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  1. ftlog666

    caroline edwards - ftlog666

    thank you so much for your reply Toe_head2001. i was afraid you were going to say that! from 7 to Windows 10. you are correct i did not back Paint.Net up. O boy. or as we Australians say 'strewth'. well back to the 'real sight' i go. delighted you took the time to reply, regards
  2. hello from Australia. i have just upgraded to Windows 10 64bit 8GB & have lost Paint.Net completely. aaaagh! do i have to download it again? O no...i can't recall all of the plugins i had - and that is only half the story all suggestions very much appreciated many thanks
  3. ftlog666

    TR's Quick Outliner (Aug 21, 2015)

    thank you so very much for the videos here & also on the tube - much better to see it in action for me.
  4. ftlog666

    SOTW#137 - Animal Heads - RESULTS!

    living in Australia Pixey - i did have to vote for the Koala - many thanks for the opportunity ....
  5. thank you so very much - can hardly wait to try them out. regards from Australia
  6. it - thank you so much
  7. ftlog666

    TR's Bokeh Plugin V2.0 (Dec 12, 2014)

    thank you TR now i can make my own instead of those weird 'images' you see it
  8. thank you - just great
  9. ftlog666

    TechnoRobbo's Shameless Act of Self Promotion

    i hope you received all of my messages left under your videos TR.... brilliant tutorials, so much easier seeing them in action - thank you so much
  10. thank you so much for your reply - no idea why it isn't showing up - but will find it somehow. love all the work you very talented people do. waiting for the light bulb moment
  11. hello from Australia....i downloaded the file - DLL yes ....but is the 'application' the exe? excuse my ignorance - but usually they have exe after them & yes i did put them in 'file types'. all help gratefully accepted.
  12. ftlog666

    Paint bucket.

    thank you - saves time your way
  13. ftlog666

    TR's Intensity Warp v.1.3.0 (2014-9-9)

    wonderful video - thank you so much
  14. wonderful - thank you so much for all the effort.