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  1. Oh... that's sad to hear . I am guessing no1 else has the source code for this?
  2. Hi MadJik, Your plugin is amazing, thank you very much for it! Is it possible to create custom shapes? Any plans on implementing an option to create a custom shape?
  3. Thank you both for your responses! I tried both plugins and they are great. I think for this purpose though the Shapes Render Effect plugin (suggested by Goonfella) worked a bit better!
  4. Hi Everyone, I am trying to create the below in paint.net in order to modify it (i need to extend the lines etc) but i really don't know how to create and modify all these lines in such a manner... Can someone give me some directions on how to achieve that? Is there a plugin that can help create/modify multiple lines like that? Thanks in advance and apologies if this is a newbie question