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  1. This plugin is very useful! Thank you, I appreciate your effort.
  2. Thanks for the great feedback , everyone! @toe_head2001 I've applied all of your suggestions , except for disabling the UI items , as I have no idea how to do it. @TechnoRobbo I've now included the option to draw polygons (which turned out a bit trickier than expected ) @medora & seerose I think it should be resolved now Updated version is now included in the original post. You can make more fancy shapes like these: Also here is the source code: circleFractal2.zip
  3. Circle Fractal (updated) I was experimenting with c# and it occurred to me to write this simple Paint.NET plugin. With it , you can do shapes like these: Let me know what you think. circleFractal2.zip
  4. For the first one , you can get Inksketch+ from my plugins (use the attachments) , and maybe use the built-in Median effect for more rounded edges. For the second one, i believe there was a plugin called "Black and alpha" , search for it. it'd help .
  5. That's really awesome . i never expected such an awesome tool! now i can't wait for PDN 4 ...
  6. just played with this a little bit , i've got too many creepy images , i liked these two:
  7. This is surly the best plugin for PDN ever , it's soo awesome . I think this is the turn of PDN from normal to professional ! great job ,pyro !
  8. CurrentPixel.R=(oldPixel.R+CurrentPixel.R)/2 CurrentPixel.G=(oldPixel.G+CurrentPixel.G)/2 CurrentPixel.B=(oldPixel.B+CurrentPixel.B)/2 ? edit that to fit your needs.
  9. wow ! i thought we will only see these in the 22nd century :O Edit: so where can i order one?
  10. as much as i understood , there must be something that is using your external hard drive , maybe copying and pasting or something else . also , no ,restarting your computer while it is still pluged in isn't bad, but save yourr job first .. also : http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/2278-this-is-not-a-tech-support-forum/ cheers , Ahmed.
  11. would someone please tell me what a grunge is ?
  12. i know and you can do that directly in code lap btw
  13. it's very useful , i liked it a lot ! it'd be much more awesome if you add an ' Effect mix slider ' , it'll help me to use it to clarify some images thanks for your effort. Ahmed.
  14. just saw them and wow ! i find them good , i really loved that adventure game where you order the computer. good job also if you want a better way to write your chess algorithm you can write it in Javascript (which has a very similar syntax to c# and c++) , i know that you want to challenge your self by writing it in scratch , but why not challenge yourself by making it more awesome? cheers . Ahmed.
  15. if i were you , i'd start with a big size and use the Pen tool to draw everything as in reality . after that you can go ahead and do some resizing , coloring , and antialiasing . Ahmed.
  16. the real challenge in writing a chess algorithm is to make it think as fast as possible and as intelligent as possible . your algorithm is nice but could of been faster ?
  17. can you at least add the alpha one? , even as an optional add-on or something ?
  18. love the blend modes in colors ! oh and since you mentioned it .. can you add an optional thing that the tolerance can select the channel too (H,S,V,Alpha) , especially alpha please ! Thanks
  19. just to clarify something: Paint.NET has four ways of Resampling images when resizing . I assume that you've used the 'Nearest neighbor' option , that option does no smoothing at all , it's used to have the image with all the pixels almost in their places. if you want the result to be similar to the original , with the most smoothing , 'Best Quality' is your cup of tea : Here is how the result would look if you use the 'Best Quality' option: Hope that was helpful.. ps: i prefer your new one xD Ahmed
  20. Thankyou ! o'll sure give it a try later .
  21. wait , you meant smoothing works on each pixel ? can you link me to a wikipedia topic, please ?
  22. Blender is your choise . it's easy to use, and yet very powerful , you can easily make one like that wit blender.
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