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  1. I think I spot on the left side of the cup, lower line, a part where it goes a tiny bit over the side of the cup. It could just be in my head, since I see something similar on the other side that looks just fine as it is. Other than that, it is an absolutely marvelous rendering of a teacup, especially the subtle but effective reflection on the side facing the vewer. It really adds to the realism and dimension of the piece.
  2. rant:I'm attempting to draw a stream of water in front of a black background. It's not working too well, and there are few good references I can find. On this same picture, my computer is now slow enough that it cannot handle all of the layers of this picture at once. I've had to export an entire segment of the image to a different document, and compress them there to import back into a single layer, just to keep all my layers and be able to load my image, too.
  3. Agreed. The "Insert Coin" in place of "I'm Feeling Lucky" is a nice touch, too. Monkeys! I didn't realize you could play it!
  4. Well, that was an...interesting senior year of high school. To be honest, I'm not sure if I'm just popping in, or if I'm going to stay for a bit longer. I'll see, I suppose. For the time being, I plan on staying around here for at least a few days following Monday, as tomorrow I will be out of town, and for possibly the entire weekend as well.
  5. ah, solitaire, that fiendishly addictive yet somewhat frustrating game. happy new years 14.5 hours late.
  6. Thank'ee muchly for the plugins, Pyrochild!
  7. I really like the flow of the piece, and the color scheme ties it together. Your Christmas ornaments I like.
  8. Wow...Incredible glass on the last page, and in your on the fifth day of christmas piece, the rings look exactly the right color for what I imagine gold to be like.
  9. I view the post, then click board index. Or view forum last visited. I never go to the forum after viewing the post, though.
  10. ^ Guess to the first one: Hidden Content: [reason]guess at the first riddle[/reason] kill all of the crocodiles? If the river does not end, and it is populated heavily with crocodiles, then they probably are not endangered. If it is only sparsely populated or not populated by crocodiles elsewhere, cross there. Or am I overthinking this? I probably am. I know the answer to the second one! Hidden Content: [reason]the answer to the second riddle[/reason]A human being. We crawl, then walk, then use a cane to walk.
  11. hmmm. This could get interesting! We could figure out where people say 'less than' or 'smaller than,' and speculate about why that is!
  12. I hope that is a riddle. I've never been very good at them, but... Hidden Content: [reason]my guess[/reason]I <3 you I say less than.
  13. Yay! an additional tutorial of a good sig! Soon I shall decipher the entire good sig code! *laughs*
  14. I just had an epiphany! In general, a good sig needs one very prominent focal point, and if there are others, they need to be far less noticable! *laughs maniacally*
  15. indeed. What you want is Pyrochild's outline object plugin, found here.
  16. ReptiGuy: I don't know, something rounded and sans serif, most likely, to match the style. I'm not exactly the best candidate to give you a matching font, though. :? MegaNight: look at the dropdown list under the downloader. I think your screen size should be there. Perhaps the planet in the background could be either made brighter or darker, as right now it's at an uncomfortable middle that directs the eye to where the portal and the planet overlap.
  17. Thanks! I had help, though. Hmmm. dramatic lighting that really draws attention to the focal point, but the eye just stays there, doesn't really move, though. I'm not sure if this is good or a bad thing with sigs...
  18. the top one looks sort of like Mark Bagley's work to me. :? I like the blurring and the unifying color scheme on both.
  19. like this? I actually used the shine from the one in my gallery, with some curves+, to concentrate the shine, so it wouldn't seem like just ambient light. *actually, so have I. heh.
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