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  1. Last night, I went to bed with 3.7 GB of space. When I woke up, I barely had 100 MB. When I ran CCleaner, I found I had a 3.9 GB Dr. Watson log. :shock:
  2. wow that song is soooooooo old. Champagne Supernova- Oasis.
  3. Don't Cry Out- Shiny Toy Guns. This song is soooooooo addictive
  4. Does anyone know of any free-domain hosting that supports WordPress (minus WordPress.com )?
  5. Sorry to disturb the almost 12-hour silence:wink:, but is there a way to permanently delete iTunes pending downloads?
  6. Is there a way to change file-associations? Not in the sense to open another program,but so that program just opens it, if there's a window of the selected program running. EDIT: Snow day here too, but only 5 inches!
  7. I think we all hate Microsoft, with their underhanded tactics and poor ethics. Rant: I need to get way more sleep, 5 and a half hours is nowhere near enough. I have a terrible headache due to my lack of sleep, and now there are some kind of helicopters flying within 2000 feet of my house, and they're loud. ARGHHH!
  8. Me and my ex are having problems. *See rant for more info.*
  9. My ex just IM'd me. My goodness, I hate when she contacts me. I feel like some kind of old flame, and this all goes back to when I lied to her and told I her I still had feelings for her back in December, just to gage her reaction. I've slowed contact with her to almost a standstill, but I don't think she gets the hint. My oh my, lies. And know her ex-BF/ my ex-bestfriend is outside knocking outside her door. Here's one of our awkward convos: 18:15 (6:18:46 PM) Her: hey (6:19:50 PM) Me: hello. 18:20 (6:20:00 PM) Her: how you been? (6:20:06 PM) Me: ok. (6:21:19 PM) Me: you? (6:21:33 PM) Her: ehh so so (6:21:37 PM) Her: oh. (6:21:40 PM) Me: what's up? (6:21:55 PM) Her: nothin much, Samir is outside my door stalkinq me (6:21:59 PM) Her: buhh nuffin really (6:22:06 PM) Me: ?? (6:22:10 PM) Me: samir? (6:22:13 PM) Her: yes (6:22:21 PM) Her: he is outside knocking on my door (6:22:43 PM) Me: hmm.... (6:22:59 PM) Me: am i involved in this in any way? (6:23:29 PM) Her: why would yuh ask that ? (6:23:52 PM) Her: because i just want to stay out of it. Later...... (6:25:23 PM) Her: so why are you acting like this? (6:25:38 PM) Me: what do you mean, why am i acting like this. (6:25:45 PM) Me: how am i acting? (6:25:59 PM) Her: like theres something awkward between us (6:26:04 PM) Her: like yuh dont wanna talk to me? (6:27:15 PM) Me: well, uh when there's ex-boyfriends/ex-bestfriends knocking out side, and I've only exasperated the issue, you think things should be non-monotonus? (6:29:45 PM) Her: uhm im lost buhh okay (6:29:47 PM) Her: whatever
  10. Heh, I need to approve the comment. And I see how you say that. Maybe I'll just stick to my Facebook notes for "blogging". See, the problem is... you're a kid. What the hell do you know? No one wants to read a blog from a kid whining about how bad school is and that their life is boring. Sorry if that sounds harsh. But, seriously, go out and live a little before you 'blog' about it. Or I'll actually get a life to blog about. Rant: I spend so much time on the computer, I have a blog that rarely ever gets commented, and I have nothing to do or talk about in my life to talk about.
  11. No one leaves comments on my blog, or even views it for that matter
  12. the world and it's irony. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keynote
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