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  1. The comment was about the top ten software for Drawing Tablets. Paint.NET does not support pressure sensitivtiy now, but it is on the list of upcomming features for this year!
  2. Presently Paint.NET does not support pressure sensitivity with graphics tablets.
  3. The link that you provided was initially about graphics tablets. Many of the graphics tablets being sold now are less than three years old. The fact the link was closed was due to comments to the creator of the thread, that they would have selected a graphics tablet between then and now. In the link that you provided is a reference to Krita. In my response I recommended the use of Krita, which has been around since 2005 and the current version is better than ever. In fact I have been using Paint.NET, Adobe Photoshop, and Corel Draw for over a decade. They are all better than they were 10 years ago! @Mimi Any listing of best graphics illustration software would be subjective, but I would include Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, and Krita. It is not just the tool but the user too! Michelangelo would do far better with a box of Crayola's than any preschooler! 🙂
  4. I think a better testing method would be to rename the Effects folder to 'Original_Effects' and the adding a new 'Effects' folder for testing what I have been saying. When done delete the new 'Effects' folder and rename the 'Original_Effects' folder back to 'Effects'. BTW I have a backup of my Effects, Filetypes and Shapes folders just in case of a problem, I can reinstall PDN and copy my backups back into the app.
  5. I like it, I use it, its free, and the new version supports SVG! Look for video tutorials at their site and around the Internet to see what others are doing with it.
  6. After a decade of use I know how to insert a plugin into and effects folder. If there is a dfference in the way e-store version of PND and the classic version loads plugins is the only rational explaination that I can come up with. From your illustration it appears that you also are using the classic version of PDN. There is nothing inherent in using PeaZip to extract a file that would cause PDN to alter the way it loads plugins at startup..
  7. @HCGS Have most people ever heard of an app called 'Photoshop'? It uses many plugins and there is a Paint.NET plugin that enables you to use some of those Photoshop plugins. Go figure! 🙂
  8. I cannot duplicate your results! Neither Align nor Emboss+ show up after install untill I restarted PDN.
  9. I am not aware of any such plugin pack relating to Paint.NET!?
  10. It is not clear what is meant when you say "I switched to PDN". Was PDN running or not when you had PeaZip extract to the PDN effects folder? Switched implies that the app was running minimized or partial screen while the zip archive app was being used at either full or partial screen while extracting to the PDN effects folder and then PDN was made full screen again to see if the plugin was applied and ready to use.
  11. Did you minimize PDN and insert Emboss+ plugin in the effects folder and then bring up the minimized app and it worked? How did you install it while PND was still running? Have you left out any installation details?
  12. Greetings, Do a Google and Youtube search. You will find many free video turotials on this type of digital painting there. I found dozens with a 15 second search.
  13. What I have learned using Paint.NET from personal use for over a decade is that when I find useful settings for plugins; I do a screen capture as I did in my illustration above. This means going back one step by undoing and re-applying the plugin but capturing the setup screen and doing a full screen capture before selecting OK. Then you can open up a new PDN document and paste the screen capture into it and save it for future reference. I create a new folder on the Desktop each month and give it name such as '2019_May'. I will save all of my May projects into that folder. Including screen captures, and the PDN, TIFF, and JPG versions of each project. I backup the folder to my storage drive every few days by dragging and dropping folder to my storage drive as an incremental backup. I only copy the files that are newer than the last backup. That way I will not lose weeks of work in case of a problem.
  14. The point is to use a 'scenario' that achieves the desired outcome for now.
  15. When I create a checkboard that is 3x4 pixels and use the Image>Rotate 90 degrees I do not get the results that is described here.
  16. @Pixey That thread has been locked for a year and then the info was two years old. @Mimi Your best bet is to do a Google and a Youtube search for info in this area! I use Krita! https://krita.org/en/features/highlights/
  17. This what I read from Apollo720: "The original is orange and I need to recreate the light blue version of it." I provided a means of recreating a light blue version of it! I just tested the plugin on the orange bar before I posted my comment, so I know that it works! (see illustration below) @Apollo720 This note is taken directly from this link: https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/InstallPlugins.html Note paint.net scans for plugins only at start-up. The application must be restarted to load new plugins.
  18. Okay I have not expreienced a plugin working after an install without a reboot!
  19. Did you install the PdnManualColorFilter.dll in the effects folder and reboot PDN so that so that the plugin is recognized as being installed? I think now that you have to add all three dll files to the Effects folder for it to work.
  20. There is a plugin that I have used for decade that will do what you need and is exremely easy to use. I have linked to it as a response to similar problems to yours, yet the link has not been fixed. but there is a way to access the plugin. The plugin is called 'PdnManualColorFilter.dll' that will enable you to tint the image file. (The link is not correctly working at the moment, but if you select and download it, you can add the '.zip' extension to the filename that downloads and extract the plugin, until the link is repaired) https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/18048-color-inpainting-beta/ The direct link to the file is here: https://forums.getpaint.net/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=3886 After installing it will appear as 'Manual Color' in the Effects>Color options
  21. If you have the current update, when you go to Settings>System> About, you should see something like this: BTW: You can also goto Settings> Update & Security>View update history to check all of the recent updates and whether they were successfully installed.
  22. Usually after a successful update, my system will restart on its own. You may have this feature disabled, so it is indeed a good step to restart. How To Stop Windows 10 Automatically Restarting https://youtu.be/uURuyujPyZk
  23. Greetings, I appears that your Windows Updater is broken. GoTo Settings and select the Update & Security option, then select Troubleshoot and run it on the Windows Update to see if it fixes the problem. If not check here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4027667