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Competition Ideas


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#1 ... the logo comp is themed ... although text is involved


#2 ... being a plugin cruncher any competition like that would be a great thing to have here.  Another way to learn from one another.  But would we be allowed to use other plugins or just those linked to ?


1) About the Logo comp, yes it is themed, but everything is made as some form of "sales" or "Ad". Which is fun, but I feel like the signature competition is more fun. I understand though if no one else shares my interest in basically wanting another version of the siggy comp, but with bigger max sizes for the images, and not user name based. If people are fine with the mini siggies, and don't care for another version of the competition, ok, no big deal. :)

We can scratch that idea for now.



2) Let me give more details on my effects competition idea.


"The Chosen Effect"

The effect competition that I am proposing is that a new effect would be chosen for every round, and it can be anything from clouds to smudge tool.

The most important rule here is that an image MUST be made, created, edited, or effected by the chosen effect in one way or another. All other plugins and tools are allowed and it doesn't matter if they are used or not used. The main goal here is that everyone uses the chosen effect to be creative with.


Now, even if I want to call this a plugin competition, it is more accurate to say it's an "Effects" competition. Because not every effect is a plugin (plugins are outside additions added to the program). I personally love both the effects that can be found in paint.net already, such as tile reflection and dents, but I also love plugin effects like Shape3D and TR's Scatter.


Only Effects From the Effects Tab Can Be Chosen

I want to point out that the chosen effect can only be an Effect, not an adjustment from the adjustments tab or paint.net tools.

The reason for this is because normally adjustments only adjust the colors of an image, while effects actually effect the image. And a paint.net tool competition is not what I'm porpoising, if someone else wants to suggest that, go ahead. But I want to keep things restricted to only choosing an effect from the effects tab. (Note : please do not confuse the adjustments tab with the adjustments category under the effects tab, like-wise please do not confuse the paint.net tools with the tools found in the tools category under the effects tab.)


Plugin Links

The only reason for links is so that people who don't know what a certain plugin is, can follow the link and find out what it is. And for those who don't have the plugin, they can find it easily, and get it. Not everyone knows every plugin, and not everyone has the same plugins, or knows where to look to find specific ones. Some people are still naive about the plugin index, so placing a direct link to the chosen plugin's page is to help eliminate people from feeling lost.


Idea's Flaw.

Unfortunately, the effects competition idea does have a flaw.

Not every effect would work very well for the competition, such as most of the effects in the "colors" category, and effects like, "rotate 90 clockwise".

So, we will need to use our brains a little and not choose just any effect. The chosen effects should be effects that can produce some form of art or modify an image. Ultimately, it can be up to the host to say "Yes, that effect can apply here and be a good effect for people to compete with" or "Sorry, I don't see how people would make distinguishable art with that effect, please choose another one."



Thank you for hearing out my idea. Now that I have given more details, I will go compile my thoughts about this idea in a more simplified fashion, since right now it's kind of in it's infancy and rough draft stage.

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Alright, for anyone interested, I have compiled my idea of an "Effects Competition" in a more simplified/organized fashion.

And again, I call it an effects competition idea and not just a plugins comp, because not all effects are plugins.

(for the better details of my idea see my above post.)


Now then, Below is ONLY an EXAMPLE.



Welcome to The Effect Competition!

Where everyone's creativity with Effects is challenged.

Last round's winner is WinnersName


Winner'sName now challenges everyone to use the Random Shape Fill effect!

The Plugin can be found here : *link*

The effect's location in paint.net is : Effects > Render > Random Shape Fill

All entries must be entered by Sunday, -date- at 11:59 PM EST.

Time Zone Map and Time Converter :

*Link* & *Link*


Have Fun!



Rules :

  • An image MUST be made with, created, edited, or effected by the specified effect.
  • All other plugins and tools are permitted, just remember that the point of this competition is to be creative with the specified effect.
  • Image sizes are welcome to vary from one another, but max image size is 800x600.
  • You may edit, modify, or replace your image until the deadline. 

Winner Rules :

  • Winner gets to choose the next effect.
  • The effect can only be chosen from the Effects Tab.
  • The effect you want should be able to produce some form of art or modify an image.
  • If the effect is a plugin it needs be one that is compatible with Paint.net 4.0. *incompatible plugin list link*




Alright, now that I have posted both the details behind my Effects Competition idea, and a possible layout with rules, does anyone have any feed back?


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-= a ;)


I'll match your Steganography and raise you a Stereogram.  I'm just joking.  I think Steganography sounds an excellent idea.

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Would anyone be interested in an 'Object of the Fortnight' competition?


Basically, every two weeks, you'd just create an object. No background, backdrop, nor scene. (if you really wanted, you could post a second image with a background, but it wouldn't be part of the competition entry).


Ideally, the object would be something without too much complexity in its structure.

e.g. banana, Christmas tree ornament, CD, book, wood sign, mug


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Anyone willing to step forward to be competition host? Toe-head?

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3 hours ago, Ego Eram Reputo said:

Anyone willing to step forward to be competition host? Toe-head?

Sure, I'm willing to be the host.


7 hours ago, MJW said:

That seems like a good idea for a competition. Perhaps after the competition, participants could discuss how especially novel results were achieved.

I'm all for making it a learning experience. Obviously that would be optional thought; we don't want to make the 'barrier to entry' too stringent.

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On 4/29/2018 at 12:32 PM, Woodsy said:

Is there a reason that the Image Battles were stopped? It didn't require a host, just participants and voters.  


People lost interest I guess. When I archived the forum topics for the Battles, they hadn't been active for several years. (A single sporadic post every few months, if that much).

Personally, I never likes the Image Battles, because they typically compared two very different images. An "apples to orange" kind of thing.


If people want to do another type of Image Battle, we can of course create a new one.

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I've been having that idea since I made those 3 referencial covers in my gallery.

Basically, it's a Hotline Miami covermaking competition, I gave it a name - "TapeWork".


Well, in 2 weeks you have to make an on-topic cover (yes, topics, just like OotF and SOTW have), the cover should be 34x57 (not 57x34), PNG, well you can double/triple/etc the size for a possibility to see but make sure you leave an imgur link to the cover in the original size since I'm gonna save those and see if they look cool in Hotline Miami 2.

extra points if you hue shade

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A number of years ago, we had a 'Logo/Banner' Competition. Your idea is very similar.


I think a Cover/Poster competition would be a good idea.


Some examples of possible topics:

- Film Noir Private Detective (movie poster)

- Space Travel RPG (video game poster)

- Harmonica Jams (music album cover)



Examples of real-world covers/posters:



BioShock Remastered (video game cover)



UHF (movie poster)



The Prisoner of Azkaban (book cover)



The Empire Strikes Back (music album cover)




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10 hours ago, toe_head2001 said:

A number of years ago, we had a 'Logo/Banner' Competition. Your idea is very similar.


I think a Cover/Poster competition would be a good idea.

Well I was actually talking about THOSE covers which people make

Here are some examples of what a hotline cover looks like:


Pyrocynical by Redstone.Co

Green Light by perforator
(this was actually made in Paint Tool Sai don't mention/quote me)

Miami Menace - Blitz by Dappy

Hunter: Red Star - Glory by THELEGOMack & Victory by THELEGOMack, robracer97 and TheCrossRoss

aaand The Cold One: Act I - Crash by Miami_Riever


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On 6/19/2020 at 3:01 AM, welshblue said:


On 6/18/2020 at 11:43 PM, Djisves said:

Website banners?


That's another cool idea.  Both bigger canvases to work on which is nice


The Logo competition seems like decades ago.  Jeez where is time going


I have an idea...


Paint.NET banner ad (468x89 or smaller only)


Winner(s)? will run at the top of https://BoltBait.com until I get tired of looking at it.  I'll put it on my site at no cost to Rick.


(Animated gif/png acceptable, but not required--static image is fine. No flash/HTML5 of course, this is a Paint.NET contest! Image must be made in Paint.NET, plugins allowed.




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Click to play:
Download: BoltBait's Plugin Pack | CodeLab | and how about a Computer Dominos Game

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