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  1. I take it from this comment that you probably aren't using multisampling. If you aren't, why not? For this type of plugin it works quite well, and is generally very easy to add. I wrote a tutorial, showing the steps involved in converting a plugin without mutisampling into one with multisampling.
  2. Thanks. I fixed the link. The old version of the link used to work, but apparently there was some change to the forum that made it not work.
  3. Actually 16,384 (2^14), but that's still a long drop-down list!
  4. For the Belt Buckle theme, can the image include part of the belt or only the buckle?
  5. Great work by @welshblue and @Pixey! I knew as soon as I saw welshblue's entry that it would be the winner. The details is remarkable. I very much like the sheen on Pixey's entry. It has sort of an inner glow that really gives the appearance of semi-transparent plastic. I think Pixey's polka dot cloth button deserved a few more votes. It's very well done. There were just too many high-quality entries for every entry to get the votes it merited.
  6. If you want to transfer the alpha values from one image to another, you can use Paste Alpha from BoltBait's plugin pack. Copy the image whose alpha you want to copy to the clipboard, then, on the image you want to modify, run Paste Alpha with the Alpha Source set to Clipboard alpha.
  7. Thanks. I can post it before closing, and despite my doubts, I will.
  8. Is the button topic supposed to be closed? I thought it closed about twelve hours from now. I have an entry I'd liked to submit. (Though the quality of the competition almost makes he hesitate to risk comparison.)
  9. I completely support this suggestions (and am, in fact, one of those who proposed it earlier). As necessary as those crawling ants are, they sometimes make subtle adjustments nearly impossible. I've often wished I could temporarily turn them off, as I could in Paint Shop Pro. If there's concern about users forgetting it's disabled, and getting confused, perhaps there could be an obvious, attention-getting indication in the Toolbar. Or maybe the ants could only be disabled until a new selection is made, the current effect exits, an effect is selected, or a new Tool is selected. (Though the second idea might in some cases be inconvenient.) A workaround I sometimes use, which works in many cases, is to duplicate the layer, then Erase the Selection in the top layer. I then modify the lower layer. When I get what I want, I merge the layers.
  10. Congratulations to @Pixey and @lynxster4 for their outstanding entries. Quite a challenging subject, I think; though also fun to do.
  11. I knew that two was meant; I just didn't know why, when it comes to buttons, two has any significance, since buttons don't typically come in pairs. In particular, I wasn't sure if the idea was to make any old pair of buttons, a matching pair of buttons, or something else. Ego Eram Reputo's response somewhat clarified that.
  12. Though I have nothing specific against making it a pair of buttons, it seems odd to me (or maybe overly even). Unlike, say dice (or in a different way, sunglasses), buttons don't strike me as objects that inherently come in pairs.
  13. I believe I'll have an entry for the sunglasses OOTF.
  14. I don't really favor a break. The Hat theme had six terrific entries. I wish, though, that we could get a few more people entering. I think, as @welshblue said, that some of the subjects are difficult to do with plugins. Subjects that depend significantly on drawing skill are hard for many, including me. I think sunglasses fall into that category. I will see if I can complete an entry by the deadline, but considering I haven't started, and I'm slow as molasses, I wouldn't count on it. I'm not sure what would be the best way to select themes. I know from bitter experience in choosing themes that what at first blush sounds like a perfect theme can turn out to be anything but. Maybe we could propose future themes on this or another thread, discuss their merits and problems, and sort of collectively pick them, with @Ego Eram Reputo in the lead.
  15. Here is a version of Shape3D which will, I hope, fix the opacity problem without introducing any other problems. (The opacity problem is that completely opaque pixels are rendered with an an alpha of 254 when Shape3D's antialiasing is enabled.) New Shape3D DLL (8/28/2019): Shape3D.zip
  16. There are a number of ways of applying a color filter in PDN, including Ed Harvey's Color Filter plugin, and adding a layer above the image layer, setting it to Multiply blend mode, and filling it with a color.They may or may not do what you have in mind.
  17. I added a copy of the source code to my head post in "Unselected Rectangle Keeper" so nery89 can see how simple the code is to do what it does. It would be simpler, still, if I wrote it today. All the "firstTime" code could be done in CodeLab's PreRender, without the firstTime flag or the locks, like this: void PreRender(Surface src, Surface dst) { PdnRegion selectionRegion = EnvironmentParameters.GetSelection(src.Bounds); Rectangle selection = selectionRegion.GetBoundsInt(); int l = int.MaxValue, r = -1, t = int.MaxValue, b = -1; for (int y = selection.Top; y < selection.Bottom; y++) { for (int x = selection.Left; x < selection.Right; x++) { if (!selectionRegion.IsVisible(x, y)) { if (x < l) l = x; if (x > r) r = x; if (t == int.MaxValue) t = y; b = y; } } } right = r; left = l; top = t; bottom = b; }
  18. I very much liked the "Favorite Summertime Activity" theme, and wish I could have entered. Unfortunately, I was too busy with other things. Too many summertime activities, I suppose.
  19. You may be thinking of the awkwardly-named Unselected Rectangle Keeper. It's intended to help crop colored images on a flat-colored background. Unfortunately, I don' think it helps for this request. I think @nery89's P.S. comment is really the best solution at this time. The original request, as I understand it, isn't possible for a plugin, since plugins can't change the size of the canvas.