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  1. 😍 love those frames, just returning to Paint after a battle with cancer that i lost.....tried to find the dll or whatever, failed...par forn the course at the moment....regards from Australia.

  2. thank you so much for your reply Toe_head2001. i was afraid you were going to say that! from 7 to Windows 10. you are correct i did not back Paint.Net up. O boy. or as we Australians say 'strewth'. well back to the 'real sight' i go. delighted you took the time to reply, regards
  3. hello from Australia. i have just upgraded to Windows 10 64bit 8GB & have lost Paint.Net completely. aaaagh! do i have to download it again? O no...i can't recall all of the plugins i had - and that is only half the story all suggestions very much appreciated many thanks
  4. thank you so very much for the videos here & also on the tube - much better to see it in action for me.
  5. living in Australia Pixey - i did have to vote for the Koala - many thanks for the opportunity ....
  6. thank you so very much - can hardly wait to try them out. regards from Australia
  7. thank you TR now i can make my own instead of those weird 'images' you see it
  8. i hope you received all of my messages left under your videos TR.... brilliant tutorials, so much easier seeing them in action - thank you so much
  9. thank you so much for your reply - no idea why it isn't showing up - but will find it somehow. love all the work you very talented people do. waiting for the light bulb moment
  10. hello from Australia....i downloaded the file - DLL yes ....but is the 'application' the exe? excuse my ignorance - but usually they have exe after them & yes i did put them in 'file types'. all help gratefully accepted.
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