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  1. It seems that in the viewer has been set to view 'List' rather than view 'Icon'. To set it back to view icon: While in Paint.NET click on File and select Open This opens the File Explorer from within Paint.NET On the upper right side of the screen you will a small icon for viewing images settings click on it a set it back to 'Large Icon' instead of 'List' I just heard the blip sound and see that Pixey has beaten me to the punch. 🙂
  2. I use the Drop Shadow tool everyday and it will only create a shadow on text or images on a transparent background. It has always worked this way!
  3. @Seerose Thank you for your good thoughts! They are sincerely appreciated.
  4. The PdnManualColorFilter.dll plugin ia a component of Color Inpainting Effects: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/18112-color-inpainting-v10/ The Vandermotten.PaintDotNetEffects.DropShadow.dll is a component of the Kris Vadermotten Paint.Net Effects: http://users.telenet.be/krisvandermotten/Downloads/PaintDotNetEffects.html
  5. Okay then I will leave with this. I see it as slippery slope or Pandora's Box. I have left my editorial graphics off of this forum while I have freely expressed them elsewhere in cyberspace.
  6. @welshblue As one who has done digital political graphics editorials for years, should I enlist the skills and expertise of my fellow forum members in honing my craft in making political and/or racial memes? Especially when the query boils down to 'what is the best way to make a political figure's complexion look like a turd. I already feel that this forum is receiving to much spam these days. Is it your contention that they be allowed to soil the forum until they grow weary?
  7. BTW: I like your king of the poop heads edit!
  8. Greetings, 'Retouching' is done thru the skillful application of Paint.Net's various tools and plugins. I find that the Smudge plugin by pyrochild is the must useful tool for me when I do photo retouching: Smudge v2.2 04 Jul 2008 pyrochild Use custom brushes (*.png format) to smudge along the mouse path. Found in Pyrochild's Plugins see also: #7291 The built-in 'Clone Stamp' is good for copying and applying textures from an image into adjacent areas.
  9. Greetings, Here is some info that may help you: https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/WorkingWithPalettes.html
  10. @ninowebs Here is some info that may be useful: https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/intel-texture-works-plugin https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-texture-tools-adobe-photoshop https://code.google.com/archive/p/gimp-dds/
  11. Here is a link to a plugin that allows for accurate printer settings: Print It 01 Jun 2014Martin Osieka Customized printing tool with a huge range of options like paper size, image size, DPI setting, alignment & offset, tiling, header & footer, watermark, etc…, EffectActive3.5.x, 4.0xEffects > ToolsPrintIt.Effect.dll/.dlc (paint.net/Effects/ folder), OptionBasedLibrary vX.X.dll/.dlc (paint.net/ folder)
  12. Greetings, I copied your image into Paint.NET and viewed it at 1200% magnification and indeed and it it is highly pixellated. It would great to vectorize your image an work from there, but Paint.NET does not do that. I see that the background is already transparent so you can use the Fill/Bucket Tool to drop color into the blank spaces. I will think about ways to minimize the pixelization issue.
  13. You simply uninstall one and re-install the other. If you do not have a copy of the older install program, you will not find one at getpaint.net! You may be able to use the Windows Restore Point feature to restore you system to an earlier date but I am not sure that you can, and doing so may restore other issues that you may of had on that date.
  14. Greetings uhoh429, There is a Shapes Tool, and shapes plugins as well as custom shape making plugins. Here is a link from the Paint.NET forum with some nfo: BTW: You are suppose to read the Forum Rules. Especially in the case of your post subject heading; you need to review rule #6.
  15. @SurgicalAsh One of the features of Paint.NET is that once you use a plugin with in a work sessions it's settings remain in place until you alter them within the work session. Once you exit Paint.NET the settings revert to default. My point is that if you want to apply a plugin to a layer, you can click on a new layer and apply the plugin feature to that layer without having to re-adjust the settings. The current plugin use will be featured at the top of the plugin list just fro this purpose, and even if you use a different plugin; the settings of the previous will be stored until it has been altered in that work session. null54 and Reptillian appear to be the goto persons on the uses of G'MIC with Paint.NET. For batch processing of image files you can also find useful features in: https://www.irfanview.com and https://www.xnview.com/en/xnviewmp/
  16. On close inspection, I doubt if the shield and snake are from a real photo. It looks very much like a composited work where the shield is at a lower resolution than the snake since elements of the shield are more pixellated than the snake. Anyway it puzzles me why people are troubled when they have to use more than one imaged editing app to get a good result. Often on projects that I do from clients are created using a variety of apps. My concern is with quality and speed. In the mind 1980's if you were into design and publishing it was QuarkXPress. At the end of the 1980's it was Corel Draw, now its Photoshop/Illustrator. I say use what you can afford and what it takes to get the job done! Today you can get the job done with a set of quality freeware and 'End-Of-Product-Life' apps in your arsenal.
  17. @FATCAT4t4 The best plugin for accomplishing what you are requesting is the Quadrilateral Reshape effect that is a part of the Evan Olds Effects Set. https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/13003-evans-effects-open-source-as-of-october-16-2012/ Download link >> EOEffects.ZIP <<
  18. @lynxster4 Great call! I just tested the link that that you provided and found a similar font. https://www.dafont.com/panettone.font
  19. Paint.NET uses the installed Windows fonts. This font looks like calligraphy so I would start there.
  20. You have it wrong again. I care about your post. What I don't care about is why you want to share with us that you have a 'mystery' and that you are so 'cryptic'! No I don't care about your 'secret'. A secret that we would not even know that you had until you hinted around about it and that is not relevant to the query anyway! If that is your desire I will leave you to your drama and secrets Mr. Sensitive.