yet to use them properly. (Just one step after the other, and pls bear with my pic without the "last refinement" - leavi
  22. Very playful tut - you can go on endlessly. Here's my first try... with a bit added... Edit: I didn't like the way my sig came out, so I changed the sig (cropped the text completely) and put it into another copy of the pic I posted yesterday.
  23. Oh, thanks for the good advice! I will work it out again (did already all the flattening) and a little more exercise won't harm anyway. :wink: Just not now (kinda late over here), rather tomorrow.
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