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  1. Abraham Lincoln. Tim Drake or Damien Wayne? and, since both characters are somewhat obscure, if the next poster wants to answer the following question instead, 'tis fine Hah! It's this or that this or that question! Skyscrapers or bullet trains?
  2. I think I spot on the left side of the cup, lower line, a part where it goes a tiny bit over the side of the cup. It could just be in my head, since I see something similar on the other side that looks just fine as it is. Other than that, it is an absolutely marvelous rendering of a teacup, especially the subtle but effective reflection on the side facing the vewer. It really adds to the realism and dimension of the piece.
  3. Thanks! I drew it in pencil, and inked the majority of it with a variety of felt tip pens that were a recent purchase. Then I scanned it in and colored it only in PDN.
  4. I finally finished this, after more than 30 hours of work, and I suspect, more than 35 hours. It's certainly on the the largest pieces I've ever done, if not the largest (photobucket decreased the size back down to 1 MB, methinks) and it's taken one of the longest times to do a picture I've ever taken. However, I would like to make this picture be the best it can be, so I'd appreciate anyone who'd enjoy nitpicking at the smallest details, like the angle of the shadows cast by the houses, the shading on the domes at the top of the village, point out if the water streams look funny at all, etc. Here it is: Click for view at maximum size.
  5. Science. Sand dunes or mountains?
  6. rant:I'm attempting to draw a stream of water in front of a black background. It's not working too well, and there are few good references I can find. On this same picture, my computer is now slow enough that it cannot handle all of the layers of this picture at once. I've had to export an entire segment of the image to a different document, and compress them there to import back into a single layer, just to keep all my layers and be able to load my image, too.
  7. Agreed. The "Insert Coin" in place of "I'm Feeling Lucky" is a nice touch, too. Monkeys! I didn't realize you could play it!
  8. Hello, Kevin B, and welcome to the Paint.NET forums! I like the way you combined the images, though perhaps you could try making Homer cast a shadow on the ground in front of him, since he's blocking out the light from the explosion there. If you're, by any chance, looking for new things to make with Paint.NET, I would recommend checking out the tutorials section of the forum. There a plenty of neat tools and tricks to learn that make working with Paint.NET both easier and more fun.
  9. My favorite is the Demonata signature. The more detailed skeleton is set off perfectly by the abstract, yet somewhat detailed background. The image as a whole ties together quite nicely, as with the rest of your signatures.
  10. I concur. The texture on the planet adds dimension and interest to the whole picture. It looks a bit like the ground is layered, somewhat like waffles stacked atop one another. The cascade of stars also adds movement to the piece, since they become greatly more prominent and dimensional on the right side of the image, fully balancing out the flare of the sun on the left.
  11. Goonfella, if I may say so, the table is quite amazing. You use shadow to excellent and realistic effect--the only thing that looks slightly off to me s the disconnect between the shadow cast by the legs of the leftmost side of the table and the surface of the table itself. The small detail you added on the most prominent corner of the table--the small gleam really soften's the table's edge and makes it much more realistic.
  12. Belated thanks, HELEN, survulus, Cola, Gamer_World14, and Jokes On You. During my absence, I have created a few new things, most notably these two pieces: Sketched with pencil. Scanned in, inked and colored with PDN. The stars in the cape are from a Hubble deep space photograph. Sketched with pencil, scanned in with lineart done in Adobe Illustrator CS. The color is PDN. If I finish the current object of my attention tonight, I will edit the post to show it, as well.
  13. Well, that was an...interesting senior year of high school. To be honest, I'm not sure if I'm just popping in, or if I'm going to stay for a bit longer. I'll see, I suppose. For the time being, I plan on staying around here for at least a few days following Monday, as tomorrow I will be out of town, and for possibly the entire weekend as well.
  14. I typically get the inspiration for new pieces just out of the blue. Images pop into my head and just bounce around until I draw them, or at least sketch them. If I like the way the image is going, I'll continue work on it and eventually post it. Other times, I'm just noodling around on PDN. Isn't noodle an interesting word? fun to say? I think it is. noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle....
  15. ...triple post :shock: anyhoo, I'm quite proud I actually managed to draw a somewhat proportionate human being without it looking the the person was dead. So I made it my background. Click for bigger.
  16. ah, solitaire, that fiendishly addictive yet somewhat frustrating game. happy new years 14.5 hours late.
  17. Thank'ee muchly for the plugins, Pyrochild!
  18. The DC comics Guide to Writing Comics The DC comics Guide to Penciling Comics Brisingr black socks with dragons on them a beach wrap with the Brazilian flag on it day passes to the local climbing gym 15$
  19. ^got sketchpads for Christmas. Nice! v is a person in the singular form of the word.
  20. 1.Use the color picker to choose a color from the dark part of a portion of your image. 2.Click on the little square above your pallet and click on the next square in your pallet. (if this is the first time, this should be the first square) 3.Use the color picker to choose a color from the light part of the same portion of your image. 4.Click on the little square above your pallet and click on the next square in your pallet. 5. Repeat steps 1-4 for each part of your image. 6. Select the first color, and color the part of the image it's from using the brush tool. 7. Repeat step 6 for each color you chose 8. Resize Hope this helps
  21. FAZAM!! The tooth fairy is now retired, but is replaced by a much more proactive fairy. Who carries a wrench. I wish my utility Jacket had deeper pockets on the outside, as well.
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