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  1. That's hilarious! It took me a while to figure out (as in, I was sitting in math the day after I saw it and burst out laughing), but that's wicked funny. What's your story, more specifically?
  2. Yeah, we do that at my school when we're on the school laptops (we have a wandering laptop cart, pretty cool) and nobody's watching. Command prompt is fully open for every user account, so we can do whatever we want. We use YouTube a lot in school, even though it's blocked. Speaking of blocking, my school uses Astaro internet security, which they most likely had to pay for, when they could have just used OpenDNS, the coolest thing ever--just enter in the two DNS server addresses on their website, and you get safe browsing. Totally free and very easy. (The tech people at my school are mildly retarded, they've set up the computers so badly it hurts. I also know more about computers than my 1st-5th grade computer "teacher.")
  3. The online tool is very cool, but you're right about there being an add-on for Firefox that does something close to this--it's called ColorZilla. It lingers as a tiny icon in the bottom left corner of Firefox, and on the bottom of the right-click menu. With it you can get the RGB and hex code of whatever you click on with the super-accurate cross hair. You can zoom with it, make palettes, and do much more. I haven't used it much, but go do a search on the add-on section of the Firefox site.
  4. Yeah, personally, I like the limitations of the iPod. We've agreed to disagree (in a manner of speaking) on some things, like autocorrecting. If I could do that much on this tiny thing, I'd use it too much and never put it down. This way, I still need my computer. I hear you, Crimson; it's not that much difference in money for the amount of added functionality.
  5. OLEDs sound awesome. I've yet to see an OLED screen, but my dad told me a lot about them. Totally flat, low power draw, can cover walls, as I remember.
  6. I've seen a pair of Swiss ones, but just once. I'd reccomend learning to coil well instead. @Hitman: That's an interesting choice. Never heard of it, but it looks nice. The beauty of Apple in general though is that everything just "works." iTunes, iPod, iMac, the wireless router, MacBook, and even an iPhone--everything integrates wonderfully.Id stick with Apple if I were you. Their customer service is great, too.
  7. That is pretty bad, but it's their problem. Not everybody is like that, anyways. Relax a little bit?
  8. Yeah, a ton of kids at my school got them for Christmas. Only one that I know of plays with it in school, and that's just in study hall.I think it's an amazing feat of technology, but whatever.
  9. In this thread I'd like to have a discussion about iPod type things. Mainly smart ones though; like ones with touch screens, apps available, etc. Typing tricks, must-have apps, and cool shortcuts are welcome. Also, the different types of these devices and their pros and cons is up for discussion. So I'll start: Typing Genius is a 99 cent iTouch app that gives you typing practice with the virtual keyboard. It also allows you to access a new keyboard of smileys, symbols, and other small pictures, viewable only on other iPod/Phones, AFAIK. It's worth the dollar, check it out. EDIT: Title changed to "Non-Cell Phone Mobile Device Discussion," post rewritten.
  10. This is more to share information about programs, not just tell people which ones you use. It's hard to explain, but you give summaries of the programs and a website (if they have one) so everyone can decide if they like the idea of it, and then download it. I suppose we'll see, when the mods come through.
  11. Hey everybody, it's been a while. I just had this idea, and knew this was the only place I could post it and actually have people reply. So, the purpose of this is to post programs you absolutely love, absolutely need, or a mixture of both. Try to use the following format pretty consistently, so as to make this a way of sharing programs we use, not just telling everybody we use them. Paint.NET http://www.getpaint.net/ Paint.NET is free image and photo editing software for computers that run Windows. It features an intuitive and innovative user interface with support for layers, unlimited undo, special effects, and a wide variety of useful and powerful tools. An active and growing online community provides friendly help, tutorials, and plugins. Thanks in advance for replying, and try to turn people on to new programs, not obvious ones.
  12. That is the funniest code spoof I have ever seen. :o
  13. Super Purple Hippos With Large [Word for butt that starts with A]?
  14. It seems to me rather retarded than really gifted >_> I hope he wears a wig and this isn't actually his real hairstyle o_O Each to his own. That is his hair, he posted a few graduation pics in the "Show Yourself!" thread. It just got shaggier since then.
  15. Oh my gosh, it's beautiful!! Hahahahahha, that was the funniest spoof I have ever seen! And the drummer, with the laptops! And the keyboardist with the bag on his head!
  16. Awesome new sig, dude! NFS: Carbon pwns!
  17. I'm posting from my new iPod Touch! It owns!! Amazon shipped it in 3 days for free, and I asked for the free 5-9 day shipping. This keyboard is so slow....
  18. I'm posting this from my new iPod Touch! It is sooooo awesome!
  19. Meh sister is a serious photographer, and she loves her Rebel. It's wicked nice, too, lol. I definitely recommend getting one.
  20. Area 51 FTW! (You can always make a new house/son, rofl ) Jack reaches area 51 in the helicopter, and gets dropped off at the entrance. After background checks of his family, extended family, extended extended family, and his dog, they let him in. Once inside, they let him test drive some vehicles. He can either drive the UFO or the mechanical whale (that shoots missiles!). Which top-secret vehicle does he choose to drive? Good job with the computer store, lmao! You got the compatibility issues on the nose, the only useful thing that you want to do, you can't.
  21. 6.5/10. Too much noise for my taste, and I think it would be better if you removed the noise over his face, and did a small blur of the noise around his head. Just the edges. Nice cutout, though.
  22. Jack grabs his wife and runs. He stops at a computer store to call the fire department, but he must choose between the Apple side and the Microsoft side. Which side's phone does he use? This is fun!
  23. You're really good, man! I like the pestilence cell, you did an amazing job with it. The balance of the green is just right, too, it's not an obnoxious amount (that's a positive thing, in case it wasn't clear ). Keep up the good work!
  24. They're not that awkward... Well, it depends, I suppose. What instrument do you play?
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