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Shapes Render Effect Plugin


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Shapes Render Effect Plugin




What's this?

Another toy to play with!

The idea is to draw a repeating shape over the canvas, you choose the increase/decrease step, the speed, etc.

The shapes available are :













How does it works?

Based on the settings it starts to draw a full size shape and apply the move et resize factors to calculate the next shape.



Download the DLL

Plugin Shapes.dll

ar.pngHere is the DLLal.png



The MadJik's All plugins package is available !




How to install

Close Paint.net


Classic version of Paint.net

Unzip and (re)place the DLL in your Effect folder usually: C:/Program Files/Paint.NET/Effects


Microsoft Store version of Paint.net

Unzip and (re)place the DLL in your Effect folder usually: /My Documents/paint.net App Files/Effects/

You have to adapt for your language My Documents



The User interface

This plugin is added to the menu Effects, submenu Render.



Shape (dft=Square)



Choose the Shape in the list of available :

Square, Circle, Triangle, Diamond, Star, Hexagone 1 & 2, Plus, Heart, Cloud, Cross, Sun, Splash, Snowflake, Butterfly, Frog, Bat, Spider, Flower

Each shape is a precalculated list of points.

Line style (Solid, Dash, Dash Dot, Dash Dot Dot, Dot, dft=Solid)

You could use the line style to give more singular aspect...

Corner style (Flat, Bevel, Round, dft=Flat)

Use Bevel or Round to change the aspect of the corner. The Flat setting could generate some peak for few shapes. Change to Bevel or Round to correct this fact.

Number of steps (0,1000, dft=20)

Set here how many shapes you want to draw...

Move X-Y /step (-1000,1000, dft=15)

Set here how much you want the shape to move between each step. 0 = no move.

Change Size X-Y /step (-1000,1000, dft=15)

Set here how much you want the size of the shape to increase/decrease between each step. 0 = no change.

External Margin (-1000,1000, dft=0)

You may need to add a margin. This applies only on the first shape drawn as others may overpass the margin depending on the Move/Change size value...

Tension 0=straight (-1000,1000, dft=0)

Each shape is made with lines. It is possible to distort these lines using the tension value.

Transparency (-1,255, dft=255)

Set the transparancy of the shapes. This is usefull with the brushwidth to create nice figures.

To use the primary/secondary colors transparency set this slider to -1.

Rotation /step

You could apply a rotation angle between each step.

Change Brushwidth (-1000,1000, dft=0)

Set here how much you want the brushwidth to change between each step. 0 = no change.

this has to be related with the transparency and/or the Move/change to obtain better effects.

Alternating colors (dft=Unchecked)

If checked use the primary and secondary colors to draw alternatively each shapes.

Invert the draw (dft=Unchecked)

If checked start to draw the shape by the last step. It changes how the shapes are overlaying together.

Switch the colors (dft=Unchecked)

If checked invert the use of the primary and secondary colors.

Fill inside (dft=Unchecked)

If checked the shape is filled with a color based on the primary or secondary colors.

Do a gradient (dft=Checked)

If checked invert the use of the primary and secondary colors.

Proportional values °/00 (dft=Checked)

If unchecked the move/change size values are in pixels.

If checked the values are in 1/1000th of the image size.

Adjust: Off=Image, On=Square (dft=Checked)

If unchecked the shape is drawn on the full canvas and could have a weird ratio.

If checked the ratio height/width is forced to 1. A square is a square...



Some examples:







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Brilliant! boltbait.cool.png

Thank you MadJik diagona.032.png

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If it's screenshot of the plugin settings then feel free to post it here.

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