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  1. Are you really whining about this? If you made it up, then you should have posted a tutorial. Been less selfish. :? Great work chad. Very realistic texture.
  2. Wow, great work. I can definitely see a later version of this incorporated into PdN 4.0..
  3. Seeing as how you live in the same town as him.. hahaha. I'll try to get him to come back. He was SICK at pdn.
  4. Use Lens + Alpha Mask, not shape3d.
  5. test is too out of place. try moving it to the right and getting rid of the diff colors and try just one color. mix up the font size. the depth is really good tho.
  6. Yo DS, if you want me to upload your vids to the tagHQ channel to get that goin just lemme know.
  7. FF nerds. I'm excited for it too.
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