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Hmm i get your point about the white being a little too strong.

I'll work on it ;)


Once again, yeah. i understand that the white is kinda too harsh.

I'll take your suggestion :)


I'm lost :shock:


Also, anyone noticed that the edges of the win flags are kinda glossy and glassy? (the original/real one)

Any idea how that could be replicated?

Thanks in advance



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Sorry scudder I dont know what to do with your images (although I am an anime fan). But your post was a week ago with no replies so here is my question. (If I am incorrect in asking a new question then feel free to reply to scudder, not me.

Q: On my current sig (100th post) the smaller text ("D3z" and "100th post") has a white "border" around it which is ugly and not wanted. The thing is that this is caused only by the blend modes (as far as I know) and I didnt put anything there. Is there a way to remove it and what could I have done to cause it (blurs?).

Can anyone help me?


"Confusion is the welcome mat at the door of creativity." -Michaul Gelb

My Gallery Check it out!

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Yes and like I mentioned earlier (I think I did) it is caused by the layer blending. So that makes no difference.

Oh wait I found the problem. The bluring around the text is causing it.

Thanks for the help though guys


"Confusion is the welcome mat at the door of creativity." -Michaul Gelb

My Gallery Check it out!

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Any help on making it more realistic...?

@cooldude - Notice in the reference image that the base gradient is radial and has a darker color.

And also: The white is too visible. Try another transparent linear gradient on the glare starting a little higher up on the canvas.



You have to make his lips bigger and lift the mouth a little bit up.

It's much easier to manipulate B&W images.

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Matt: The purple text is very hard to read, and not really creative. Try a different font, and maybe seek out a few cool text tutorials to make it a little more interesting to look at. Make sure the final font color is easy to read, but with the same color scheme as the signature. Also, I don't know if the little strips of a brownish, whitish, and blackish color are supposed to look sharp or shiny, or if that was just a mistake, but I would suggest making it smooth if it is supposed to be smooth, making it shinier if it's supposed to be shinier, or making it stand out more if it is supposed to be sharp.


I don't know if this needs anything, or what...it just doesn't look right to me. I drew the entire tree in pencil, then colored it, softened edges, ink sketch, and so on.

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