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  1. I think some ones wants to rant rather follow the links provided. If the Advanced User is aware of all of the nfo provide in the links, why are we here trying to help? Maybe water isn't the only thing that is all wet! Right click on *.jpg , 'Open with' whatever. Done! Now you can edit images. (No one has time to tweak the registry, but there are a few tutorials out there to help you do it.) Done here! Back to graphics.
  2. @IHaveNoName You have it wrong. I do not use the Windows Picture Viewer and spamme desires a specific default editor. I right click on the image icon and select the 'Open with' option of the context menu. Doing this will open a list of suggested apps for opening your file. If the app that you need does not appear in the list, it can be added with an option that allows you 'Choose another app' by providing a path where the executable resides and selecting it. The next time you use the 'Open with' context menu, you preferred app will appear in the list. (Un-check the Box that will make your new selection a default; it should be added as an option!)
  3. @spamme Open With vs Edit ( you have the open the image to edit it) I use a variety of editors because they have different features so 'Open With' is my usual choice You use one editor, so you want it to appear under Edit In either case it takes milliseconds to select from a right click Your analogy is not applicable here. You also said, "You can't change the defined application in the "edit" option within Windows." Try this to change the default editor: https://www.nextofwindows.com/how-to-easily-change-windows-10-default-photo-editor
  4. HyReZ

    Seerose's Gallery -Mandala-Part Two- 2019

    Okay, this my last piece for this thread! 🙂
  5. I also consider myself an advanced user, but I have never been in such a time crunch that I could not right click on an icon, select 'open with' and scroll to the needed app to open my image. I know that you have to jump thru a small hoop in order to have your alternative app available the first time, but it is not a great inconvenience since that are only few graphics apps that I use for image editing.
  6. HyReZ

    How to "posterize"?

    I have seen the original black and white prints from Avedon's August 1967 photoshoot. Back then he would have produce duplicate negatives and used film solarization to get his effect and photo compositing to add textures and symbols as well as to put the hand in the George Harrison image and the hand and dove in the Ringo Starr image. As you can see in the image that you provided; that Avedon uses the CMYK layers technique that is common in the professional printing industry. His images were later distributed as poster's. Paint.NET use sRGB instead of CMYK, but there are some methods for simulating CMYK layering within PDN. https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/3763-rgb-to-cmyk-plugin/ By the time I was studying printmaking in college; we were trying to achieve the effect with lithography and serigraphs. Thank God for computers! 🙂
  7. Greetings, The nfo at this link may help: https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/change-default-settings-windows-10/
  8. Were the properties of the file checked to see it has been assigned a read-only or a blocked attribute status?
  9. Here is a search link for you: Contour maps of North America If you find a black and white line art map that you like; install this plugin and apply with its default settings to get a transparent background and black outlines: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/13837-black-and-alpha/
  10. @ClissaT It is incredulous that you would loose software with a whole image backup but I know nothing of your backup protocols. I have looked at the effect that AndrewDavid indicated and he is correct! @AndrewDavid When I posted my initial response I did not check out the Effect\Distort\Dent. In my mind I confused the effect of Dent with the effect of Bulge' and thought that "This can't be it!" I was wrong when I suggested that it was the DistortMirror.dll by Madjik. I have corrected my error in this edit! Apologies! Dent is a Built-In Effect of Paint.NET now (and so is Bulge) 🙂
  11. HyReZ

    How to "posterize"?

    Here is a short but contemplated tutorial on methods to produce a solarization effect upon photo. Photo 001 is a cropped Pixabay.com download that has not been otherwise altered by me. Photo 002 is the result of an alteration by the myPhycocolour2.dll plugin at the settings indicated on the box on the Photo 002. Photo 003 is the result of Photo 002 after a change of hues at the settings indicated on the box on Photo 003. Photo 004 is the result of using the Color Picker Tool to sample the bright blue on the subjects nose of image 003 and using the GrimColorReaper.dll plugin to remove that primary color from that image and make it transparent it the area. Now make this altered Photo 003 the top layer and place Photo 002 directly under it. I also used the Effects\Object\DropShadow.dll plugin by Kris Vandermotten to add a yellow glow to the edges of the transparent areas of newly altered Photo 003. Last I merged Photo 003 over Photo 002 to get Photo 004.
  12. HyReZ

    How to "posterize"?

    I must have some vintage plugins. Years ago, I would use the Asmageddon_Multiplo Uniqua.dll by Asmageddon (Which is one of the 29 plugins that installs under the Effects\Asmageddon Tools tab) and the myPhsycocolour2.dll by jr (found under the Effects\Advanced after it is installed). Now they are as hard to find as snake feathers. If you can find these two plugins and give them a try them in various setting combinations, you will not be disappointed in the results!
  13. HyReZ

    Storm / Vortex Tutorial (recreated)

    @Seerose About my animated version: Everything was done in Paint.NET on yesterday except for my logo which was done several years ago (in Xara 3D Maker v7). Here are the basics from midoras: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/31665-make-an-animated-gif-with-midoras-plugin/
  14. HyReZ

    How to "posterize"?

    The download does load a file that can be accessed if you add a .zip to that crazy character string. 🙂 ( While you're at it; you may as well rename the file before adding the .zip extension until they repair the link ) Note: When the October 2018 update to Windows 10 (the first 1809 version) launched, they quickly took it down and did not re-issue it until late November because it was causing a problem serving .zip files. This was just one of many issues with the original version 1809 launch.
  15. HyReZ

    Trevor's Gallery - NEW! "The Call"

    @welshblue & @TrevorOutlaw Much of my work in digital graphics is photo restoration and digital collage/compositing. It takes time and patience to do it right!
  16. HyReZ

    How to "posterize"?

    In the Asmageddon Prince's Tools Pack -v3 is a plugin called Asmageddon_Multiplo Uniqua.dll that does a good job of producing the effect of photo solarization or posterization as it is called. Note: Back in 2007 this .dll was listed as a potential virus, but I've had this .dll in my Paint.NET Effects folder for years and today I have run Microsoft Defender, SuperAntiSpyware, and MalwareBytes and on it and his other Effects and no virus/malware has been detected. I have gone to this thread on in the Paint.NET forum today, but I get corrupt download when I attempt to get the plugin pack. I hope that the Admins can repair this. https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/6845-asmageddon-tools-pack-v3/
  17. Here are a few links to tutorials on using the layering feature of Paint.NET: https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/WorkingWithLayers.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Su_M_RuspNU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yVdj394oUE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAzpZ4lgI6M
  18. Greetings, I appears that you may have stop watching the video link that I supplied before you got to part two of the tutorial. It starts at the time of 2:54 into the video. The good thing about a video tutorial is that you can replay it to see what you have missed. It also helps to practice the steps so that you get the benefit of two modalities of learning; seeing and doing. Another benefit of a video tutorial is that you can pause, minimize, and then practice the procedure. The reason that I selected this video link is that it does in fact cover the basics of using layers and that it directly relates to Paint.NET. There are several others videos tutorials out there in cyberspace that cover layering and relate directly to Paint.NET. I will be please to direct to additional links if you like. 🙂
  19. Your link is a dead end! Does you tool have a name? I use Photoshop sometime and I am not sure what tool that is.
  20. HyReZ

    Storm / Vortex Tutorial (recreated)

    @ReMake Well done and very useful for some upcoming projects. Here is my version:
  21. Here we have a situation were anecdotal evidence is used instead of empirical evidence. Often people think that there is causality because one event takes place directly after another.
  22. HyReZ

    Outline Illustration

    To follow up on toe_head2001's information, here is link to a helpful video: