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  1. HyReZ

    How to "posterize"?

    Screen capture with layers shown
  2. HyReZ

    .BMX file type?

    Some .BMX file information: https://filext.com/file-extension/BMX My research indicates that it is like an animated GIF and that it will open in XnView (With on site addon plugin it will read Paint.NET files) https://www.xnview.com/en/
  3. HyReZ

    How to remove text on image?

    I found another piece of the montage puzzle and added to the piece by welshblue:
  4. HyReZ

    How to remove text on image?

    If you want some other images of Fellaini vs Batshuayi to add to your digital montage here is a link: https://www.gettyimages.ca/photos/fellaini--batshuayi?family=editorial&phrase=fellaini batshuayi&sort=newest#license
  5. Greetings All, I want to thank the parties concerned for the nomination and for their votes that have allowed me win or be runner-up in several categories. It is the type of motivation I need to make me more dedicated in continuing upon these paths that you have honored me for pursuing! Again, Thank You! 🙂
  6. HyReZ

    How to remove text on image?

    Paint.NET is very capable of performing the task. With Paint.NET you are only limited by your abilities in photo retouching. I use Paint.NET on 90% of my graphic editing projects and I own Adobe CS5 and the Corel X5 Suite. Take a tour of the forum and see what is being done with the app. NOTE: An expensive brush is not required to produce a great painting!
  7. HyReZ

    How to remove text on image?

    It seems that your best result will come from photo retouching, which is like digitally repainting over the text overlay. I that it would be easier and certainly more creative; is to make a selection form the scores of New Manchester United team member photos online and make your own original composition.
  8. This thread originated a year ago. I am running Firefox Quantum 64.0.2 64bit today. Everything is fine here.
  9. HyReZ

    How to "posterize"?

    I placed my image that I just posted above over the 7th iteration and erased the jersey so that the bottom layer image jersey was revealed. I then feathered the edges of top layer and merged it down to get this new iteration number 9.
  10. HyReZ

    How to "posterize"?

    @MJW I had it installed but was not aware of its use. I have just tried it. I does give me an additional set of options. Thanks for the information!
  11. HyReZ

    How to "posterize"?

    @welshblue After over a dozen layers and about a half dozen effects plugins; this what I came up with after 8 iterations and about 2.5 hours of experimentation and editing down to the pixel level. This is iteration 8. I liked the colors in iteration 7 but the face was not as recognizable. To get this; I used the built-in Adjustments/Hue / Saturation effect on iteration 7, and adjusted the Hue slider by tiny increments to find this final color range. (I am looking for an easier method. This project helped! 🙂)
  12. @Apollo702 BoltBait's burniate.dll appers under the Render tab as 'Flames' The Tom Jackson's TJacksonEffects.dll comes up under the Render tab as 'Fire' There is also a fire.dll that comes in the Simon Brown Legacy Pack and it will also come up under the Render tab as 'Fire'
  13. HyReZ

    How to "posterize"?

    I just got finished with this one:
  14. I still have this plugin in my Effects folder. (Anaglyph.dll) Here is how I used it on one of mixed media art works. Dig out your anaglyph glasses. (Currently the links are broken for this thread.)