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  1. I closed the Image_Storage space on web host file server and remove the dead links in the Paint.NET forum. I will be hosting my works, on my own website soon and linking to my tutorials from there also. So this is it! I am officially leaving this web space. Nice meeting you in cyberspace. Best Wishes! HyReZ
  2. You can trust me! I'm gone after this post! Farewell To All!
  3. You can trust me! I'm gone after this post! Farewell To All!
  4. @toe_head2001 Shouldn't the year of today's update be 2020 and not 2019?
  5. The problem that you are experiencing does not sound like a Paint.NET problem. I seems that some of your Windows file privileges has somehow been restricted. Are the options such as 'Save as' been grayed out? Also 'moving' groups of files is a Windows function, not a PDN function.
  6. The web has a wealth of video tutorials on the process. Here is a link to some of them: Remove background with paint.net
  7. There is no current open source version of Paint.NET for any OS, including Windows! (Free is not the same as open source) https://opensource.com/resources/what-open-source
  8. There are video tutorials explaining 'layers' in Paint.NET. There are threads in this forum that explain how to utilize layers in Paint.NET (I have written a few myself!) Here is a great video tutorial link on using layers in Paint.NET: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nz32lb6Jgy8
  9. Most of the plugin creators include a brief tutorial on applying their plugin, but you won't know until you go! Their is no instant learning plugin to the brain as shown in the 'Matrix' movie!
  10. Relax! If you can read or follow video instructions, you will do fine! 🙂 Video tutorial links: Text and paint.net
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