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  1. HyReZ

    Udemy Course - Hands On Examples

    Greetings All, Some libraries have subscriptions to Udemy courses that allow card members to take for free.
  2. HyReZ

    Label the effects used for layers

    Greetings dark_starrr9@hotmail.com, When you double-click on any of the layers in the list of layers you will launch a box to allow you to rename the layer and select other properties for that layer; Blend Mode and Opacity.
  3. Greetings Snoopy329, The fast and simplest way to change the color is with the Hue / Saturation control under the Adjustment tab. You can watch the color change in real time as you move the Hue slider. (Since black, white, and grays in your image are not hues; they won't be affected by the hue shifting)
  4. Greetings Mike, Huion makes graphics tablets at a variety of resolutions and price points. I own the Huion Inspiroy Q11K Wireless Graphic Drawing Tablet with 8192 Pressure Sensitivity. I got it for $100 US / 87.68 Euros
  5. Ooops! Now BoltBait's link works fine. I could have been an Opera browser problem on my end.
  6. Greetings All, I tried BoltBait's link and it did not take me where it was supposed too. Here is another link: The Platform Update for Windows 7 enables improved features and performance onWindows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1.
  7. HyReZ

    Put points on photo

    Greetings Anthony, Your intentions are not entirely clear but placing points on an image may be as easy as placing a transparent layer above the image and using the paint brush or pencil tool after you have selected a color and pixel size before applying your points. You can then save your work as a PDN file so layers can be added or deleted later, or merge the layers as a single image and save to what ever format pleases you.
  8. Greetings Hippolippo, I have never experienced a raster image improving in 'quality' by enlarging it.
  9. HyReZ

    Help Required Recovering File

    You many find the exact file type by opening the file with a text editor such as 'Notepad'. Often the file type is indicated on the first line.
  10. Greetings Gilly38, There is a plugin by Red Ochre (John Robbins) called 'Poster' that can be use to diminish the quantity of Hue 'bands', saturation, and tone of an image to alter its resolution. https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/110520-poster-new-as-of-28th-october-2016/
  11. Greetings Meenie50, The effect of floating in your composition is due to a lack of shadows. If you add the right shadowing to your composited work, it would anchor the subject within its setting. Try using this plugin: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/1900-shadow-effect-plugin-updated-for-40-on-2015-03-23/?tab=comments#comment-12333 POSTSCRIPT: To make your composited effect look authentic; make sure that the shadow angle and depth applied to the subject closely matches that of the objects in the background setting!
  12. Greeting CandimationsOnYT, The Paint Bucket is a part of the Tool collection. The Paint Bucket is used to fill a space with an selected color or a selected fill pattern. https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/PaintBucket.html The Pencil tool is used to draw lines, curves, and shapes. https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/Pencil.html See Paint.NET documentation: https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/index.html
  13. HyReZ

    Create new document

    Greetings roro69, You can create blank templates within Paint.NET. I have a folder on my desktop called Paint.NET templates. When I need one; I simply look within the folder for the desired template and right-click on the template and then select 'Open with' and then select Paint.NET. If the template is saved as a PDN file, just double-click on its icon and it will automatically launch into Paint.NET.
  14. HyReZ

    Effects folder empty.

    Greetings Ziutoslaw, None of the steps that you have gone thru will restore an empty folder. I you had only a few plugins installed, you could simple reinstall them and see it that is your only problem. If you restore points before the date the folder came up empty, you may have success in restoring the computer to that date. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=18&v=ER-692Vf08w
  15. Greetings Dipstick, Maybe you can send the Zipped file to their email account!?