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  1. is busy with other things but hopes to come back and learn more some day!

  2. Thanks Ash for this easy and effective tut! However, there is one step I either don't understand (language wise) or maybe just don't know how to do ... maybe a bit of both. Could you please elaborate on this one a bit more? Green: What do you mean by this exactly - where do I set this? (In my try, I just set the whole layer to Transparency = 128, but I saw immediately that this can't be what you meant to say.) Red: How do I do that? (I just wrote the various lines on a new layer each, and in the end all merged them to the color layer, but I see the difference to your pic.) Otherwise, everything worked out quite easily. Oh and one more question. Does PDN have a feature by which I can enlarge or scale down a selected area? (I did it by hand, but my eyes are not THAT good, so it was a bit straining.) Thanks in advance for the explanations.
  3. Oh please Helen, let them there! I love the abstracts, being an "abstract type" myself!!!
  4. Kat

    Kat's creations

    Thank you Aussi3es!
  5. Kat

    Kat's creations

    Thank you janettsue! The second one is the same as the first one, the only difference is a different blending mode, and okay, I "blew up" the center of the image a bit (-> Effects: bulge).
  6. LJ, I did one, but to be honest, had no patience to create 8 clouds layers. So while rendering the clouds for the 5th clouds layer, I set the mode to difference, and finally got "enough black". Yeah, and then I did a bit on the backgrounds to have the colors close to what I wanted.
  7. Kat

    Oma's gallery

    Speechless at your crocus!!!! As always: wonderful, artistic work, oma!
  8. Helen, I admire your drawing skills - I have none! The ladybugs are just lovely, but the sailboat ... wow! I couldn't do that by hand, not to mention a computer! Looking forward to seeing more of your work!
  9. Kat

    Kat's creations

    Thanks for your comments! Lately, I had not really any extra time to to something with PDN - but NOW. Just worked out one of Madjik's tuts.
  10. I also liked the tut - yet i could do better on the result(s). Will do some more one of these days. Here are my two tries:
  11. Wow, I'm very pleased to find the new Tut+ forum ... I think that organizing this forum in several subfora was one of my early suggestions when I still was a newbie and had a hard time to find my way around. And now you guys did it!!! Wonderful, it'll make my life much easier from now on. (Though over the past weeks I had not much opportunity to get anything done in PDN, due to heavy workload, professionally.) Biiiiig thank you's to all of you who made this come true!
  12. Wonderful trick! Comes in handy in what I'm doing at the moment, thanks!
  13. Thanks Myrddin! I'll go ahead and do this first thing tomorrow after work!
  14. I'm also sorry in case I ask something which has been asked before - but I was gone on a school trip with my class and couldn't get online for a few days. I just updated up the new version... and now also want to update the plugins I installed earlier. My question now is: can i just download the plugin packages and install them as if I didn't have them already ... and then the new pack will overwrite the old one? Or do I have to be careful of anything or first delete the old plugins? Thanks in advance for your answer!
  15. Right, the birds are beautiful and they should stay. I didn't mean to suggest you take them off, moreover to just put them a bit deeper or maybe (if it's possible) to spread them out a bit more so that the lower left wouldn't be THAT empty... but from my side, it's just theoretical, I always must see my ideas on the canvas to see if they work or what they would look like.
  16. How do you like it yourself? Are you happier with it now? ~~~~~~~~~~ What about dragging the birds a bit down yet? From my own feeling, there still is an imbalance to the lower right now... but hey - that's maybe just ME... and I am not an authority artwise. So maybe I am telling you a whole lot of b.s. (don't know) ... it's just that I like clear and uncluttered pictures better (if they are not abstracts that is)... But finally it's YOUR pic and YOU are the artist, and therefore, YOU must like it in the first place! Anyway, I like this one already better than the "crowded" one, that's for sure.
  17. I think you thought you needed them in order to have an optical balance with the man on the upper right part. Try to take both away and see how it works... (just a suggestion) :wink:
  18. Peter, I liked the first "landscape" (island?) picture better. It's clearer and the eyes can better rest on it. The second one isn't bad either, but the eyes (at least mine) get a bit confused as to where to look. Do you understand what I mean? In other words, it seems a bit "crowded" for my eyes/taste. You know what they say: Sometimes less is more. But great work (technically) anyway! :!:
  19. Wow - I like this picture very much!
  20. Creative ideas, George! Keep on going, soon you'll do astonishing things if you continue in this pace.... :wink:
  21. Taco can you get a bit clearer about how you imagine the background? If you just say it should "flow", I can't help but think of a river.... at least that's the first thing that comes to my mind. :wink: Maybe others feel as helpless as I do... and therefore don't respond?
  22. Yeah okay, not bad - but not what it would take to make this picture I was aiming for. And as opposed to the one I posted above ( http://i38.tinypic.com/2gt1ydg.jpg ) ... just not the same effect. Okay for the dress folds thingy that would be usable it seems.... So maybe after all, could I officially request that possibility as a feature to be added to a next PDN version?
  23. Imo, what PDstarter requests would really be a VERY meaningful feature. *thumbsup*
  24. Kat

    Oma's gallery

    Just standing in awe in front of your pics, oma. *speechless*
  25. Being a fan of colors, I like it very much.
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