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  1. OK...So this is is my first post in a couple of months and...WOW. Overflow --> Alfredo-->Grand Theory of Everything Not to mention the change from Forumer.
  2. So I'm not the only one who still plays that game! I personally think it beasts the third AoE.
  3. Just tried out IE 8 Beta 2. Utter bloody potato. How can you render Google wrong?
  4. Ugh. :x My Dell laptop is only about a year old and it is already missing two keys. They popped out last week even though I use it only when I'm travelling, which isn't a lot.
  5. Oooh. A new rendering engine. Sounds cool. Though, since when Firefox copied the Opera URL bar behavior you Opera guys were all too quick to point it out, I now get to point out the inline spell-checking and seamless update features that Firefox has had for ages. I can't wait to see what the Mozilla people do with the new Javascript engine they're writing. Supposedly, it's supposed to be faster than Chrome's. Yeah, it was sort of copying from Firefox, I'll admit. Sort of. The part that excites me is the whole "web fonts" thingamajig. @Mike Ryan- Yeah, I disabled it too. Hopefully it wi
  6. Must...resist....urge....No! NO! Nooooooooooooo! :?
  7. The end of Polaroid instant film. The end of an era.
  8. Does anyone still play Morrowind? I was looking through my admittedly small game cabinet for the Half-Life 2 manual. I couldn't find it, but at the very back I found an old dusty Morrowind CD. I wanted to kill some time, so I loaded it up and now I'm addicted to that 7-year old game. I think that there is a sequel out now, but its hard to get out of my chair to go to the store 'cause I'm so hooked. In other news, I found out how to play a PC game in windowed mode for those that don't offer it as a built-in setting. Quite useful in today's multitasking world.
  9. It helps add to the whole toy-model effect to up the saturation a tiny bit.
  10. Wow. Awesome tutorial. These outcomes look amazing.
  11. Hey! Cool new tutorial folder-system thing!
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